September 11, 2013

Hunting Was Good This Week

     I decided to take this week's hunt prizes to the beach for a relaxing day in the sun.  These photos were taken at Baja Norte, one of the most spectacularly well-made beaches in SL.

Not sure if pink is my color, I decided to go incognito with this fantastic owl mask from Trident.  Trident also has a sheep mask in the hunt plus many others you can buy, all made in conjunction with TEONOVA

Picture includes prizes from 3 hunts:
Mask: Trident Jewelry: Owl Mask (EWSCH)
Shirt: [UnderDogs]: Mesh Talk Smack T Shirt - Vibe Kill (ABPO3) (prize at the American Bazaar)
Shoes: Loordes of London: Bean Hiking Boots (EWSCH)  (also in black in the hunt prize)
Shorts: Grumble: Mesh Board Shorts-White (GSH) 

     If you do a lot of hunts, like I do, you will know that usually a very small percentage of the prizes are for guys.  But there could be great prizes like the ones above and the shoes below.  But once in a while you find a hunt bubbling over with goodies for the guys.  That was the case with the Get Spanked Hunt.  There are 20 prizes, each containing something for him and for her.

Those kicks deserve their own close-up.
Shirt: Grumble: Mesh Deep Neck Tshirt-Stripes (GSH)
ShortsGrumble: Mesh Board Shorts-Grey (GSH)
Shoes: Razor///: Player Kicks (ABPO3) (prize at the American Bazaar)

When evening comes it gets chilly on the beach so go for the longer pants and surfboard shirt to hang at the driftwood bar.

PantsGrumble: Mesh cargo pants grey (GSH)
ShirtGrumble: Mesh Summer Shirt-Surf (GSH)
ShoesRazor///: Player Kicks (ABPO3) (same as above)

That's enough for today. If it didn't convince you to go to the Get Spanked Hunt, then wait until you see what I post tomorrow.

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