September 30, 2013

New From [R3volt] And [ D I R V A L ]

The items come - as always - with a large amount of texture options via HUD. Enjoy! 

Take 1

Nytro Store Group Gift

Both the pants and the sweater are a group gift from Nytro Store. The sweater comes with a HUD to switch from the Baylor Bears emblem to a plain grey version. Also you need to pay one linden to the vendor to purchase the gift but it pays you right back so it is indeed free. Sweat not included!

Outfit:  Nytro Store – University Baylor (Group Gift – free to join)
Sneakers:  BLK2.0 - Vintage Camo Sneakers (Group Gift – free to join)
Glasses:  To Be Unique – Sunglasses  (Group Gift – free to join)

September 29, 2013

Autumn Can Come

ISPACHI has released just the right pieces of apparel for the early days of fall. Their Blazer-Hoodie Ensemble offers a multitude of colour options [20 Jacket, 28 Tie (including plain and diagonal stripes), 28 Shirt (including plain, gingham, stripes and polka dots), 8 Hoodie] and will be released at FaMESHed on October 1st.. 

ISPACHI's Heuson scarf has already been released and is available for this round of The Boutique which still runs till October 10th. The scarf is made of rigged mesh and is texture changeable as well (20 scarf options and 6 precious metal options for the stag's head).

Moolto Sisters Hunt

Moolto Sisters Hunt is one of the classic hunts in SL, this round will be end tomorrow but before that you have time to take some of this prizes, to got them you need join Moolto Group (50L$) and wear the special glasses that will be the only way to got the gifts.

Outfit : [VM] Vero Modero - Men in Purple (Moolto Sisters Hunt Prize)
Sneakers : [ D I R V A L] - Sneakers Wind Navy (Moolto Sisters Hunt Prize)
(Mesh sneakers with hud, 5 textures available)

T-Shirt : DaZeD DeZineZ - Sam Eagle Grey (Moolto Sisters Hunt Prize)
Pants : DaZeD DeZineZ (MM 25 Slaps to got it) (NOT AVAILABE)

We Love Role Play: Pranks at RavenClaw 2

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: The smartest girl from Hufflepuff, a junior, had a secret crush on Fennimore. She didn't hesitate to rescue little white kitten, and smuggle him into her dorm room. She cooed at him, brushed his fur, and gave him warm milk to drink. 

Fulli is wearing the Hufflepuff uniform since that is the house she is sorted into, but you can get the RavenClaw girl's outfit at We <3 Role Play on sale for 25% until the 30th. Hurry, save, and get the exclusive dark grey too! The little kitten avi is free, comes with ao, props and includes a tiny bunny also. You can pick it and many other fun Neko freebies at Neko Mori.

On Her:
Robe, Sweater, Shirt, Skirt, Socks, Tie: FATEplay Jenny Hufflepuff Grey [mesh] (600L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Monique - reds pack [mesh] (250L)
Shoes: NYACHI School Loafers LS201 MESH Black v1.0 [mesh] (10L)
Eyes: IKON Perspective Eyes - Oxidation (group gift, September)(free)
Lip: JM:Mai crystal lip doll, mango (Lucky board)(free)

On Kitty, Fennimore:
Avatar: KittyPoo Tiny Neko includes extras plus Tiny Bunny avatar (tinted in post)(free)
Location: Mischief Managed

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: When Fennimore awoke the next day from his "catnap" he saw her smiling at him as she handed him a robe to wear. "It's really in your best interest you don't graduate," she said. "You're not ready. Come on, I'll help you. We can study together." He blushed from embarrassment, but immediately agreed. With someone like her helping him, maybe he would do better. Never did it cross his mind the one who attacked him was not some jerk from Slytherin, but her.

I had a lot of fun with this. Seriously, how can you not have fun with a Harry Potter theme? lol  The robe I am wearing is the Kastle Rock Couture Eyes Wide Shut prize. The hunt ends Oct 7th. The collar is one of the many freebies that can be won at Death Row lucky chairs. My Slink feet match the SLink hands nicely. They're awesome. It's a good investment. For the Y&R pose I did a little gender reversal, (poor Fennimore needs a feisty red-head to keep him out of trouble. lol)

On Him, Fennimore:
Bathrobe: Kastle Rock Couture Bathrobe Male [mesh] (Eyes Wide Shut Hunt #2)(1L)
Collar: Death Row Designs Lace Collar (lucky chair)(free)
Hair: Ayashi Rioto - white pack [mesh] (250L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Lucis Skin - Tone 05 A (990L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax, Closed [mesh] (450L)
Feet: Slink Male Feet Flat [mesh] (650L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors classic gen4 - m/r - blue surf [mesh] (150L)
Pose: .::Y&R::. Teenage Dream couple pose (30L)
Location: Mischief Managed
Thanks for your help Fulli!

September 28, 2013

Reila Skins Group Gift

Reila Skins put out their latest group gift yesterday. The gift is free but there is a fee to join the group.

Jacket:  Reila Skins – Pea Jacket (September Group Gift – fee to join)

New From =Kokane= and Kal Rau

=Kokane= released 3 types of jackets which combine nicely with the new jeans from Kal Rau. Be sure to check them out!

( => click here for details and more pictures!)

September 27, 2013

Highway to Hell

Sometimes i have hard days, i'm sure you know what i mean, and i love can take a car like this, and ride around making crazy things to relax myself, don't loose the chance to use SL to do that crazy races we can't do in RL, winks.

Car : Bull God Choppers - Tuned Nomad (MM Prize)
Complete Outfit : **Bonetto Style** - Ben (Group Gift)
Hair : KMADD - VIP Gift - Welcome to KMADD! (Subscriber Gift)
(Include a lot ot Hairs, Hair Bases & Eyes for Guy and Girl)

We Love Role Play: Pranks at RavenClaw

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: It was the morning of the final exam. One more test and he would graduate Hogwarts School of Wizardary. But there was a problem. As brilliant as he was in creating new spells, he had a serious flaw. The pride of Ravenclaw was failing Defense Against the Dark Arts. He hated himself. Whoever heard of a wizard who could not deflect even the simplest attacks? He thought he was cursed. He was determined to study hard before the test and prove everyone wrong. "Frail Fenny" was not a weakling!

This Harry Potter inspired school uniform by FatePlay, (the cosplay division of FateWear), is wonderful! I highly recommend you scoop it up while it's on sale at We <3 Role Play before it ends on the 30th. This outfit has classic male tailoring that can work in many situations, not just role play. The outfit includes 6 standard sizes for male, and a child size, two tie options, two shirt options, and a wand with Aguamenti attack. There are 2 versions, a light grey one and darker grey exclusive to We 3 Role Play. I was so happy when I saw the house on sale was RavenClaw. I am a RavenClaw! I have taken many various "House Sorting" tests online, and always end up as a Raven. lol What Hogwarts house are you?

On Him, Fennimore:
Cape, pants: FATEplay Henry - Ravenclaw BTB Black [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (450L) 25% off
Hair: Ayashi Rioto - white pack [mesh] (250L)
Shoulder Pet: SaRcAsTiC Rabe - Raven (lucky board)(free)
Location: Mischief Managed

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Fennimore didn't know he was being followed. He was so engrossed in his own thoughts, when a real attack hit him he was caught completely unprepared. He attempted to return fire but it was too late. Fennimore spent the afternoon chasing mice in the library and licking his fur. He missed the final exam.

Are these new mesh hands by Slink great or what? Finally some badass claws, and I can paint my nails whatever color too. Thank you! The skin I am wearing is gorgeous new release Lucis by Tableau Vivant. There are no male hand and feet SLink appliers yet, but I am hoping Tableau Vivant will come out with some. The ears and tail are by Magika. It comes in all colors so it's not problem to match hair and Neko parts. The raven on my shoulder is one of the fun prizes rotating at the Sarcastic lucky board. The hair I am wearing is a cool new release by Ayashi that comes with color change hud pack, or you can get the fatpack with all colors. The kitty pose I picked up at Co*motions while on the Twisted hunt.

On Him, Fennimore:
Shirt, sweater, tie, pants, wand: FATEplay Henry - Ravenclaw BTB Black [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (450L) 25% off
Skin: Tableau Vivant Lucis Skin - Tone 05 A (990L)
Hands: Slink Male Hands Relax, Closed (450L each)
Hair: Ayashi Rioto - white pack [mesh] (250L)
Shoulder Pet: SaRcAsTiC Rabe - Raven (lucky board)(free)
Neko ears, Tail:  Magika Neko, all colors [mesh] (250L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors classic gen4 - m/r - blue surf [mesh] (150L)
Fangs: Venexia Venetian Vampire Fangs Large (500L)
Whiskers: Curious Kitties Bouncy Kitty Whiskers (10L)
Shoes: PixelFashion :)(: Bradford Shoes Black V [mesh] (390L)
Pose: Co*Motion Bitty Bad Kitty 3 (30L)
Location: Mischief Managed

New Liquid Mesh Releases + More (e.g. Free Sneakers!)

Currently these are two of my favourite Casual Weekend looks. Enjoy! 

The Men's Dept: September Round (p. 5) + More!

Another day at the man cave, enjoying a drink, a cigar and a good old-fashioned video game. 

September 26, 2013

Lemmon Park Massacre at .::Vivid::.

Today i want to show you the amazing prize that .::Vivid::. give out for free in Lemmon Park Massacre Hunt of Madpea, i wish can show you more stuff of this hunts, but for me Madpeas Hunts are to difficults to understand if you are not native english, for all that can, don't miss it, look so fun. My colleague Devin talk about this hunt before here.

Outfit : .::Vivid::. Death Rip Outfit (LPM Prize)

Ashmoot Group Gift

The sweater is the latest group gift from AsHmOot.

Sweater:  Ashmoot – Hood Shirt Soldier (Group Gift – free to join)

September 25, 2013

After The Party

Relaxing on the beach the morning after the party ended wearing my new clothes from !gO! and sitting on one of the beach chairs released a few days ago by Warm Animations. You can buy the set of chairs including the table with the plant for 250 L$ (= 50% discount) at the Designer Warehouse.

Motivaction Group Gift

The hoodie is the September group gift from Motivaction

Hoodie:  Motivaction – Casual Hoodie (September Group Gift – free to join)

September 24, 2013

Last Call for these 2 Events:

Wash Cart Sale ends on Wednesday, Sept. 25th and the 49 L Sale For Dudes is still on till Thursday, September 26th, midnight SLT. Get going if you haven't done so yet, one can't do much wrong at these prices! 

Real Men Wear Pink Part II

Here is the second part of the Real Men Wear Pink Hunt , is not all you can find, but is all i really liked in clothes part, remember the hunt will end september 30, so still at time to collect this great prizes.

Jacket : Miss Darcy - Dandy - Mulberry (RMWP Prize)

Complete Outfit Left : .::NaKEd::. - Logan Outfit - Pink (RMWP Prize)
Complete Outfit Center : *** VIPs Creations *** - Pink Male Costume (RMWP Prize) blogged before by Dymytry
Outfit Right : Brandy's Boutique - Road House Hunt Gift (RMWP Prize)

Hoodie Left : .:::MC FASHION:::. (RMWP Prize)
Tee Center : *DreamCatcher* - Deep Neck Tee Love Gun(RMWP Prize)
Hoodie Right : Souled Out (RMWP Prize)

Tee Left : !!Absolutely Smitten - Mesh Baseball Shirt Pink & White (RMWP Prize)
Open Shirt : *PB Designs* (RMWP Prize)
Tee Right : Grumble (RMWP Prize)

49 L Sale For Dudes + More

Reminding you that this month' 49 L Sale For Dudes is still on till Thursday, September 26th, midnight SLT. Click here for more info and Slurls

September 23, 2013

Real Men Wear Pink Part I

Last week of the month and a lot of hunt to do before they end, today i go to show a few items of the Real Men Wear Pink Hunt , is a good mode to kick off to Breast Cancer Awerness Month.

Outfit : [VM] Vero Modero : Magic Set Mhik Pink (RMWP Prize)

Hoodie : Xbody - Kick Off To Breast Cancer Awareness (RMWP Prize)
Necklace : Oooo LaLa Jewelers - Bite Me!(RMWP Prize)

Jacket & Shirt : Left - [[[NOISE]]] - Rolled Sleeve Jacket Shuishi (RMWP Prize)
Jacket & Shirt : Right - Get Frocked (RMWP Prize)

Falling into Autumn Hunt

Another autumn-themed hunt started yesterday, the Falling into Autumn Hunt runs from Sep 22nd until October 21st and contains male, female, and prop items. I’m showing off the hunt prize from American Bazaar today. 

Sweater:   American Bazaar – Turtleneck (Falling into Autumn Hunt – Sep 22 – Oct 21)

Event News: Clockwork Spiral, part 2

RUN! Clockwork Spiral ends at noon SL today. Don't miss this cool mask set by Contraption! All proceeds from the sale go to the National Kidney Foundation. Set includes hat, mask with change on the eyes, open or closed, and version with ears and muzzle. The Merlin hair I am wearing is by Alli & Alli and comes in either black or white and looks great for a windblown look or while running. It's free on the Medieval Fantasy Hunt. The demon wings are new at Death Row Designs and come in many colors. Love them! The bullet belt and steel fang gloves I have shown before, but they are just so cool, I will show you again, especially since these cool quality original mesh items are so affordable. The jacket is one my favorites from Chronokit, I love the nice squared shoulder. The rest of my outfit is by Black Canary, also another outfit I wear a lot. lol And now what to do with all your goodies from Clockwork Spiral? Are you all dressed up with nowhere to go? Well head to New Babbage, the Steampunk sim by Loki Elliott. He had been rebuilding the sim with mesh. If you turn on materials too, are in for a treat. ...I will be away for awhile, next day or two, for my birthday! Have fun gang.  ^^^

On Him:
Hat and Mask: Contraption The Heretic [mesh] (Clockwork Spiral)(250L)
Hair: Alli & Alli Merlin (Medieval Fantasy Hunt X) (free)
Belt: Death Row Designs DRD Bullet Belt Male mono [mesh] (50L)
Gloves: Death Row Designs DRD chrono fangs steel [mesh] (50L)
Wings: Death Row Designs DRD Wings of eternal darkness [mesh] (180L)
Shirt, Vest, Collar, Cumberbun: The Black Canary Congruent Truths (300L)
Jacket: chronokit Fabre Jacket Black [mesh] (300L)
Boots: Thor New Rock Boot [mesh] (650L)

New Babbage

September 20, 2013

Reinaissance Hunt 3 Part II

The other day i show you a few of the prices of the Renaissance Hunt 3 here are the others i got for guys, remember the hunt will run till Septermber 30, don't miss this chance to got good RP stuff guys.

Outfit : Montagne Noire - Les Sorcieres - Male Sorcieres Gown (TRH3 Prize)
Necklace : The Jewellery Exchange - Tudor Cross (TRH3 Prize)

Complete Outfit : *Rag Dollz* Scribe (TRH3 Prize)

Outfit : Raggle Taggle Gypsies - Greenwood Lord (TRH3 Prize)
Necklace : Dionysia Designs (TRH3 Prize)

New From [R3volt]

Some casual clothes for your weekend look. Enjoy!

Hunting is Rampant

Several new hunts started last weekend (and more start tomorrow).  Pickings seemed small for men but there were still a few treasures to be had. Some are from older hunts too. I love it when they leave old prizes lying around, don't you?

I headed back to my favorite beach, Baja Norte, for some crazy play in the surf with 
Halloween on my mind and on my arms!

Tattoos: cStar Limited: Haunted by the Fall Sleeve: The Autumn Effect 2.0 Hunt

Mask: ToXiC HiGh: Unisex Mask 2: Eyes Wide Shut Couples Hunt

Swim Trunks: *GLO-MART*: Endless Summer Hunt (hunt is over but the prize is still there, get it while you can)

A chill wind hit the air so time to put on the p-coat and shoes and rest a bit on the hammock
Jacket and shortsToXiC HiGh: Jacket, Shorts: Harvest Moon Hunt 2

Shoes: Grumble: Mens FLAMES Sneakers: The Autumn Effect 2.0 Hunt

Piercings: .HollyWeird.: PC//9 - Unisex Mesh Piercing: The Autumn Effect 2.0 Hunt

 They were kind of hard to see above, so here's a close-up to showcase the piercings from .HollyWeird.

Event News: Clockwork Spiral, part 1

(click to enlarge)
The same people who brought you World Goth Fair, and Gothmas by Gaslight are back!  The Clockwork Spiral is a shopping and music event in the flavor of Steampunk, Diesel Punk, and Dark Victoriana to help raise money for the National Kidney Foundation. The event runs until September 22, so pull up the anchor, unfurl the sails, and steam on over now! For more information, go to:

TODAY: Friday the 20th 8pm SL is the BIG Steampunk Party at the Club Gothika Airship in the sky. DJ Lokii Violet of MV will be rocking the house steampunk style, and there will be prizes for Best in Steampunk! Be there!  .... The next party is on Sunday, September 22 9pm SL and DJed by Pie Zipper of Avatar Bizarre and he'll be spinning mixture of darkness.

First let me tell you about the goodies at Clockwork Spiral in the image above are. I am wearing the new dreads hair that comes with touch color change for the goggles. The Seraph Wings by Unrepentant are wearables and mod. Also on sale are the full perm kits for the wings. The pocketwatch I am wearing is cool right? Well guess what? Totally free at House of Rain! Look for the blue lantern on the table. The copper Dolphin by Oceania is an animated pet you can wear and an exclusive 100% donation to the event. (btw, Dont rez Squeaker on the ground or you will blowing steam struggling to catch that fast coppery bottlenose. lol) Okay, I have to give a Kudo for this badass tesla shocking glove by Choas, Panic and Disorder. Very cool. Kudos! If you don't have this handy shocker for dastardly deeds, you can scoop it up at Clockwork Spiral. And now some more big news..., New Skins at Tableau Vivant! New Skins at Tableau Vivant! Yes I said that twice because there are 2 new skin sets on sale right now at the grand reopening.  I am wearing Lucis tone 5 above. This fun scarf I have on is by Static. I love the wind blown look. The face piercing are by Haus of Darcy and were once a group gift, but if you missed it you can pick it up for 50L. The earrings are a part of the Soul set for men, I tinted them red to match the other piercings. The Military jacket I got on a Fifty Linden Friday. This style with start patch on the shoulder is not available now, but if you want the nice green duster, it's the main Deco store. The red and black eyeliner by Tableau Vivant is from the past Gallery Gift Shop hunt. The red pant, which I seem to be wearing a lot, are by The Little Bat and were on sale at World Goth Fair. The eyes are a subscription gift by Poetic Colors, and there is a new one too, Rainforest.  The Airship on the image below is by Garden of Dreams and Super cool. I love the noises and effects on it. I was lucky to get it on a sale. okay... off to bed.  See you guys at the party!

On Him:
Hair: Discord Designs Abney - Dark Essentials [mesh](Clockwork Spiral)(50% donation)(180L)
Wings: Unrepentant Steampunk Seraph Wings (tinted) [mesh](Clockwork Spiral)( Exclusive 50%) (350L)
Watch: House of Rain Bonedance Pocketwatch (tinted) [mesh](Clockwork Spiral) (free)
Glove: Chaos Panic Disorder Professor Grieferschock's Gloves (Clockwork Spiral) (99L)
Pet: Oceania Animated Steam Dolphin pet with materials [mesh](100% donation) (500L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Lucis Skin - Tone 05 A (990L)
Scarf: Static WHITE Reaper Scarf (tinted) (100L)
Earrings: MANDALA SOUL Ear Piercing Black (tinted)(397L)
Face piercing: Haus of Darcy Fire In The Water Prt. 1 (50L)
Jacket: DECO Peacemaker Duster male militant [mesh] (450L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors pearl - clear pond [mesh](past, subscription gift)(free)
Eyeliner: Tableau Vivant Red makeup  (past, Gallery Gift Shop)
Pants: The Little Bat Rocker Pants - Red (past, World Goth Day)
Airship: Garden of Dream Airship (1500L)

September 19, 2013

[VM] Vero Modero & (Red) Sand Inc. New Releases

Tonight i'm pleased to show you the New Releases of [VM] Vero Modero & (RED) Sand Inc two stores you can't miss it if you want be dressed for any ocassion.

Outfits : [VM] Vero Modero Marco Shirt Rose & Green (Available in 6 colours) (NOT FREE)

Outfit : (RED) Sand Inc Mesh Full Track Suit with Texture HUD (Include all this new textures and the 4 we saw in Menstuff Gift here) (NOT FREE)

Some New Releases!

Catching up with all the goodies arriving on the market lately. Enjoy!

AB's Power of 3

American Bazaar is turning 3 years and they celebrate them birthday with a great hunt at the mainstore, with amazing prizes and all for free, here i show you the ones i got for guys, hunt will end september 21 so don't loose time and tp there.

Cap : [UD] StrapBack Fitted - Disobey - Straight Brim (ABPO3 Prize)

Cap : [UD] StrapBack Fitted - Disobey - Flipped Brim (ABPO3 Prize)
T-shirt : [UD] - TalkSmack T Shirt- Vibe Kill (ABPO3 Prize)
Sneakers : Razor Player Kicks (ABPO3 Prize)

September 18, 2013

Tableau Vivant Reopening Gift and more TAE

Tableau Vivant recently reopened and they have a male skin as their group gift. Devin posted about this earlier too. The pants and sweater are both Autumn Effect 2.0 hunt prizes. The cap is a group gift from /XIAJ/ and like the previous tattoo gift this was sent out in the group and will only be there for 14 days so join the group today to get it.

Sweater:   Razor - Gutter Punk Dbl Shirt – Autumn (The Autumn Effect 2.0 Hunt – Sep 15 – Oct 15)
Pants:  FeStyle – Sweatpants (The Autumn Effect 2.0 Hunt – Sep 15 – Oct 15)
Boots:  Gabriel – Snap Camouflage boots (group gift – free to join)
Skin:  Tableau Vivant – Lucis beaten up (Reopening group gift – 50l to join group)
Hat:  /XIAJ/ – Mustache Hip Cap (Group gift – free to join – only available in notices)
Piercings:  Cute Poison – Fallen Piercing Face (The Autumn Effect 2.0 Hunt – Sep 15 – Oct 15)
Tattoo:  !cStar Limited - Haunted by the Fall Sleeve (The Autumn Effect 2.0 Hunt – Sep 15 – Oct 15)


New Freebie Bloggers wanted to join the team here at Fashion + Freebies for Men.

We are looking for 1 - 2 people that want to share male hunt items, freebies, group gifts and other fashion items they find during their SL travels with the rest of us.

Click here for Details + Requirements!