April 30, 2013

New from Xplosion and LAVAROCK CREATIONS (incl. Group Gift)

Xplosion released a new series of pants with fitting boots. Both are available in multiple colours. The pants come in two versions ...
a) crumbled (to wear inside boots) and
b) straight (to wear over boots or with shoes).

Fortunately the boots also come in a full (rigged and non-rigged) and a cut (= no leg, foot only) version so you can wear them with both pants styles. 

The runway perfect hunt 4 ... Dot-be fashion

Model Kathrin and Anthony are representing the Runway Perfect hunt gift for Dot-Be Fashion. For the female a dress with the geomatric print and a black mesh pants. For the male, skinny jeans with the same geomatric pattern and a black V-neck shirt.


Look of the day ... Yasum Design, Posesion, Mr C

The new Yasum outfit Bad reputation is just a very complete outfit, with a texture hud you can change the pants, jacket, shirt and tie to any colour you like. The hair from MR C is the new release done for mensfashion week and in store now ... 

Outfit : Yasum Design : Bad reputation 
            * Boots - pants - shirt - jacket all controled with a hud
Hair : Mr. C - Fabio  
Pose : Posesion -  Posesion Phoenyx Set 

April 29, 2013


REDGRAVE released a series of three complete outfits for the beach. They come at killer prices so do check them out! 

NEW and one Group-Gift and a Sale

Show you the NEW Skin from (red)sand   ~   the NEW Group-Gift from Ydea ~     

and there is a SALE @ TRUTH Hair ~ 19 April 2013 - 3 May 2013 (Midnight SLT)
one little corner for men = only 35 L one colour pack ~ ( normal price is 250 L ) 

= Regular packs: from 35L - 75L  / Buy-All packs: from 250L - 750L ( most are women hair ) =

Skin : (red)sand THE SLAYER _ naturel ( not free ) 
- 13 Skins, Body hair/clean options ~ 2 Hair bases on the skins, 2 Facial Hairs, Body Shape, etc.  
Hair : >TRUTH< Nathan - black & whites ( 35 L ) 
Outfit : **Ydea Maxi Gift** ~ * shoes not shown * ~ ( free Group-Gift ) 

* ( TRUTH Hair ) = because of the sale, it can be hard to go in the shop ~ full SIM *

Group-Gift ( Outfit )

April Group Gift from Delirium Style

Outfit : D-Style - Ronald Male April Group Gift ( free, Group-Fee 99 L$ )

April 28, 2013

Lazy Sunday Afternoon

Kal Rau just released a casual shorts collection which, again, allows for an amazing amount of colour/texture combinations: Shorts cuffs texture, shorts texture & belt texture/tinting can be changed via HUD if you buy the fullpack. The fullpack also includes an extra pants colour. Individually there are 8 shorts designs for sale.

April 27, 2013

Kawaii Fair

(click to enlarge)
Kawaii means Cute or Adorable in Japanese. And you don't have to be a child, or a girl to enjoy Kawaii. I'm at Kawaii Fair right now.  It's ending, but these things are still available.  Scroll down for my masterlist of links. Use these shortcuts to score loot super fast!!!

On Him, left:
Mask: Epic Neo Anime Mouth Mask gacha, Leo Pink [mesh] (Kawaii Fair) (35L)
Pants: Cut -N- Draw Cargo 3/4 black [mesh] (325L)
Jacket: Cut -N- Draw vest jacket, Fatpack [mesh] (1050L)
Hat: Dollle Summer Sun Hat [mesh] (Kawaii Fair) (10L)
Slippers: Dollle Bunny slippers, black [mesh] (Kawaii Fair) (1L)
Skin: Tellaq Keane style 6 (1500L)

On Her, center:
Pajamas, tattoo cheeks: PopTart PikaBunny jammies, shoes, tattoo [mesh] (Kawaii Fair)(free)
Tattoo chest: AnnaA Burning heart tattoo (Kawaii Fair) (free)
Skin: Modish ZuliDay Sunkiss (Kawaii Fair) (10L)

On Him:
Mask: Epic Neo Anime Mouth Mask gacha, purple [mesh] (Kawaii Fair)(35L)
Pants: Cut -N- Draw Cargo short white [mesh] (325L)
Shirt: Paradise kiss Ren shirt-blue [mesh] (399L)
Eyes: Tableau Vivant Galaxy eyes - Earth [mesh] (The Gallery Gift Shop)(75L)
Bracelets: Phoebe Piercings Men and Women Bracelets, color change (Kawaii Fair)(10L)
Nommie: MDL Mr Pipe with fruit or cupcake (Kawaii Fair) 50L
Hair: COLORS 49 Light Red (100L)
Stocking: Rotten Toe !RT!:: Skeleton Tights Fatback (25L)
Tattoo arm: MDL Kawaii Tattoo (Kawaii Fair) (10L)
Cheeks: Blah My Super Kawaii Mesh Blush [mesh] (Kawaii Fair) (10L)
Goggles: Epic Kawaii Goggles gacha, red [mesh] (Kawaii Fair) (50L)
Prop: Evilkyoot Kawaii Cloud, texture and mood change (Kawaii Fair) (10L)
Ring: Ozi DOMO Rings, brown and purple (Kawaii Fair) (10L)
Tote and shoes: MDL PacMan Bag and Converse (Kawaii Fair) (75L)
Shoulder Pet: Oceania Kawaii Happy Octopus Plushie (Kawaii Fair)(free)
Necklace: FreakyDesign Freaky Kitteh necklace (Kawaii Fair) (free)

Freebies & Dollarbies for Guys:
Dollle Bunny slippers, white blue pink and black [mesh] for girls, but too fun to pass up(1L)
Poptart PikaBunny jammies, shoes, tattoo (mesh jammie made for girls) [mesh] (free)
Oceania Ballon game (free)  Purple whale plushie [mesh] (group gift)(free)
MDL Donut Glasses, Necklace Angel/Demon (1L)
Chibi Sekai Bat backpack (free)
Lavanda Cat Coin Purse (1L)
AnnaA Burning heart tattoo (free)
Just You Jewels Kawai - Save a Lollipop (1L)
FreakyDesign Freaky Kitteh necklace (free)
SugarButton Boutique Kawaii Munched popsicle -blueberry mix Super, crown (free)
Princess Bizare Polaroid nommie (you can change to your own snapshot) (free)

Bizaare Kawaii - nothing over 10 lindens
Blah My Super Kawaii Mesh Blush [mesh] (10L)
Ozi DOMO Rings, brown and purple (10L)
Phoebe Piercings Men and Women Bracelets, color change (10L)
Evilkyoot Kawaii Cloud, texture and mood change (10L)
MDL Diver Kawaii Tattoo (10L)
Dollle Summer Sun Hat [mesh] (10L)
Dollle Rabbit Ears Head Band [mesh] (10L)

Cool Things for Guys:  Check these out!  Dev Rec's of fun Kawaii style for guys! 
Epic Neo Anime Mouth Mask gacha, 26 colors [mesh] (35L)
Epic Kawaii glitter glam kicks, 8 colors [mesh] (169L)
Epic Kawaii Hazard Skateboard, 9 colors [mesh] (299L)
Epic Leopard Space Star Guitar, playable and backpack, 8 colors [mesh] (299L)
Evilkyool Kawaii Hats bear, Frog, Koala, Panda [mesh] (150L)
Strawberry Jam Noseclips (check out the fun classroom store)(35L)
SS  Color change hitop [mesh] (150L)
MDL PacMan Bag and Converse (75L)
MDL Bunny and Cat bags (150L)
AnnA Femboy shape Linus (299) Skin (499L)
Retro Ribbon Tie (made for girls, resize menu) [mesh]
Thanks for your help, Nedar and Voodie!

Emo 2.0

Some more items from my inventory I didn't get around to showing you before. Enjoy! 

New From Legal Insanity, Jeepers, [Atro Patena], ::Fe Style::

A quick post to start the weekend. Have fun and remember: MWFW ends today! 

April 26, 2013

News Event: Fantasy Faire

(click to enlarge)
Fantasy Faire is an awe inspiring charity event for the American Cancer Society's Relay for Life. 12 breath taking sims. Each stuffed full of cool items for sale. Silent and live auctions. And get this, there is even a MadPeas hunt, the Key of Hope Hunt. Even if fantasy is not your thing, you have to see it. Trust me on this on one. You'll met some nice people there, but the Faire lasts only one week. Yes you heard that right, all these amazing builds and it ends so soon like a butterfly that lives only a few days. Fantasy Faire ends April 28.

On the picture above. I am wearing one of the two outfits for sale at Fantasy Faire by FateWear. It's a total outfit including the boots and comes with or without the cloak. Wasabi pills has released a cool new long hair style for men at the Faire. The eyes I am wearing are a new release at the Gallery Gift Shop from Tableau Vivant. These eyes have an otherworldly look, perfect for Fantasy characters. The bow and arrow is by GTS. It can shoot a poison, smoke, or flaming arrow, set your friends on fire in a fire trap. It also shoots a grappling hook. Once the arrow is embedded into whatever you wish to scale, you just grab the rope and shimmy on up. Wicked cool. GTS is also at the Fantasy Faire. And I have for tip for you too, there are even some great freebies at their main store: the Daredevil BowHoly Sword, and Short and Long Kilt.

On the inset pictures, you can see the wizard outfit also by Fatewear. The next two pictures are from Garden of Dreams. The Airship is 32 prim and flyable! Normally priced 1500L, on sale at the faire for 200L. And the library is a set I have been drooling on. When I saw it was for sale at the fair for only 400L when it's normally 2500L, I zipped over there really fast! lol The next picture shows free skins at the fair for male and female in two colors. If the sims are laggy, wear those and giggle about being almost nude as you steak through the forests. Have fun Streakers!

On Him:
Outfit, shoes, cloak: Fateware Feredir - Forest (Fantasy Faire Titans Hallow) [mesh] (300L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Erik - Blacks Pack (Fantasy Faire Magnificat) [mesh] (250L)
Weapon: GTS Weapons [GTS] Bad Arse Bow (850L) Daredevil Bow (free)
Eyes: Tableau Vivant Galaxy eyes - Mars [mesh] (The Gallery Gift Shop)(75L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Marilyn Skin - Tone 01 / D (990L)
Location: Fantasy Faire Fairelands Junction

Inset: (top to bottom)
Fateware at Titans Hallow Ithron - Wind [mesh] (300L)
Garden of Dreams at Lumenaria The Airship (200L) Sale
Garden of Dreams at Lumenaria The Library (400L) Sale
Plastik at Fairelands Junction :[P]:-Fantasy Faire Low Lag Avatar- Mermaid (free)
Plastik at Fairelands Junction :[P]:-Fantasy Faire Low Lag Avatar- Khulthi (free)
GTS Weapons Daredevil Bow  (free)
GTS Weapons Short Kilt (free)

UPDATE:  I have good news, Madpea's Key of Hope Hunt, part one is being extended to April 29th! I have successfully completed it, the prizes are amazing! There's still enough time to get your hud and start hunting! There was a technical problem with Part 2, so it has been delayed a few days. Part 2 will run until the middle of May.

Menswear Fashion Week (MWFW): Beach Boy

MWFW 2013 will end tomorrow so this will be my last post about the event, this time featuring flow. I'm showing you 6 of the 10 sets they offer with set # 7 (trunks) and set # 10 (Viva Las Vegas item = t-shirt) containing only one item each instead of a top and a pants. Have a great weekend! 

April 25, 2013

Menswear Fashion Week (MWFW): Guys II

Taking a look at two of the outfits Dot-be presents at the MWFW plus some other stuff I received! 


Menswear Fashion Week (MWFW): Guys

Another look at some of the complete outfits released by [ hoorenbeek ] @ MWFW

* NyTrO-Time *

MESH clothes and Accessories .... Urban street-style 4 Man & Woman. 

This Time = a cool Mesh Outfit :)

Complete Mesh Outfit : $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Complete Outfit University Harward ( free Group-Gift ) 
* White and Grey Boxershorts with Logo, Shirt with Hud = 2 versions *

April 24, 2013

Menswear Fashion Week (MWFW): Clubbing

When a friend invited me over to dance I quickly changed into one of the new Single Spring Suits that Gabriel released at MWFW 2013 and the party could start. 

Punk Look Of The Day

An essentially non-MWFW post for a change using all kinds of items I collected the last week. Goal: A look fitting the new boots by sf design which are 50 % off today only!

New dot-be outfit TAKITO 2

Oh yes, if you are looking for that something special, totally different then whats out there? The takito outfit for men and women is the outfit to get ... Sl top model boniefacio and Kathrin are presenting the new outfits 

Dot-be takito 2 comes with mesh pants and mesh layered hoodie ...
Want to be different? Want to be special? Get it now in the shop ...

April 23, 2013

Menswear Fashion Week (MWFW): Abundance

*Just BECAUSE* introduced the Modern Gatsby Collection @ MWFW 2013. Here's a small selection: There are multiple colours/colour combinations available!

( => click here for details and more pictures!)

Menswear Fashion Week (MWFW): “Privat Eye”

Mike couldn't remember the last time he had to drink alone … things had definitely changed. No wonder his moustache started to sag, lol.

April 22, 2013

Menswear Fashion Week (MWFW): ZEN

Showing you a complete outfit IMaGE Factory released at the Menswear Fashion Week as well as a specially priced avatar from TELLAQ. Also, new facial prim hair from Jaryth's Barber Shop

And now I'm gone fishing …


April Group-Gifts from Crickets and sf design

Outfit : Crickets "Leonard" Mesh Skinny Jean Outfit ( free, Group-Fee 50 L$ ) 
Hat / Hair : sf design baseball cap with hair ( free, Group-Fee 100 L$ ) 
* cap with hair or without ~ you can change hair and cap colour *

Menswear Fashion Week (MWFW): Rock Star

Razor/// (formerly known as =Razorblade Jacket=) released three new items at the Menswear Fashion Week which offer an immense amount of wear and retexturing options. Enjoy!

April 21, 2013

Menswear Fashion Week (MWFW): Emo

Showing you a selection of what a (to me) new store called !BeUp! is offering @ the MWFW. Plus, more shoes from Jeepers, hair from Dura and a new group gift skin from AKERUKA. 


~ Some of the MESH stuff 30% OFF !!! ~ 
~ More down!! 30% off  =>  50% off ~ 
~ More down!! 50% off  =>  70% off ~  

Prom Night 2013 ( yesterday ) ~ "What a Night" :)
Outfit : ::GB::silverGray  tuxed vest_RED ( 70 % off ) 

After the Prom, a walk and good food :)
Shirt : ::GB::MESH V-neck T 5colorSET ( 1 L$ ) 
Pants : ::GB::Algonquian half pants (STONE) ~ ( 70 % off ) 

Boots : ::GB::Summer boots(GROUP GIFT) ~ ( free )

April 20, 2013

Menswear Fashion Week (MWFW): Fairy Tales

“Yellow Brick Road? Not sure what you are talking about, Ma'am, this is Brown Brick Alley. But I can assure you, you are not in Kansas anymore.” 


( => click here for more details!)

49 L Sale For Dudes & More (part 3)

With this post I'm wrapping up my blogging about the 49 L Sale For Dudes in April. Plus, I'm showing you some items you didn't get to see yet! 

49 L Sale For Dudes & More (part 2)

All bets were off today in SL. Instead of enjoying fashion events and weekend shopping many of us experienced a nightmare of database problems: log-in, rez, de-rez and wear issues also known as Unscheduled Inventory Maintenance. Typical messages in public chat were:
  • Second Life: Cannot create requested inventory.
  • Second Life: Cannot derez object due to inventory fault.
Right now, the all clear has been sounded and things should be back to normal. I'm hoping the worst is behind us, at least for this weekend, since the upcoming introduction of Server Side Baking (SSB) will most likely cause further disruptions.


( => click here for more details!)

April 19, 2013

49 L Sale For Dudes & More (incl. 5 freebies)

Here's another look at some of the items from the 49 L Sale For Dudes as well as some other stuff hitting my inventory lately. 

Menswear Fashion Week (MWFW): L'Art Pour L'Art

Gabriel offers these two suits to the avant-garde among you, [Atro Patena] complements the look nicely with one of their new hairs: 

The Next Big Event

She knows she won't be seeing me for a while as the Menswear Fashion Week (MWFW) is starting in a few hours, lol

Here's a sneak peek at some of the new releases that sf design, Dura and Jeepers are offering. 

Important: The organizers ask you to please pick up their MWFW 2013 Attendee Package from the vendor at the landing point! It includes a full body alpha so that you can take off all of your HUDs, clothes and body parts and will be invisible. It also gives you a selection of three items to wear instead: Walk around dressed as one of the icons of this event: a Bow Tie, a Bowler Hat or a Moustache! It's going to be fun and you'll help reduce lag for everybody!

April 18, 2013

Night & Day

Showing you some releases from =Kokane=, B&G (Boys and Girls) and *Zanzo* that I got the last days.

A breeze for the vacation

YAY vacation ( at the seaside ) and the breeze is sooo good :)

Hair : [COLORS] FreeC ~ AshBlack ~ ( free ) 
Outfit : Rispetto Designs - Vacanza MESH Outfit - C ~ ( 5 textures available ) ~ ( not free ) 

Tank : -EM- ( EARTH MART ) Mesh BMBR Tank top ( free ) 
Shorts : Rispetto Designs - Brezza Spring Plaid MESH Shorts - SUN. ( only 55 L$ )
( 7 textures / colours available )

April Group-Gift(s)

NEW Group-Gift from VERO MODERO

male Outfit : [VM] VERO MODERO April'13 MALE GROUP GIFT ( free ) 
female Dress : VERO MODERO / April'13 Female Group Gift ( free )

April 17, 2013

New Releases & Free Stuff Of The Week (part 2)

A lot of things are happening this week. Tomorrow the next round of the 49 L Sale For Dudes starts with 27 designers participating. 

The day after that signals the start of the Menswear Fashion Week (MWFW)

Here's today's selection: 

MM Board 2

Frisco Nights, complete outfit ... MM board by *The Gentry  (rotating prize)

April 16, 2013

New From Feel and Alli&Ali Designs

Showing you 3 of the 6 sweater/necklace combinations Feel released a while ago. Each sweater comes with a different necklace: Choose between the cross, the key and the wing necklace design in a short or a long version. Enjoy!

( => click here for more details!)

April 15, 2013

New Releases Of The Week

Enjoy these new (and older) releases from Xplosion and IMaGE Factory

Look of the day ... legal Insanity, D-style, Duh, posesion

Spring is in the air, what are u waiting for ... take your love, your friends and go out and feel the sunshine on your skin.. These pants from delirium style i really like, baggy but very great look and available in different designs, not to mention the shirts that legal insanity released just recently.

Shirt : Legal Insanity - Vneck shirt - cool story 1
pants : D-Style - Baggy jeans Black - Grunge Star
boots : ::Duh!:: Men's Combat Boots - Camo
pose : posesion - giz 7

Metal on the Beach

No one can say that a metal guy doesn't like the beach ;)

Jacket : .:Angel of Metal:. Jacket Leather Black ~ ( blogged before ) ~ ( in the moment not available ) 
Tank : -EM-EARTH MART ) Mesh BMBR Tank top ( free ) 
Jeans : .:Angel of Metal:. Skinny Jeans Blue ( not free )

April 14, 2013

Here's To 1 Year Of Mix 'n' MESH !

Was it really just one year ago that I started a new blog dedicated to MESH with a post about the Sweater w/Shirt - Mesh - Brown/White SOM Gift from [ hoorenbeek ]? Well, the answer is yes although some things haven't changed: This freebie is still available at their store!

Therefore, it seems only fitting that I celebrate the occasion wearing the latest outfit [ hoorenbeek ] released this Saturday: their new Mesh Classic Tuxedo in White. Plus, it's on sale this weekend, too!

This tux comes with multiple wear options to adapt to the different stages of your night in town:
  • Jacket closed or open (I'm having some issues with the open jacket L version but I'll mention that to the designer and I'm sure he'll fix it fast),
  • Shirt (under jacket) with closed or open collar,
  • 2 types of Cummerbund,
  • Stand-alone shirt with rolled-up arms and open collar in a tucked and untucked version.

New From *Chronokit* And AMD

*Chronokit* released a new series of Painter Sarouel Pants which are ideal to wear with boots. Select from 22 plain, striped, checkered, camouflage and denim designs which ones suit your look best. 

Apple May Designs' latest offer is the Meteor Jacket with Gothic Embroidery. Choose between 4 jacket colours and 5 inner collar colours which makes for 20 different combinations. Here are three of them:

April 13, 2013

New Releases Of The Day (part 2)

And here's some more!

look of the day ... !gO, (red) sand

 nice walk in the parc, with the combined outfit you are ready for spring. The unisex cardigan combined with the very populair skinny pants gives you just that look you want.

Cardigan - !gO! Male cardigan Black
pants - (red) sand - (red) sand_cosmo skinny pants
Wristband - Elysium - wristband male brown

New Releases Of The Day

I have lots of new stuff to show you, so let's jump right in!

April 12, 2013

New Leathers From L & B

Presenting to you Lapointe & Bastchild's new Leather Jacket. It comes with a multitude of wear options and is the ideal counterpart to their L&B S'Wear Mesh Zip Leather Pants! Now let's see how much money I got left to buy me a new bike ... 

A Day with Moments [7]

Beach-Time :) ~ NEW April Group-Gifts and NEW MenStuff-Gift from [I][I][M]

left Outfit : [I][I][M] - Menstuff Gift - Outfit April2013 ( free, Group-Fee = 50 L$ ) 

male Outfit : [I][I][M] - Groupgift - Outfit April2013 ( free ) 
female Outfit : [I][I][M] Groupgift *woman* April ( free ) 

*** The MenStuff - Lounge will be closed until for a couple weeks to bring new gifts straight from the designers! *** ( but the Gift is still there ) 

*** to be continued.... ***


New Freebie Bloggers wanted to join the team here at Fashion + Freebies for Men.

We are looking for 1 - 2 people that want to share male hunt items, freebies, group gifts and other fashion items they find during their SL travels with the rest of us.

Click here for Details + Requirements!