February 28, 2013

Black journey with ( Rispetto Designs )

Wash's Biannual Cart Sale ~ Feb 20th - March 13th 2013 ~ All Items: 10 L$

( left )
only Jacket : Rispetto Designs - Cotone MESH Jacket  
Jeans : Rispetto Designs - Logoro MESH Jeans - Black 

( middle ) ~ Sweater : Rispetto Designs - Disegno MESH Sweater - Black 

( right ) 
PeaCoat : Rispetto Designs - Stile MESH PeaCoat - Black 
Watch : Rispetto Designs - Argento MESH Watch - Black

2 Group-Gifts

Here are 2 Group-Gifts from Ydea      *more Gifts on the wall*

( left ) ~ Outfit : **Ydea Valentine  men gift** ( free ) 
( right ) ~ Outfit : **Ydea Karl gift** ( free )

New from +GRASP+: Studded Pea Coats

+grasp+ released a studded pea coat for men in 10 regular colors/designs and, as usual, one special fat pack exclusive version. I combined two of the coats with pants and boots that I got earlier from this designer. Check them out!

February 27, 2013

Mesh Hunt Prize Of The Day

Another interesting hunt started on Feb. 25th and runs till March 10th : The Lavender Hill Hunt is the third hunt in a series based on a monochrome colour palette. This time round, the colour palette is tones of lavender. Click here for SLurls to the participating stores as well as for hints and pictures of the gifts.

The suit I'm wearing is the prize you can find @ EPICOSITY. Like every prize in this hunt it costs 5 L$ to honour the work of the creator.

Since this suit has a summertime appeal, I decided not to wear the shirt which comes with it or any shoes, but instead show you the new mesh feet released by ISPACHI today. They are very detailed and realistically textured and come with a HUD that makes them easy to fit.

( => click picture to enlarge !)

February 26, 2013


Maybe unlikely to wear boots around the house but I just moved to a new skybox and this footwear was the first pair I grabbed unpacking, lol. Anyway, they are from Death row designs and I have been meaning to show them to you for a while, just like the couch set with little table (land impact 12 + 6 prims) from [kusshon] that you can get @ The Men's Dept. for a few more days. It comes with an amazing amount of sit animations, props and the couch frame is colour changeable.

A release I am very excited about is my new skin from NIVARO called Adam. It comes in 8 skin tones, I'm showing you the version called summertone with chest hair. Each skin tone pack includes a version with chest hair, one with trail hair and a no-hair version. They each come with and without a hairbase =  6 skin versions per skin tone pack.

I also wear very nice new mesh hair from { Quandary }. Each of their 4 color sets offers a choice of 6 hair tones via HUD. 

Last but not least, Apple May Designs has released cool Cargo Capri's which come with a belt and Vestigium offers this new tattoo and cuffs. Check them out! 

Let's Rock

After a long ride, i need a break and a beer :)
Mesh Vest, Shirts : .:Angel of Metal:. Thrash Metal Vest Male ( 99 L$ )

*You can look here too, Shayne had the same idea ( .:Angel of Metal:. )*

*Big Thanks Maggots0 .... So Let's Rock ....*

February 25, 2013

Don't Miss Out On The Goodies!

Lots of hunts wrapping up on the 28th like the Jack Or Jill Hunt (JOJ).  [Click here for Hints & SLurls to the participating stores.]

Here are some hunt items we haven't shown you yet on the blogs plus new group gifts and some other stuff. Enjoy!

Sleeping Man Standing!

Rock on!

I put together an outfit from some things that can be found on Marketplace and in hunts (previously blogged before). The tops are from Angel of Metal, a store owned by Maggots0 Resident. You can find his marketplace shop here: Angel of Metal

Pose: Guarded Cross London Calling Pose (0L$)
Guitar: All Meshed Up - Rock Band Guitar! (Comes with animation, 10L$)

Top: Angel of Metal 1L$ Gift - Blood for Blood 

Top: Angel of Metal - Ramones T-Shirt (99L$)

Pants: Mon Amour Hunt #40 Ashmoot
Shoes: JOJ Male #29 Latreia
Tattoo: JOJ Male #11 Endless Pain Tattoos
Poses: HISguitar HISpose (100L$)

February 24, 2013

Tainted No More

(click to enlarge)
Vonie may have survived Valentine's Day, but he was moping around. I told him somewhere out there was a nice girl who would accept him and his condition. "Believe me," I said, "I know it's not easy being a boy with a curse." He listened as I recanted my own experinces. When I was done, he announced he would make a pilgrimage to the graves of our ancestors to pray for a miracle.

When Vonie came back, he excitedly told me about a beautiful girl he met crying in the garden. She looked so sad, he couldn't help but ask what was wrong. Although he was a stranger, she poured out her heart to him. She was grateful someone cared. The boys were mean to her. They pulled her hair and call her "Tainted." He could barely believe it when she shyly confessed her mother was a vampire. He immediately blurted his own "tainted" background. And then the most amazing thing happened, … she smiled.

I hope you liked the tainted series. Couldn't resist making a happy ending. lol. I am wearing the limited edition Valentines's version of the Epic Business Suit. The Red and Black Suit is no longer available, however you can scoop up this excellent suit in black, navy, brown, or grey. Each one comes with a nice texture change hud. You can play with the texture options in the inworld store by clicking on the different buttons on the display model. My posing partner is wearing the new dress from RokumeikaN named after her, Fuli. She was nervous about doing justice to the dress. I think she did great! Looks very cute. The Fuli dress is available in black, green, red, and white. The ribbon changes textures, just click on the bow to change colors.

On Him:
Jacket, Tie, Pants: Epicosity Business Man Suit Red & Black with texture hud [mesh] (750L)
Hair: COLORS 49 MediumGray, Black pack (100L)
Shoes: PixelFashion Bradford Shoes Black [mesh] (390L)
Location: St Illuminatious at Morphe Inc's

On Her:
Dress: +RokumeikaN+ +RMK*Fuli*Red+M [mesh] (250L)
Hair: Lo'Momo Matthiola fatpack with color change bow and 2 bang styles (400L)
Stockings: Ambrosia Lace stockings (1L)
Shoes: G Field Bow Strap Shoes Kate red (180L)
Location: Notre Dame Cathedral
Thanks for your help Fulli!

MESH & More Around The Clock!

Showing you the latest releases from Kal Rau and Dura. Also, another look at the newly released skin from Evian, my favourite sneakers from REDGRAVE and a limited sales offer from Phoebe. Check them out! 

February 23, 2013

New from Egoisme/Evian and SHIKI

What better way to start one's shopping weekend than to have Egoisme release a new male skin in their Evian skin line. Today's release is called Eros and part of the new Olympus Deities Collection. You have the choice between
  • one of 5 skin tones (Each come in 4 bald and 4 hairbase versions. 5 system eyes and teeth options are included),
  • the specific skin tone plus shape package or
  • a skin tone fat pack (includes special beard addons and the VIVIDTONE tattoo layer options to colour the skin in an individual tone).
For this look I'm using my own shape with the tan/bald (Arm+Legs Hair) version of the Eros skin. I put on the Teeth Addon-Mouth 3 with contrasted base. My beard is the Addon Chin Patch1 Brown Bald and I also wear the Addon Eyeliner. The hair is the latest release from Dura

And now for the apparel. SHIKI released the ULTIONIS Outfits (Mesh Jacket/Pants, scarf and layered Turtleneck Sweater). They come in 3 colours and since I got all three sets I felt like mixing and matching a bit, lol. So, go and check out which original combination(s) you like best! 

February 22, 2013

Friday Deals

(click to enlarge)
Don't let the sun set on these great deals today in Fifty Liden Friday and Fi*Friday. Run go get!

Coat: DECO His Deathrattle Duster [mesh] (Fifty Linden Friday) (50L) Today Only
Sofa: Soothe 60's sofa (animal series), in 4 fabrics [mesh] (Fi*Friday)(55L) Today Only
Daybead: DIGS Belrose Daybed Singles [mesh] (Fifty Linden Friday) (50L) Today Only

Coats, Coats, Coats (part 1)

Legal Insanity released a series of coats which come in four different texture styles with 5 colours each controlled via HUD. You can choose between a leather, shocking leather, suede leather or camouflage design, the latter being the one I took for this picture. 

You should definitely try out the demo version with this item first as it was difficult for me to find a mesh pants in my inventory which does not cut through the coat at the ass. 

The solution: I'm wearing one of the new Viktor Jeans Legal Insanity released a short while ago in size S (instead of M) and the coat in size L. Using the basic mesh shape as described in the tutorial I then had to change my shape settings as follows:
- Butt Size = 30 or less (also necessary if you want to wear the coat with a layered pants)
- Package Size = 0 
- Saddle Bags = 0

Btw., this pants also offers another advantage: You can choose between the regular and 3 boot-cut pants lengths via HUD, so no (or at least less) need for shoe base tricks (see tutorial) when wearing boots with your mesh pants.

A Day with Moments [4]

.... spring afternoon with the NEW Clothes from [I][I][M]

left Coat : NEW - [I][I][M] - Buttoned-Coat-Men Brown ~ ( 10 colours available ) ~ ( not free )
left Pants : NEW - [I][I][M] - James Jeans Gingham-Brown ( not free )
( James Jeans Style 10 colours available and Gingham Style 6 colours available )

( right = only other colours, style )

*** to be continued.... *** 

NEW Group-Gifts

NEW Group-Gifts from Delirium, NyTrO and Valentines / Rezzday Group Gift from LaVie 
LaVie = 3 Skins ~ placed in the male shop till the end of the Month ~

( left )
Skin : LaVie Gabriel Biker Beard Tan ( big heart ) ~ ( free, Group-Fee 300 L$ )
Outfit : D-Style - Steph (Feb Group Gift) ~ ( free, Group-Fee 99 L$ )

( right )
Skin : LaVie Damiani #18 Goatee Medium ( big heart ) ~ ( free, Group-Fee 300 L$ )
Shirt : ~Cysleek =^.-=~Mesh Civic Shirt White ( 1 L$ )
Shorts Jeans : $$ - NyTrO - $$ MESH Shorts Jeans Hip Hop Used V.2 Man ( free )

February 21, 2013

Supreme talent challenge 1 - CYBER

The supreme talent competition started 19 january with a really great challenge "CYBER". I was one of the models out there and was very exited to start this competition. Nervous ... Scared ... Shaking ... looking around ... Oh wow i like those others styling and then .....O.o did you see those judges? 
This is going to be a hard competition and i will be lucky if i survive this round and go to the next.... 
Le moment suprème .... playing the choreo in my head and hoping and praying lag would not hit.... oh the description i almost forgot ... and then 3 2 1 ... GO

Styling card ....

Earrings - .HoD.  - HOD - Dragon Spiral - adjusted in colours
Fingertape - Envious - Hypnosis finger tape (old hunt item)
Eyes - Coca & Wolf - :: Cracked Metal Eyes ::  :: Silver :: BOX
Septre - :: Hybrid Prod :: Royal Septre Wand
Boots - Neurolab inc.-  [NeurolaB Inc.] Runner Hi-Boots X-2 UNISEX
Hair - A&Y - A&Y Echo Cyber hair - Black
Shoulderpiece - De La soul -  Digital Deamon Shoulder Male V1.5
Horns - De la soul Digital Deamon - Horns Appolyon
Spine - Hydro-spine male
Make up - Madrid solo - februari group gift male (red) (blogged before)
Body Tattoo - Xeno - Mirror's edge tattoo
Face Make up - Dot-be Make up - made by myself (not in store)
Jacket - Xeno - X-11 Sprawl Jacket 
Kilt - Xeno - X-11 sprawl Kilt 
Forearm - Night Fox - RU  - Cyber Effect forearm

February 20, 2013

Dead End

Last night I dreamt I was driving to a party wearing my new tuxedo from [ hoorenbeek ]. When I arrived, the club had moved and the area been turned into an airport. 


Two hoodies first one from Legal Insanity, and the second  from Rout 66 Trip Hunt until Mar. 20, site for locations and hints. .

Hoodie: Gears of Fasion - RT 66 Hunt # 4 (Free)

On a Road Trip

This post has hunt gifts from three hunts:

Jack or Jill 2.0 February 1st - February 28th
Route 66 Road Trip Hunt (1L$) February 20th - March 20th
Mon Amour Hunt February 1st - February 28th

Tank: JOJ Male #02 Insanya
Pants: JOJ Male #12 The Plastik
Boots: JOJ Male #50 MV
Eye Tape: JOJ Male #44 Half-Deer
Tattoo: JOJ Male #11 Endless Pain Tattoos
Face Piercings: JOJ Male #04 Pekka

Bike (Posed only): Rt 66 Hunt #40 Steaming Ahead (1L$)
Sign: Rt 66 Hunt #16 MadPea (1L$)

Top: Group Gift M.O.W. (5L$ Join Fee)
Pants: MAH#129 Cupcake Clothing
Scene (Picnic Bench + Grass + Trees): Rt 66 Hunt #1 SuperJail Emporium (1L$)

Outfit (Shirt + Pants): MAH#40 AsHmOoT
Top: JOJ Male #49 Etham
Pants: MAH#71 Before Sleep
Outfit (Shirt + Pants + Shoes): MAH#128 Shadow Moon
Chair: MAH#7 Park Place Home and Decor

Look of the day ... 22769,Legal insanity, Flow, Mr C

Oh yeah let the sunshine come ... Legal insanity just released this great sunglasses and tank tops ideal for a walk along the beach. Camouflage patterns are in and everywhere on the grid so yes why not for the beach. Mr C. Released this unisex hair so go and get it !! While Posesion store made a great set of poses for me for Supreme talent well here you have number 3 out of the series Rumplestilskin.

Necklace - 22769 ~ [homme] Mens Dept. Fabric Necklaces Fatpack (blue/black/brown/green/purple)
Shorts - Flow - flow . Boardshorts Arpoador - C1
Sunglasses - Legal Insanity - Gael Sunglasses Silver
Tanktop - Legal Insanity - jerry tank camouflage urban
Hair - Mr C - Mr. & Miss C. / Lover

pose : Posesion - rumplestilskin 3

February 19, 2013

Hunt Report: BareRose Mini Hunt

BareRose has a Valentine's mini hunt until Feb 24. You win a mesh Bride and Groom outfit as well as the wearable kawaii Bremen III band and colored keyboard. This hunt works differently, you hunt based on sound. Turn up your speakers and try to find the Bremen III band members. Have fun! BareRose Main Landing

49L Sale For Dudes, Round # 9

Here are three of the tops you can get during this sales event which still runs for about a week.

February 18, 2013

News Report: Group Gift & Freebies 9

(click to enlarge)
So many great gifts in the month of February, here's a double shot of love!

1) KOOQLA Group Gift 02 Grey (group gift, 10L to join)(free)
2) Gabriel ::GB::Shearling Short Boot [mesh] (group gift)
3) Chop Zuey Great Earth Bracelets, Moments Mens Necklace, Moments Mens Earrings, Kharma Mens Brc, Sky Gld/Slv Mens Set, Kharma Slv Mens Earrings (group gift, 350L to join) Freebird Mens Bracelet Great Earth Choker (free)
4) Trompe Loeil  Framed Square Art Group Gift [mesh] (group gift)
5) Ydea Valentine's and past gifts in men's section. Karl in rotunda [mesh](group gift)
6) Gizza Valentine's Group Gift male (group gift)
7) Francesca Opening gifts: AIR glasses, Forest Feast tree, {anc} shoes, Huit female skin (free)
8) ALB Ethereal necklace, Paolo coat grunge valentine, GIL shirt double vest [mesh] (group gift)
9) Ayashi Endo male iceblue [mesh] (group gift)

(Click to enlarge)
1) Dura Valentine gift men with color change. Winter hat men in black, coffee, sanddrift.
2) Aeva Heartsick Pacey (group gift, 10L to join)(free)
3) Epicosity Valentine's Pajama Pants Men, and Pajama Top Women
4) Reila Skins Rush Sneaker (group gift, 200L to join)
5) Vero Modero February Male, Chibi Bear (group gift)
6) A&A Irwin Hair Moonlight, Kaynes Hair Dark Honey
7) Yasum Valentine Stud, Music Unites guitar Country and Hippe [mesh] (group gift)
8) Dot-Be Thinking of You open shirt [mesh](group gift)
9) Crickets Valentine Bath set [mesh] (group gift, 50L to join)
10) Pekas Redrum brown

New from [M.o.w] and Oceane

I first came across [M.o.w] at the end of a hunt some weeks ago but it was too late to blog their gift. Since then I have been invited to join their blogger group and received a big package of releases that I will show you in upcoming posts.

Let me start with a look at their latest release, a new series of jeans, which I combined with one of their KitK Jackets. On the second picture left I also use one of their cargo jeans. 

Oceane Body Design, long-time female skin maker, has started to create male skins too. Their firstborn “Devlin” sports very defined muscles (pectorals) which makes for a distinctive look, especially if you wear this skin together with one of the 4 shapes available for sale separately. The skin is available in 6 skin tones with 18 beard styles each. The individual packages contain 2 skins of the chosen tone/beard style, one with and one without chest hair. They also include a pair of misty blue system eyes and several tattoo layers (brow art light, tintable hairbase brown + dark brown, male eyeliner, tan booster), none of which I used for the pictures.

Currently, there's the “Happy Heart Hunt“ going on at the store where you can win a skin, shape and eyes. It's for group members only and there is a group joining fee to be paid. Click here for more details! 

( => click here for SLurls and more pictures!)

News Report: Server Side Baking Apocalypse

In the next few months, Linden Labs will switch the way avatars are loaded inworld. The goal of this change is to speed up the time it takes to render an avatar, and to stop bake fails. The downside of this major update is it will cause a lot of pain until the bugs are all worked out. You will be forced to upgrade your viewer or you will not see textures on your avatar, or alpha masks that hide your shape below a mesh. You will appear as a cloud or grey. Expect bug and/or crashes in all viewers across the board until the bugs are fixed. Many of your favorite viewers, or older viewers, will become unusable because they aren't updated to SSB.

Bloggers will be greatly effected. I personally will loose the ability to take lighting and shadow photographs unless Linden fixes the bug that crashes Macs on the current viewer code, or any viewer that uses the current code.

Check each viewer log for the latest news. Master list of 3rd Party Viewers.

Here are some news briefs:
Firestorm will update to SSB but they warn it will not be quality tested as much as they like before a major rollout. Mac version.
Phoenix 1.5 and Phoenix 1.6 are no longer being updated, therefore will not have SSB. Mac version.
Exodus update on SSB unknown. Has Tone Mapping. Mac version.
Nirans may update only once more, but it is unknown if the update will include SSB. No Mac version.
Cool Viewer is ready to go with SSB. No Mac version.

More news from Firestorm on SSB here: http://www.firestormviewer.org/qa-results

[CIRCA] Store

NEW Items, Gifts, Hunts from CIRCA

Colors Of Love Hunt ( 0 L$ – 25 L$ ) ~ Feb 1 - Feb 28 ~ HINTS ~ Hunt Object : Heart 
The Cold Hunt ~ ( free ) Feb 1 - Feb 28 ~ HINTS ~ Hunt Object : Red & White Capsul

SkyLoft : [CIRCA] - "Roots" Sky Loft - Group Gift ( heart shape box 1 L$ ) 

( left )
Red Chair : NEW - [CIRCA] Pkg - "Jardin Royal" Slipper Chair in Red ( not free )
Pink Chair : NEW [CIRCA] - "Jardin Royal" Rose & Vine Chair - 50% off at  H&G Exclusive ( not free )
Melting Hearts : [C.] Pkg - My Melting Heart - Touch Lights (Set of 3) - until Feb 22nd. ( 10 L$ )

( right )
Bench : + [ CoLh ] #17. [CIRCA] Living (1 of 2) ~ ( 25 L$ )
Wall Sconces : + [ CoLh ] #17. [CIRCA] Living (2 of 2) ~ ( 25 L$ )
Hints : 1. I'm so vain with my vanity! - 2. Valetine's Day is my friend 

Bed : TCH #29 ~ [CIRCA] - "Days of ILL" Day Bed Prop (19 pos) ~ ( free )
Hint : I'm going to get some rest and put my pill on my night stand!

February 17, 2013

The Tux Makers: Lapointe & Bastchild

This is not the first tuxedo set Lapointe & Bastchild have released these past months but it complements their previous offers very nicely. The big difference: This tuxedo comes with a bow tie and cummerbund instead of a tie and vest which makes it more formal. 

Click the numbers to take a look at the other tuxedo designs: # 1, # 2, # 3.

Like its predecessors this tux package includes a HUD which lets you choose between 
2 shirt colours,
5 shirt buttons,
4 lapel designs, 
4 pants styles, 
4 cummerbunds and also 
4 colours for your bow tie and breast pocket handkerchief respectively. 

Look of the day ... with Flow, legal insanity and phoebe

Oh i can not wait for summer to be back ... Legal insanity brings out this great sunglasses in different colors azure, black, green, orange and purple. So yes you can look great in no matter what outfit you are wearing. I choise to pick flow Boardshorts Arpoador to go surfing, and what choises do you have omg and wow there are not 1 but at least 10 different designs to choise from.  Add some earplugs and this hearts necklace from phoebe piercing and you are ready to go... 

Ear plug - Phoebe piercing and more *P* Ear Plug ~Black~

Necklace - Phoebe piercing and more - *p* Hearts necklace 
Shorts - Flow - Boardshorts arpoador F1
Sunglasses Legal Insanity - solo sunglasses Azure

Revisiting Some Of My Favourite Stores

Taking another look at one of the just released casual jeans from kal rau. The new Breaker Jacket from LAVAROCK CREATIONS, shades from REDGRAVE, hair from Dura, freshly won ink from :Wicked Tattoos:, a mesh necklace from +grasp+ and sneakers from DECO complete my look. 

February 16, 2013

A Change Of Perspective

A new take on a classic (Egoisme),
a group gift (INNUENDO),
a cool new jeans (kal rau). 

Have a great weekend, everybody!

February 14, 2013

Hunt Report: Tainted Love 4

(click to enlarge)
So Valentine's Day has arrived and Vonie has no date. I'm worried. I caught him drinking something called "Valentight, massively strong glue. Fix household stuff and broken hearts."

Dating Rule 5: You won't find miracles at the bottom of a bottle.

The Drunk
Eye, Tattoo: Death Row Tainted Eye (Tainted Love #48)(1L)
Necklace: Whims&Wishes .:W&W:. Tainted Love - Male (Tainted Love #4)(1L)
Cuff: Grim Bros Heart on your sleeve - anti-valentine helper (Tainted Love #22)(1L)
Stuffed Animal: Grim Bros bonus grimov cuddle monster 2013 valentine (Tainted Love #22)(1L)
Booze: Grim Bros valentight broken heart glue /w hold (Tainted Love #22)(1L)
Boxers: Exiled Date Gone Right - Mens Package (up & exposed)[mesh](Tainted Love #33)(1L)
Chest Tattoo: Little Pricks + Skin Deep My Heart is the Death of Me (Tainted Love #15)(1L)
Sofa with animations: by Nacht Unrequited LoveSeat (Tainted Love #54)(1L)

(click to enlarge)
Dating Rule 6: If she's not that into you, admit defeat and move on.

The Stalker
Tank: Impish Tank Man She Stole My Heart [mesh](Tainted Love #46)(1L)
Hat: Epicosity {EPIC}Snapback - Love-n-Hate [mesh]
Pants: Snowbound Stalker Janes [mesh] (Tainted Love #2)(1L)
Prop: A and S Visions stalker tree 2 w ani and binoculars (Tainted Love #77)(1L)
Tattoo arms: Redrum Bloody Arms & Mouth, Beating Heart, Tongue (Tainted Love #28)(1L)
Tattoo face: Corvus Blood Tear (Tainted Love #12)(1L)
Tattoo chest: Souzou Eien The Difference Between Lovers (Tainted Love #13)(1L)
Eyes: Frick Cruel Eyes (Tainted Love #65)(1L)

February 13, 2013

Valentine's Day Group Gifts

For the ladies, at +RokumeikaN+ is a Valentine's Day treat, a mesh dress that reminds me of tasty French chocolate wrapped up in lavender ruffles and bows. The group gift is available only until February 14th, so hurry over there. For more chocolately fun, add the group gift from Dimbula Rose. Gift includes wearable chocolate bar, glasses, and messy chocolate mouth tattoos.

Happy Valentine's Day!

On Her:
Dress: +RokumeikaN+ +RMK*Valentine's Day*Gift+Female [mesh] (group gift)(free)
Hair:  Rotten Toe Viki II (60L)
Tattoo: Dimbula Rose :::DR::: Chocolate Face Tattoo 05 (group gift)(free)
Boots: Lassitude and Ennui Wanderlust boots - oxblood  [mesh](280L)

On Him:
Hair: ...Scars... Yotuba [Platinum plus] (100L)
Shirt: +RokumeikaN+ +RMK*Sweater Shirt*black+ [mesh](100L)
Pants: Tableau Vivant CC 2012 gray [mesh] (259L)
Chocolate Bar: Dimbula Rose ::::DR::: Chocolate 03 (group gift)(free)
Shoes: Enelya's Creations .:EC:. ABL Army Boots [mesh](99L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

* Soulmates *

This is the NEW Group-Gift from [I][I][M] ~ ( male and female ) 
Mesh Shirts, male = Necklace, female = Bare Feet

*A soulmate is someone who understands you like no other*

SoulMate Shirts and Extras : [I][I][M] Groupgift February ( free )

Mesh Gift Of The Day

An international affair calling, quite literally, for a stiff neck but very delicate hands! 

February 12, 2013

New Releases From Gabriel

With the new Double Leather Jacket and Boots in Pants releases from Gabriel you get an amazing amount of possible combinations, especially if you buy the fatpacks. There are 10 pants colours, 9 turtleneck and 9 scarf colours, 4 jacket and 4 belt colours to choose from. The boots colour is black.

Also, I'm using two more of the new Jacob skins from REDGRAVE that I first showed you in my last post.

Fantasy Hunt

Fantasy Hunt until Feb. 21th., Hints and locations...
Complete outfit: Lyrieal´s Boutique - FH #35 (L$ 1).

Jack Or Jill 2.0 Hunt [2]

Jack Or Jill ~ Feb. 1 – Feb. 28 ~ HINTS ~ Hunt Object = Male or Female Symbol ( on a “hockey puck” )

Shape : JOJ Male #28 FROSTING ~ ( free )
Skin : Joe Skin-Tanned ~ JOJ Male #43 Razzles ~ ( free )
Hair : *Dura*2013 Valentine group gift ( free )
Hairbase : *Dura*Hairbase ~ Blonde hairbase ( free )
Poses : JOJ Male #38 PM Poses ~ ( free )
( left )
Shirt : JOJ Male #19 <Lash-Ware> ~ ( free )
Baggy Jeans : JOJ Male #15 Reila Skins ~ ( free )
Boots : JOJ Male #29 Latreia ~ ( free )
( right )
Outfit : JOJ Male #47 Blackeri ~ ( free )


New Freebie Bloggers wanted to join the team here at Fashion + Freebies for Men.

We are looking for 1 - 2 people that want to share male hunt items, freebies, group gifts and other fashion items they find during their SL travels with the rest of us.

Click here for Details + Requirements!