January 31, 2010

The Intellectual Punk

I got up late today feeling somewhat beat up and just grabbed the next best things my wardrobe, ehhm, recent objects folder had to offer.

And yes, the pants on the left are really kinda last minute as the JFTG Hunt ends in a few hours. Just way too much stuff to dig through in time, lol. 

(=> click picture to enlarge !)


Hair: WAKA & Yuki  +"*"W&Y HIDE"*"+

Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style - K_gs Ellipse (not free)

Scarf: (SAH) UNISEX - #117 [ JP ]:dsg. (The texture colour change and resize menu work very slow – give them time! No idea why one is limited to a 1 % increase in size each go, grass grows faster, lol, just be patient)

T-Shirt: Valiant Fashion - Baseball Tee (Group Gift)

Pants: # 60 JFTG Hunt .::NOSOTR@S::. Designs

Boots: (SAH) BOYZ - #135 .::NOSOTR@S::. Designs 


Shirt/Jacket/Pants: AQUA - TheTarsis - Brown/Red/Med Blue (Group Gift February or Welcome Gift if you join their Subscribe-O-Matic as of tomorrow)

Scarf: (SAH) UNISEX - #118 e! Eclectic Apparel and Accessories (tinted darker = grey instead of white as background texture colour)

Shoes: (SAH) BOYZ - #46  cacao...couture from the chocolate lands

January 30, 2010

Late Night Dessert

Anyone still hungry? Here's another jacket, this time from LeLutka, and some more stuff!

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Skin: Eternity - Special Group Gift Skin – Men (search „Eternity skin“, join group and check notices)

Jacket: LeLutka - XY jacket/blue (Group GIFT)

T-Shirt: # 91 JFTG Hunt Top Shelf Design

Necklace: (SAH) BOYZ - #138  DemotiK

Pants: BalAni - Linen Outfit (Gift for registering with the Subscribe-O-Matic.Click the big sign!)

Shoes: MayCreations - Biker Boots Used - black L (not free)

A Study in Scarlet

Two jackets, red and black - one free, one not free. Two jeans by two creators, different colours but same design – don't ask me how that happened, probably same basic template. Sneakers black/red, sneakers black/yellow – your choice. Some Tees. Enjoy your weekend – that's all folks!

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Beanie & Hair: Bryce Designs - Brewce – Blacks – Tuxedo (Beanie colour changeable, not free)

Jacket: -SG- Xmas Group Gift (male) (Group Gift from -SG Fashion Updates-) 

T-Shirt: Terri.TeesReal Life (L$ 25) 

Pants: # 56 JFTG Hunt  (SB Designs) [comes with Tee but has been (re?)moved, sorry!]

Shoes: (SAH) BOYZ - #43  Robbish  


Jacket: MayCreations - Jacket w Rivets (not free) 

T-Shirt: Terri.TeesEvil Bunneh (L$ 25) 

Pants: # 51 JFTG Hunt Alexohol Fashions

Shoes: (SAH) BOYZ - #142 Shapely Designs

January 29, 2010

Casual Friday For The Umpteenth Time

Equilibrium offers us not one but three new goodies today:
- The weekly freebie,
- a Midnight Mania Prize and  
- a Pick Reward Gift.  

Plus, I show you more hunt items. Remember that the Just for the Guys Hunt (JFTG) is ending Sunday 31st.

(=> click picture to enlarge !) 

Hat: (SAH) BOYZ - #87 Prim & Pixel Paradise (Attachment: I wear the hat on my skull instead of my nose because I need that spot for the glasses. Also, I moved the three decorative hearts inside my head via edit linked parts. Looks more manly, lol.)

Shades: Equilibrium - Midnight Mania Gift Male (unisex) 

Piercing: #42 JFTG Hunt [-iPoke-] Piercings (Hint: look up!) 

Scarf: (SAH) BOYZ - #164 DeeTaleZ (Hint: Why do women always have to clean up, do the dishes, iron the clothes, do the vaccuming while men just throw their stuff behind the sofa?) 

T-Shirt: Equilibrium - (Boss)-jr.hak (Jaqueta) 

Belt: ::Duh!:: Men's Crocodile Belt Black (L$ 10) 

Key Chain: (SAH) UNISEX - #43 Robbish  

Pants: Equilibrium - Blue Jeans (Profile Pick Reward) 

Shoes: # 89 JFTG Hunt  Paddy's

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Skin: Flirt! *FabFree GIFT* from Flirt! - Raven Face 3 (join Fabulously Free in SL and download more free gifts)

Hair: # 61 JFTG Hunt  (MADesigns/KMADD)

Shades: CheerNo – 80s Sunglasses Giraffe (Group Gift)

Turtleneck Sweater, Pants & Shoes: WMD - The Fund raising Outfit-VH- (L$ 100)

New Outfits from Knights Innovations

There's new stuff to be won on the Midnight Mania Boards at Hidden Desires: Envoke! It comes in multiple colour variations. Showing you three here (from left to right): Yellow, Leather, Purple.

The axes are yesterday's gift from the Medieval & Medieval-Fantasy Group Midnight Mania Board. They might be back on in a couple of days.

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

January 28, 2010

A Day in the Life of a Rock Star

Here's today's tale:

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Left: 4:21 am - Coming home from a party.

Cap: (SAH) BOYZ - #164 DeeTaleZ (Hint: Why do women always have to clean up, do the dishes, iron the clothes, do the vaccuming while men just throw their stuff behind the sofa?)

Tattoo: Wicked Tattoos - Player Tattoo (not free)

Outfit: January Snails Hunt #36 *^Missy ^* Shoe and Fashion Designs

Necklace: (SAH) BOYZ - #155 BalAni 2of3

Bandana: (SAH) BOYZ - #155 BalAni 3of3

Wrist Cuff: (SAH) BOYZ - #155 BalAni 1of3

Sneakers: Impossible - Puzzle Chuck (no longer free)

Right: 2:17 pm – Going out for breakfast in disguise. 

Track Suit: BalAni's Active Wear (5 Colours, Midnight Mania Prize)

Shoulder Bag & Watch: (SAH) BOYZ - #155 BalAni 3of3

Shoes: (SAH) BOYZ - #152 Nushru

(=> click picture to enlarge !) 

9:43 pm – At work!

Clothes, Tattoo & Accessories: Wicked Tattoos - Rockstar Outfit (not free but a great deal!)

Boots: HWH #30 - Bootylicious

Microphone: #67 [M4TS] Hunt Headset Mindshift Park

January 27, 2010

The Gunman

Today's outfit by Pasarella for Men (AWAKENING OUTFIT - DEVIL MAY CRY ) is not a freebie but, considering it also includes a hair (left side of the picture) and a scripted minigun, it's a very nicely priced package others would call a sale offer. Go and check it out!

To complete my look, I added cowboy boots and a matador hat from the Shoes & Accessories Hunt as well as a necklace to be found in the Heatwave Hunt. The tattoo is an old freebie that is no longer available, sorry!

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Hat: (SAH) BOYZ - #29 Bliensen + MaiTai (look up)

Necklace: HWH #08 - LacieCakes


Boots: (SAH) BOYZ - #92 *RRS* (Rose River Saloon)

January 26, 2010

Need A Pair Of Undies?

Then the BoB Hunt is for you. For an overview of all the items that can be found please take a look at my colleague Dudda's blog called Miss Susas SL. She did a great job here!

Today I also present two skins you can get for free at the new Flirt! shop and two really nice necklaces. 

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Hair: Bryce Designs ~ Shay- Natural Browns – Bark (not free)

Skin: Flirt! - *January 2010GIFT* Luke - styled beard (wear your group tag)

Necklace: [ JP ] - dsg.Necklace Nayeli//sapphire//male (MM prize, join [ JP ] Design before you slap the board)

Underwear: [BoB] #2 [KOSH] (5 colours)

Shoes: (SAH) BOYZ - #15  .::SM::.  (week #2, Xadrez)

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Hair: Bryce Designs ~Adam- Coals – Flint (not free)

Skin: Flirt! - Jacob FairSkin (Lucky Chair prize)

Necklace: Baby Monkey Shoes & Store - BM Surfer Necklace (all parts colour changeable and resizable via menu)

Underwear: [BoB] #6 [Valiant] (5 b/w variations)

Shoes: (SAH) BOYZ - # 60 G&T Creations (I got a review copy, so you have to search for it, sorry)

January 25, 2010

Today's Streetwear

Yo man! Cool stuff, don't ask, first menu-driven colour changeable baggy pants (also the ribbons/straps) that I found, so what do you want more? Just get it!

(=> click picture to enlarge !)


Outfit (incl. Beanie & Shoes): January SnailsHunt 024  SSH..Designs



Tracksuit Jacket: Maschienenwerk365_Suit_coal 

Baggy Pants & Belt: AoD Designz - AoD Baggy Barbwire coll. Checker (5 colours, MM Prize)

One-Man Band

Today's outfit from Little Britain Designs inspired me to another guitar performance, especially since I had that nifty, life-size drum kit diorama in my inventory from the Music for the Soul Hunt.

On a side remark: I don't wear the gloves which come with the Gothica package but an old freebie. Also, I shortened the shirt's sleeves thus turning it into a tank. It gets kinda hot on stage in the limelight, lol!

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Hair, Skin, Gloves, Boots: Little Britain Designs (not free or no longer available)

Outfit: Little Britain Designs - Gothica M (freebie of the week)

Guitar: Kujisawa - Model 15 (free on XstreetSL)

Rock Stage: #151 [M4TS] Hunt Headset - Razz-A-Matazz - (comes with lots of further equipment)

January 24, 2010

Fresh on the Board @ Hidden Desires (Update)

This warrior from Knights Innovations (Sentinal p) is their new Midnight Mania prize. Be sure to get him on this or one of tomorrow's runs! There's still half an hour to midnight, so slap that board!

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Boots: Old Knights Innovations freebie (Eternal Slumber # 1 black) for lack of something else at short notice, lol

So you may want to try any of these three pairs of boots from Lapointe & BastChild instead.

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

From left to right
- Free Lapointe & BastChild "Baroque Darkness" Ornate Gold Boots
- Free Lapointe "Angelus" Grey Velvet Mens boots Set
- Free Lapointe Bastchild "Underworld Chained" Mens Boots boxed

Miscellaneous Stuff Thrown Together

I have been unpacking boxes and sorting my inventory for hours now. This is the result:

(=> click picture to enlarge !)


Piercing: # 4 JFTG Hunt  Tattitude

Outfit: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - [*RD*]*WhiteStatic* (L$ 20 Sale on EVERYTHING in the store UNTIL 9am SLT the 26th)

IDCardholder: Kumaki Glasses Style - "Over 1000 Members" Group Gift (Join Nala & K_gs Update Group. Add your own picture(s)!)

Belt: (SAH) UNISEX - #67  Relentless Unknown

Shoes: (SAH) BOYZ - #15 .::SM::. #2 – Spider (new gift for the second week of the hunt)


Skin, Eyes, Lip Ring, Sweater & Pants: FALLEN Style - Gift for Him

Belt: NYR #104 (1 of 2) - Phoebe ~Piercings & more~


Shoes: (SAH) UNISEX - #133  Shoes Paradize

Here's some more:

(=> click picture to enlarge !)


Cardigan: Valiant Fashion - Group Freebie

T-Shirt: #39 JFTG Hunt  Vextra Messing Fashion

Jeans & Eyes: FALLEN Style - Gift for Her (really unisex this one!)

Shoes: (SAH) BOYZ - #126  Hummingbird Designs


Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style - K_gs Tagliatore 1.00 (not free)

Sweater:  .::SM::. DICAN SWEATER WHITEGIFT SPECIAL (Subscribo Gift, check history)

Pants & Garter Knife: Little Britain Designs - CrankIt Up (Midnight Mania Prize)

Shoes: (SAH) BOYZ - #15 .::SM::. #2 – Skull

January 23, 2010

Black & White Saturday

Another try at giving you a unique look based on two colours only (okay, three if you count the colour silver in picture # 1 or the yellow/orange of the shoe strings in picture # 2 separately, lol). Hope you like it!

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Hat: (-S.A.H-) -UNISEX- -#162  LnLSquare

Necklace: #67 JFTG Hunt  [DC] Dangerous Cinsations (blogged before)

Outfit: Acid & Mala Creations - A&M:. Reaction Outfit (not free)

Arm Wraps: 40 Below Hunt- Phoebe ~Piercings & more ~ #16

Shoes: (SAH) BOYZ - #108  *Filigreemotion* & ~Fadeless~

Weapons: Voodoo Inc - DCS Voodoo Swords v.2.4 (free on XstreetSL)

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Hat: (SAH) UNISEX - #61 *** Gaeline Creations ***

Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style - K_gs Gasha (not free)

Necklace & Ring: (#156) [M4TS] Hunt Headset (Pink !nc.)

Coat: Maschienenwerk - Leather_Coat_black

Instrument: Satoko Instruments - Harmonica Set (Lucky Chair Prize, transferable) 

Pants: MaschienenwerkZeitzone_Jeans_Black

Shoes: (SAH) BOYZ - #37  Imani

Dangerous Crash

Currently on the Midnight Mania Boards from Knights Innovations @ Hidden Desires. Comes in 5 colour variations. Not many slaps left, so hurry and/or hope for a second run today!

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Outfit: Crash 3 p

This is the brown colour version:

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Outfit: Crash 1 p

January 22, 2010

Casual Friday

These two new shirts from Gabriel go well with two of my favourite jeans from Maschienenwerk.

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Hair: Bryce Designs - Macks Pack – Shay (New Release – Not Free!)

Shoes: (SAH) BOYZ - #134  HOC Industries


Shirt: Gabriel - ::GB::Black Shirt Mare (Group Gift)

Flexi Tie: (SAH) BOYZ - #5  sf design – (colour changeable via menu, 9 colours)

Jeans: Maschienenwerk - H_Jeans_Black (comes with Hog_60_Tee)


Shirt: Gabriel - ::GB::DenimShirt Dark Blue (Dollarbie)

Jeans: Maschienenwerk - B_S Used_Jeans///GREY///

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Grungy Friday

Oops, getting late for my next post. Gotta run! Maybe shouldn't have slept till ten after all. :-)

(=> click picture to enlarge !)


Scarf: (SAH) UNISEX - #27  -Myself-

T-Shirt & Glasses: BR HUNT #078 - Men's Gift From Bella's

Watch: (SAH) BOYZ - #105  Donna Flora

Pants: [lessthanthree]<3 - Freeness for boys and girls <3

Shoes: (SAH) UNISEX - #14  JC's - Jeepers Creepers Shoes 


T-Shirt, Pants & Shoes: PeppermintBlue - Subscriber Group January 2010 Gift(B) (register with Subscribe-O-Matic and check history - it's currently message #7)

Jacket: RoTtEn DeFiAnCe - Rotten Hunt #8 (look for skull)

January 21, 2010

The Mysterious Traveler

Suddenly a ring at your door. A man asking for the way, a glass of water, a place to stay the night ... How will you react? Will you ask him to leave? Or would you let him in to rest his weary bones?

(=> click picture to enlarge !)


Glasses: (SAH) UNISEX - #17  KreaM/Maverick Design

Earring: HWH #44 - Phoebe ~Piercings & more~

Necklace: BR HUNT #014  [BedlaM Inc.]

Clothes, Belt & Shoes: Acid & Mala Creations - A&M:. Action Outfit - Male version (not free)

Shoulder Bag: (SAH) UNISEX - #30  KOSH

Pocket Watch: (SAH) UNISEX - #81  Never Ever

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

January 20, 2010

All in a Day's Work

Hi, I'm Frank M. Brown. I'm your friendly tax collector and sure hope for your cooperation ...

Oh no, not again ...

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Hair & Hat: (SAH) BOYZ - #2  MADesigns

Glasses: (SAH) UNISEX - #32 Adjunct (blogged before)

Coat & Pants: Dany French Touch - Gift for Men January (1 L$)

Bag: (SAH) UNISEX - #83 {Lark}

Shoes: (SAH) BOYZ - #116 Peeps Fashion (recoloured a deeper brown = 47,34,28)


Sheesh! Why can't I ever have a regular workday?

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Streetwear of the Week

Little Britain Designs gifts us a soccer outfit this week. But since it's freezing outside, I decided to wear long pants with it instead of the shorts that come with the package. And, I added a few more items from the current hunts to complete this look.

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Skin: Flirt! - Stitch Bronze with chest hair (promotion blogged before)

Hair: HWH #29 - Flavor! Design

Necklace: BR HUNT #085Phobia

T-Shirt & Wrist Band: Little Britain Designs - Deathmatch M

Watch: (SAH) BOYZ - #128 SiamInk Designs

Belt: (SAH) BOYZ - #6 Rfyre

Pants: Magi Take - Destroyed Jeans [ black, 10 L$ ]

Shoes: (SAH) UNISEX - #21 Duh!


And here's some more stuff that found its way into my inventory:

(=> click picture to enlarge !)


Skin: Flirt! - Wess Natural with chest hair (promotion blogged before)

Glasses: (SAH) UNISEX - #32 Adjunct

Outfit (incl. Beanie & Necklace): Delirium Style - The Charm/Male (not free)

Shoes: (SAH) BOYZ - #76 Geezer Garments


Skin: Flirt! - Joe Tan with chest hair (promotion blogged before)

Tattoo: Maschienenwerk - P-P-F "Tattoo

Hair & Cap: (SAH) BOYZ - #2  MADesigns


Lip Piercing: (SAH) BOYZ - #108 *Filigreemotion* & ~Fadeless~

Glasses: (SAH) UNISEX - #1 [ hoorenbeek ]

T-Shirt: #146 [M4TS] Hunt Headset [KAYFO]

Bracelet: (SAH) BOYZ - #97  Phoebe~Piercings & more~

Pants & Shoes: BR HUNT #084 - [T.S.D] VIRTUAL OUTFITTERS

January 19, 2010

Vive la Bohème

Magi Take is a store with a nice selection of clothes and sneakers for the the price-conscious buyer: Most items are priced at L$ 10, some at L$ 5, fat packs sell at about L$ 15 – 45.

On top, they have a big wall with freebie offers on the 2nd floor. You need to join their group to be able to get them.

Btw: If a freebie fits you well in green or purple you might want to buy the regular priced item in your favourite colour downstairs, so best start your visit upstairs!

(click picture to enlarge)

Skin: Flirt! - Raven Face 2 with chest hair (promotion blogged before)


Cap & Hair: magi take - casual cap [ green, 3 hair colours to choose from ] join group to buy for free

Sweater: magi take - Turtle Neck Sweater [ gray, L$ 10 ]

Pants: magi take - boyfriend denim jeans [ paint ] join group to buy for free

Shoes: (SAH) UNISEX - #131  Akatsuki


Beanie & Hair: (SAH) BOYZ - #7  Zenith Fashion (4 textures available for beanie)

Shirt: magi take - Gingham Check Shirts [ purple ] join group to buy for free

Tie: (SAH) MEN - #132  { Zeery} (above door)

Belt: (SAH) UNISEX - #154  BLITZED (This is a great belt. Comes in 4 different shapes for a perfect fit. Every belt should come like this! Not to be missed!)

(click picture to enlarge)

Skin: Flirt! - Ash Natural (promotion blogged before)

Beanie & Headphones: (SAH) UNISEX - #127  Spiders Design

Shades: (SAH) UNISEX - #112  ENDEAVOR

Jacket: magi take - color down jacket [ black, L$ 10 ]

Pants: magi take - boyfriend denim jeans [ black, L$ 5 ]


Shoes & Bracelet: (SAH) BOYZ - #155  BalAni

January 18, 2010

Space Cowboy

The basic idea for today's look (Jacket, Tank, Pants) was provided by my friend, Anthony Gartner, an avid freebie hunter himself. Thanks again for the heads up, Anthony, hope you like what I "built" around it!

(click picture to enlarge)

Skin: Flirt! Michael Skin - Bronze Tone (MM Prize, Board currently @ 6/30)

Hat: (SAH) BOYZ - #42 SLACY's

Hair: HWH #29 - Flavor! Design

Glasses: LeLutka - HYPE Shades (Group Gift, check notices)

Piercing Mouth: (SAH) UNISEX - #33 [ skream! ]

Necklace: (#19) [M4TS] Hunt Headset (Magia)

Jacket and Pants: ::Poised:: Homicide (group gift)

Tank: Mr.Poet - vest & boxers

Belt: (SAH) BOYZ - #38 Magically Aluring

Shoes: (SAH) BOYZ - #50 Delirium

January 17, 2010

99 L$ Skin Promotion @ Flirt!

There's quite a selection of skins to choose from, so have a look. The Promotion will run until the sim closes on Feb. 12th, 2010 and the store gets relocated!

(click picture to enlarge)

Skin left & right: Flirt! - Damian Fair with Chest Hair

Skin center: Flirt! - Jake Face 1 - Mustache & Goatee w Chest Hair

Hair & Cap: (SAH) BOYZ - #2  MADesigns

Glasses: (SAH) UNISEX - #24 Kumaki Glasses Style

Necklace: (SAH) BOYZ - #57 flavor hair n acessories designs

Outfit: HWH #42 - D'Funk'd Designs

Belt: (SAH) UNISEX - #123 ~Magic Pain~

Shoes: (SAH) UNISEX - #163 [M2M]Minutes to Midnight

January 16, 2010

Painted Black & White

I may have taken the mixing and matching to the limit here. But then, black & white combinations seem to be very popular with the designers right now, judging from their gifts for the Shoes & Accessories Hunt (SAH) which has started yesterday.

(click picture to enlarge)

Hat: (SAH) BOYZ - #15 .::SM::.

Glasses: (SAH) BOYZ - #136 SOHO Fashion - Aviator white

Polo Shirt: =Zenith= ZF Shirt (Lucky Board Prize, join their group and activate tag)

Bag: (SAH) UNISEX - #25 Indyra Originals

Pants: #68 JFTG Hunt  Halo Designs (check lamp)

Shoes: (SAH) UNISEX - #3 Kalnins (11 colour variations)

January 15, 2010

A different Role-Play every Day

Knights Innovations' Midnight Mania Boards are among the fastest locking on the grid. That's really no surprise at all because few offer such great quality outfits as prizes. On top, there are new sets to be won almost every other day. Simply stunning!

Today's round one is locked down already so you might want to watch out for a possible second round today or tomorrow at the latest.

Btw: There's always the Lucky Chairs to keep you busy while waiting. Good luck!

(click picture to enlarge)

Outfit left: Revenge Male 4 (Boots, Sword not included)

Outfit right: Marauder Natural (Boots not included)

(click picture to enlarge)

Outfit: Dark Travelor Male Blue (3 possible wear options)

January 14, 2010

They just wanna play!

The Just for the Guys Hunt (JFTG) offers some nice period style clothes and even a complete "Raven" Avatar. Not to be missed!

(click picture to enlarge)

Hair: # 86 JFTG Hunt - HUNK factory

Outfits from left to right:

# 11 JFTG Hunt - LnL Square

# 13 JFTG Hunt - MF-Designs

# 20 JFTG Hunt - BlakOpal Designs

Ying & Yang

The Shoes and Accessories Hunt starts tomorrow, Jan. 15th. Here's a sneak peek at two of the prizes as well as some other stuff.

(click picture to enlarge)


Hair & Hat: Gritty Kitty - Zombie Dreads - chocolate

Shirt: INDI Designs - Freebie Surprise Puzzle – Week 6 (L$ 1)

Pants: HFTFF #41 - Peer

Belt: Wilson's - Wolf Buckle Belt (Shoes & Accessories Hunt)

Shoes: Trixxy's Shop - Aces Chucks (Shoes & Accessories Hunt)


Hair: # 86 JFTG Hunt - HUNK factory

Jacket: MINUTES TO MIDNIGHT - [M2M] BLACK JACKET Star (not free)

Shirt & Pants: INDI Designs - Freebie Surprise Puzzle – Week 2+4 (L$ 5 each)

Armored Warrior Male @ BOXED HEROES

Boxed Heroes offers you the chance to win another of their fantastic, all parts included avatars on their lucky chair. But as usual, this offer is limited!

(click picture to enlarge)

Today's Armored Warrior is really something special: His armour is colour-changeable (hope I didn't make him too gaudy, lol) and he comes with Repulsors, Removable Mask, Scripted Chest Orb, Flight Assistance Hud as well as Custom AO (ZHAO II)!!

Your Mission: Achieve Target by Jan. 14th at 03:00 PM PST (SL time).

(click picture to enlarge)

Continue as follows:

04:00 Landing at the Shipyard

04:02 Decontamination completed

04:05 Recolouring - 1st stage - on schedule

04:06 Proceed to debriefing

January 13, 2010

Mixed, Matched, and Layered!

You may have seen me sport this look before but after all I wear no boots on my way to the dancehall this time, lol.

Fortunately, there are quite a few free shirts to be had at the Menswear Fashion Week right now like EROS Fashions by Keth's Gift FOR MEN to complete this poor lonesome cowboy, ehh suit from NachtMusik (# 69 JFTG Hunt).

The shoes, too, are a Menswear Fashion Week gift (StarChild GiftBag). Get yours fast! This fair is gonna be over in a couple of days - on Jan. 16th to be exact.

(click picture to enlarge)

Wrist Cuffs: +grasp+ / Leather Bracelet/for group (still available, blogged before)

Hair: Gritty Kitty - Ministry

January 12, 2010

More Shirts, Pants, and Boots

Welcome to my new blog, everybody! (Click here for my last 13 months of Free Fashion Reporting!)


Gonna make this short today and let the pictures speak for themselves! Not to be missed!

(click picture to enlarge)

Hair: :Kc: Hair - Sun-Black pack (19 L$, 5 colours included)

Skin: # 59 JFTG Hunt *Eye Candy Bodies* (blogged before)

Necklace: #48 JFTG Hunt ~ Loka Design 

Shirt Left: # 76 JFTG Hunt Roughnecks (gets moved every day)

Shirt Center: Gabriel ::GB::DenimShirt White @ Menswear Fashion Week (Dollarbie)

Shirt right: # 15 JFTG Hunt Klam Design

Pants: M2M - Unisex Jeans 3 tones (reduced price: 50L$ each, offer valid only this week till January 14th)

Sneakers: Maschienenwerk - LowTop II BLACK

(click picture to enlarge) 

Shoes: sf design - winter shearling boots – black (freebie of the month)

Outfit: Little Britain DesignsRide to Live M (New Freebie at new Location!)


New Freebie Bloggers wanted to join the team here at Fashion + Freebies for Men.

We are looking for 1 - 2 people that want to share male hunt items, freebies, group gifts and other fashion items they find during their SL travels with the rest of us.

Click here for Details + Requirements!