September 23, 2013

Event News: Clockwork Spiral, part 2

RUN! Clockwork Spiral ends at noon SL today. Don't miss this cool mask set by Contraption! All proceeds from the sale go to the National Kidney Foundation. Set includes hat, mask with change on the eyes, open or closed, and version with ears and muzzle. The Merlin hair I am wearing is by Alli & Alli and comes in either black or white and looks great for a windblown look or while running. It's free on the Medieval Fantasy Hunt. The demon wings are new at Death Row Designs and come in many colors. Love them! The bullet belt and steel fang gloves I have shown before, but they are just so cool, I will show you again, especially since these cool quality original mesh items are so affordable. The jacket is one my favorites from Chronokit, I love the nice squared shoulder. The rest of my outfit is by Black Canary, also another outfit I wear a lot. lol And now what to do with all your goodies from Clockwork Spiral? Are you all dressed up with nowhere to go? Well head to New Babbage, the Steampunk sim by Loki Elliott. He had been rebuilding the sim with mesh. If you turn on materials too, are in for a treat. ...I will be away for awhile, next day or two, for my birthday! Have fun gang.  ^^^

On Him:
Hat and Mask: Contraption The Heretic [mesh] (Clockwork Spiral)(250L)
Hair: Alli & Alli Merlin (Medieval Fantasy Hunt X) (free)
Belt: Death Row Designs DRD Bullet Belt Male mono [mesh] (50L)
Gloves: Death Row Designs DRD chrono fangs steel [mesh] (50L)
Wings: Death Row Designs DRD Wings of eternal darkness [mesh] (180L)
Shirt, Vest, Collar, Cumberbun: The Black Canary Congruent Truths (300L)
Jacket: chronokit Fabre Jacket Black [mesh] (300L)
Boots: Thor New Rock Boot [mesh] (650L)

New Babbage

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