September 30, 2012

Rediscovering J.H. Couture

It had been a while since I had visited J.H. Couture last, so it was a pleasant surprise to see that they have started releasing mesh apparel, too. Here's an overview of what I got:

New at Yasum Designs for limited time only 99L

Hello guys,

well this a must have in your outfits.

These Higwaste mesh Baggys are unique, handmade and believe it or not for a limited time 99Linden and also you can buy the matching boots for only 99Linden !!

 U will find them in different styles, camo, casual, urban, grunge .... not only for you but also for your lovely lady, girlfriend or wife ....Just go and check them out !!

Final Fantasy 2

(click to enlarge)
Me miss an opportunity to be a white-haired baddie? No way. This was fun to put together. Besides, I have some nasty weapons just dying to waste punks like "Spikey." No one messes with The Clan of Jenova and gets away with it. lol

On Him:
Outfit: Utopia Fireplay Male (group gift 1L, 500L to join)
Shoulder, Glove, Necklace: BareRose Vampire Hunter [mesh necklace] (past hunt)
Armwarmers: Tableau Vivant Armwarmers - White [mesh] (L'Accessories event)(200L)
Belt: BLITZED Plugged Belt with texture change hud (295L)
Bracelets: Death Row Lower Armor (60L)
Shades: SISU - Paramilitary Gear Ballistic Glasses (75L)
Hair: Ayashi Sephiroth - white (250L)
Shoes: MUISM Troy with texture hud (past hunt)
Weapon: D-Z Guns Mini Redemptions Dual Chain Gun Revolvers (1800L)
Weapon: 1st Act SOLDIER Sword v1.1 (free)

(click to enlarge)
Rideable: SaRcAsTiC Forest Dragon ridable (past MM) (450L)
Location: 1st Act Edge City Wastelands

UPDATE: 10/2 Today's Midnight Mania at SaRcAsTiC is the Forest Dragon. Hurry & slap that board!

September 29, 2012

Final Fantasy 1

(click to enlarge)
*Pssst* Hey you. Yeah you over there. Come here. I got a secret for you. *Shows you some amazingly cool Final Fantasy loot* Begin the hunt here: 1st Act Store. Look for Jenova. Get a hud for each Final Fantasy avatar:  Squall Leonhart, Lightning, Big Boss, and Solid Snake. Once you find all 7 shards in Edge City, you win the complete avatar! *Sees someone coming. Ducks back into the shadows*

Avatar left: 1st Act [1A] Lightning v1.1 (free)
Avatar right: 1st Act [1A] Squall Leonhart v3.0 (free)
Weapon: Inverted Horizon Studios Lionhart Gunblade (900L)

(click to enlarge)
Avatar left: 1st Act [1A] Big Boss MGS3 v1.1 (free)
Weapon: SciLab [FRAG] M4A1 Assault Rifle (free)(group membership to activate)
Avatar right: 1st Act [1A] Solid Snake MGS1 v1.1 (free)

Thanks for your help Fulli and Suna!

*dirty.little.secret* Studio

The latest Group Gift from [dirty.little.secret] ( 700 Members Group Gift ) is a Country Studio.
A very big Studio and is furnished. Only put down *the rez-box* and all is done.
The Gift has 2 Folders :
* :: individual pieces = all Items are sperate
* :: softlinked = all is softlinked, so you can move, remove the items ~ how you like it.
* All together 146 prims ~ only Studio 33 prims
Join the Group & Info Giver = *** HERE *** - The *dirty.little.secret* Group is not free ~ Fee = 150L$


Country Studio : [dirty.little.secret] :: 700 Member Group Gift ::

September 28, 2012

Wa(l)king My Inner Vampire

Taking a stroll home after an extensive shopping spree @ DECO.

September 27, 2012

A Study In Gothic

Using two of the just released glamour shirts from Egoisme and the Zip Leather Pants (Special Edition) from Lapointe&Bastchild for today's Gothic picture.

49 L Sale For Dudes

The 49 L Sale For Dudes (Event #7) still runs till Saturday 29th, so here are the mesh highlights and some other stuff.

Pumpkin Racer

Once upon this time, the pumpkin turned into a soap box racer and
 Cinderfella raced around under the midnight sun. 
Then it was over and he went
 back to work at the pumpkin cannery.
 But, he still dreams.

Top Pic
Vest: Gitchee TAE #40
Pants: FuchOn TAE#79
Shoes: Gabriel Group Gift

Bottom Pic
Hair: A&A  Brad
Shirt: Cysleek Fashion Promo
Pants: Eskimo Fashion  Group Gift 
Racer: 2Zm Motors  Garage


The NEW  Collection ( New Eye Series )  [ Unisex Eyes ] called HEAD ON
The NEW Extended Eye Packs contain :
* one system set of smaller Iris size .... * one system set of larger Iris size .... * Resize Scripted Sculpt Eyes
Find all Eyes on the 3rd floor at HUDSON's 
Eyes : 
1. HEAD ON Blue Violet Eye Pack *No Trans*  By Candace Hudson ( not free )
2. HEAD ON Light Grey/Green Eye Pack *No Trans*  By Candace Hudson ( not free )
3. HEAD ON Light Tortoise Eye Pack *No Trans*  By Candace Hudson ( not free )

Eyes : HEAD ON Light Grey Eye Pack *No Trans*By Candace Hudson ( Freebie )
~ All Eyes = same place / Red Ribbon = Freebie ~

September 26, 2012

The Hunter's Spoils

Some of the hunts end this month, so be fast about it. TAE runs till Oct. 15th!

More gifts

Legal Insanity September gift...
Pants: Legal Insanity -  Group gift September (50L$ to join the group)
Necklace: Exquisite - Steam Hunt 7 # 33 (hints at store)
Shades - TMS -  Solar Shields Glasses (Not Free)

September 24, 2012


Steam Hunt 7 last days ,  until Sept. 30 , so hurry to pick your gifts... Locations (hints at stores locations).
Pocket watch: Hatpins - Steam Hunt 7 # 18 (free)
Outfit (no mask): The Pumpkin Head - Steam hunt 7 # 102 (free)
Hat: Pop Tart & Urban Assault  - Steam Hunt 7 # 3 (free)

Its D....D....D-Style

I was @ Delirium Style and you know the Lucky Boards, so i had luck and won one Outfit,
next the Moolto Sisters Hunt is there and the Delirium Style Group-Gift ( Group-FEE 99L$ )....
Moolto Sisters Hunt ~  SEPTEMBER 2012, 1ST-30TH ~ Group-FEE 30L$ ~ LIST OF ALL LOCATIONS
( Wear the tag and MAGIC GLASSES )
If you don't have a copy of the Moolto MAGIC Glasses pick them up *HERE* ( free )

Outfit : D-Style - Wave LL ( past Lucky Board Prize )
Outfit : D-Style - Male Mootlo Hunt Gift ( free )
Hint = Little bird is watching the gift
Outfit : D-Style - Bill Sept male Group Gift ~ ( No Hat )

September 23, 2012


Throwback hunt , until Oct. 1th ... locations and hints 
Outift (no spear , no tattoo) [TF] Tamiron Forge - Throwback Hunt # 10 (Look for a flower - 1$L)

::LikeA:: And :SEY Join Forces

::LikeA::, one of my favourite jeans makers in Second Life®, finally released their first original mesh jeans in 5 colours/designs. To celebrate the occasion they moved their Main Store to the GREED Sim known for being the home to another one of my favourite makers of mesh apparel: :SEY. 

:SEY just released their new “Gilet (Vest)+T-shirt combination”. The selection consists of  7 differently styled pairs of vests with each offering an incredible amount of wear (long arm/short arm tee or no tee) and colour/tinting/print options for the t-shirts via HUD, so it was a natural choice to combine both releases to create tonight's looks called “Bad Boy” and “Nice Boy”, lol. Enjoy!

PS: ::LikeA:: has a reopening sale till September 29th. Everything is 50% OFF except the new releases!

"Bad Boy"
( => click here for details and more pictures!)

September 22, 2012

ALB Dream Fashion meets Lapointe & Bastchild

When I received a copy of the highly detailed new Zip Leather Pants from Lapointe & Bastchild I knew I had to match them with a more extravagant style of jacket than usual to do them justice. Fortunately, the Marvin Jackets from ALB Dream Fashion, which were released a short while ago, were just what I was looking for.

To complete my look I used the newly released Walker Boots from REDGRAVE. Have a nice shopping weekend, guys!


"O'zapft is !"

The 179. M√ľnchner "Oktoberfest" started today :)
Beer, Beer, Beer ~

( left ) *my first freebie store in sl ~ :)
Shirt, Hat, Vest, Pants :  Lederhosen und Zubehoer ( free )
( right )
Outfit : very old, Outfit not there anymore
= Some "Oktoberfest" Outfits = Marketplace = ( not free ) =
Location = Munich SL, Oktoberfest

Arigato Mr. Roboto

(click to enlarge)
Get your manga game on with this cool schoolgirl uniform and katana, and nice kimonos for both girls and guys in the Arigato Mr. Roboto Hunt. The hunt ends September 30th. Also shown are two cool fantasy skins from The Arcade gacha by Glam Affair for girls and Tableau Vivant for guys. Other hunts shown are: Historic Hair HuntSummer Harvest Hunt, and The Autumn Effect. September is turning out to be a great month for goodies!

On Him:
LipRing: ellabella Flwr Pwr - Wheat - c (Summer Harvest Hunt #74)(free)
Horns: Kre-ations Autumn is coming Horn (The Autumn Effect #93)(free)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Gatcha The Art Series Copper (The Arcade)(125L)
Hair, Tattoo: Kisetsu Kabuki Samurai Movie Chonmage Raven (Historic Hair Hunt #5)(free)
Outfit: Kisetsu Kabuki Men's Arigato Gift (Arigato Mr. Roboto Hunt)(1L)
Shoes: Tomoto Yukata geta (no longer available)
Eyes: FTL Dawn Eyes - Tokusa (100L)
Pose: The Black Canary ~*{TBC}*~ Gackt Pose 3 (50L)
Mask, Fan: Linden Labs Shareta Osumai Infohub (free for Premium members)
Fan 2: Maeven Designs Year of the Dragon Fan (1L)

(click to enlarge)
On Her:
Skin: Glam Affair Gatcha- Rosa 6 (The Arcade) (75L)
Outfit, Katana: Kre-ations School Uniform [mesh] (Arigato Mr. Roboto Hunt #16)(1L)
Hair: Ayashi September Group gift- female (group gift)(free)
Shoes: Odd Dele Hello Kitty Flats (Arigato Mr. Roboto Hunt #11)(1L)
Eyes: JM2 Black Demon Eyes (35L)
Eyeliner: Dientes Tattoo Shop DIENTES* Eyeliner A&B Unisex (10L)
Lipgloss: Dark Midday Designs Diamond Lips Lip Gloss (1L)
Pose: Sadistic Hacker Katana pose set (group gift)(free)

Shareta Osumai Tea GardenLinden Labs Premium

September 21, 2012

The runway perfect hunt 3 ... part 2

The runwayperfect hunt part 2 ... The hunt starts 1 october and is called "The hunt with models in mind!".

Outfit : FATAL : Westwood Prince TRPH3 #33 - mesh pants and mesh blazer with or without shirt - shoes
Nails : MoonDance: Male Square Extra Short Diamond Confidence 3D
Pose : ::WetCat:: - wetcat m3 - "Perfect Red" Runway Prop Boxed

The runway perfect hunt 3 .... part 1

After the succes of the first 2 editions the 3the edition is ready to rock the grid. The hunt starts 1 october and is called "The hunt with models in mind!".
We all know that somewhere there is a model inside us, because who doesn't want to look good?
I will try to give you all a preview of what this hunt is bringing for the males. Enjoy !

Outfit : CHG FASHION - TRPH3 #06 CHG Fashion (male) - complete outfit !

Pose : ::WetCat:: - Wetcat : M4 - "Perfect Red" Runway Prop

Autumm effect hunt ... 22769

Like we all know SL is full of great hunts and one is the ***The Autumn Effect Hunt*** it runs from
September 15 - October 15 and more info can be found on there

New at Delirium Style

Delirium Style is one of the fashionbrands that brings out new items almost everyweek. So don't be shy to stop by and get the new items!! They also have lucky chairs where u can get some nice free outfits.

Outfit on the left : (not free)
DS Chris - mesh hoodie (also available in different colours black&grey,black&red,blue & pink) - 2 jeans one plain and one with stars - gloves - lollypop - slipon shoes - bracelet - belt

Outfit on the right : (not free)
DS Freddy - mesh jeans hoodie - necklace - sweater - boots - 2 belts - jeans

Out Of The Yellow Box (part 2)

The new releases from Redgrave, Poison, Dura and *chronokit* complement each other nicely for today's military style look.

Trip to the Sea

It was sunny, but the weather was changing very fast....
male Outfit : ( NEW )**Ydea Neil** ( Group-Gift free ) ~ ( blogged before )
female Outfit : **Ydea Shaori ** ( Group-Gift free )
Pose : ::WetCat:: "Breeze" ~ Sep.Group-Gift ( free )
and suddenly it was so dark and raining ~ well my wifey loves to cuddle ;) ~
Pose : ::WetCat:: "MoonLight" ~ ( Midnight Mania Board Prize )
....but in the house we found 2 ny signs....and really i think someone followed us home ;) 
Pose : ::WetCat:: "Busted!" ~ NEW for Truth district ( not free )

September 20, 2012

Out Of The Yellow Box

Some items making it into my inventory lately!

News Report: Group Gifts & Freebies 5

(click to enlarge)
1: Kal Rau - V-neck T, Shorts [mesh], Keychain, (group gift, free to join) Leather Jacket, 2 Tees (free)
2: Fennex Grabber - Each day a new Fennex: West, East, Sahara, Polar, Amazon. (free for pick)
3: Vero Modero - September group gift, plus 12 past months, and a muscle car (group gift, free to join)
4: FIN *Relive the fifties* - Leather Jacket JOHNNYD (free)
5: Earth's Bangles - 3 tanks [mesh]. (group gift 5L). Orgasm tank [mesh], Stressed Out Jeans (free)                     
6: Pop Tart - Bad Monster hoodie [mesh] 
7: Vitamen - Aug & Sept Gold & White thong (free)
8: Dot-Be - Love is Love Jacket  [mesh], Baggy Camo Pant [mesh] (group gift, free to join)
9: Gabriel - Driving shoes BROWN [mesh], plus past group gifts (group gift, free to join)
10: Chop Zuey - Etoile Noir earring, Malachite necklace and bracelet (free, requires group join $350L)

September 19, 2012

Group Gift

New Ydea group gift...
Outfit (shirt, Pants and shoes): **Ydea - Group Gift Neil  (Free)


It´s always good to be in nature... or feel be a part of it ...
Outift: Animations Rising - Rising Tribal-Gaius MM rotating prize (Free) 

Stylish Celebration

 Congratulations JStyle on your ever expanding group and thanks for all the great gifts!

Skin/Shirt:  JStyle  30,000 Members Gift

Boots: MV TAE#72

Never Back Down Hunt

Never Back Down Hunt ( NBD ) is a camouflage hunt that will have two different paths based on the hunters gender.  ~ Men looking for a Grenade ~ Women looking for a Bullet :)
Store Hint List [ Sept. 12 – Oct. 12 ] 
Outfit : -NBD-  05.<Lash-Ware> ( free ) 

Mesh Leather Jacket w/Shirt, only Jacket, Pants ( male ) : -NBD-  40.Nevaeh & BlueStar Designs ( free )
Outfit ~ no Mesh ~ ( female ) : -NBD-  40.Nevaeh & BlueStar Designs ( free )
Shorts : -NBD-18.Dot-be fashion ( free )

September 18, 2012

Today's Streetwear

Just one more quick post before I log off. Check out those new hoodies from *Zanzo*! There are 6 colour designs available in total.

Stick Up

What says autumn more than a roasted weenie on a stick?
 The crackling fire, the smell of roasting meat ok,  roasting "meat"
 and a moody landscape full of shifting gold and orange 
against a dark and threatening sky. 
Then I get a call, an IM actually. It's my friend, Sticky.

Sticky tps me to his sketchy house in his sketchy town. 
He's sad, his autumn is black and white. 
He hates his job which is marching around in stores
 saying he hates his job. Perhaps you have seen him?
"So, Sticky" I say "What else is new?" 
Sticky wants me to stop using his cousin as a weenie stick.
 "I can do that," I say. Sticky sniffles and thanks me. 
Some day I hope Sticky will make a happy face.

Mr. July Skin: CStar Skins   Gatcha
Tatoo: Fe Style TAE#29
Leather Pants: SWAK Designs TAE#33
Boots: Useful Things TAE#34

Roast your weenies at: Izzie's Otono 2012
Cheer up Sticky at: Cica Ghost     LEA 13

The One I really Am

(click to enlarge)

The first who say that I'm not an angel will be punished...*evil laugh*

Hair : [CheerNo] Meshair Lotus Dark 3.1 (Group gift - 1 L)
Shirt & Belt : RFYRE Bastian for men white (part of an outfit, not free)
Pants : ~Tableau Vivant~ Gatsby pants white (not free)
Scarf : [LeLutka]-EDITORIAL scarves/Rbelt (edited - not free)
Wings : Material Squirrel - Sofiel Angel Wings (not free)
Hands : ::M-Arc Mirror:: Real Hands (not free)


New Freebie Bloggers wanted to join the team here at Fashion + Freebies for Men.

We are looking for 1 - 2 people that want to share male hunt items, freebies, group gifts and other fashion items they find during their SL travels with the rest of us.

Click here for Details + Requirements!