August 31, 2012

The End of Summer

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It's that time of year again, a cooler nip in the air, and the leaves begin to turn, but there is still time to wear your yukata a few more times.  Here are some nice things from the "If I Were Rich Hunt" picked on the last day. Rush to get yours!

On Him:
Outfit and Shoes: MiuMin Yukata Shima001 Male [mesh] (200L)
Eyes: IKON 'Sunrise' Eyes - Bleached Gold (free) (group gift)
Hair: Scars Yotuba [Platinum plus] (100L)
Necklace: BareRose Vamp Bat Mask (raffle prize) (free)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Andrej skin (990L)
Tattoo: Amiee Galicia (Ag) bitten lipstain Beachen Peachen (50L)

On Her:
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui If I Were Rich, pearls (If I Were Rich hunt)(free)
Outfit: Kisetsu If I Were Rich Female (if i Were Rich hunt prize)(free)
Skin: Mother Goose's Jamil-II (B)-LB ( lucky board)(free)ikon
Hair: KoKo Hair Leeta truffle (free)
Eyes: By Snow Elven Eyes (1L)
Eyeshadow: Tori-Tastic Pink Rose Petal Kiss Eyeshadow (2L)
Lipstick: Pink Acid Lip Gloss & Blush Face Make-Up Update 2 Pack (10L)
Lipstick: Glamorize Revolver Pink Combo Makeup (5L)
Pose: Mela's kimono poses orz-xst (1L)

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On Him:
Outfit: Kisetsu If I Were Rich Male (if i Were Rich hunt prize)(free)
Hair: Dura **Dura-Boy**01 Gold (100L)
Skin: Mother Goose's [Lee] Hyeok Lee skin 002 (100L)
Eyes: FTL Cabochon Eyes - Hanada (100L)
Parasol: ZeroNick Xue oiled paper umbrella (1L)


Thank for you help, Fulli!

Ending The Month In Red & Black

Be warned that shopping @ [AsYLUM] can be quite a bloody affair, lol.

Rfyre ... new fall outfits

The house of Rfyre is introducing the new fall [VENETIAN] series with a mesh jacket with or without shirt and leather pants. It is available in 3 different colours and im showing u the crimson colour. If you like Gothic, Rfyre is the place to be for men and women. (not free)


New at Yasum Designs

Yasum Designs brings some great fashion for male and female with unique made mesh. This is one of the new outfits, complete with mesh boots and trench coat and non-mesh pants and sweater.

Outfit : Yasum designs - Yasum*MESH*FRENCH TRENCH*MALE*COMPLETE SET (not free)

New from Lash-Ware

Showing you "in the forest" the NEW Release from <Lash-Ware>
Preview for the September 1st ~ oh thats tomorrow :)
Outfit : <LW> Camo Nights ( not free ~ all for 25 L$ )
( Long Shirt, Roll Up Shirt, 2 Pants )

August 30, 2012

New from REDGRAVE, Crickets & [ BuFu ]

REDGRAVE has released a cool new hairstyle for men. The short-cropped Hair “CRUZ” consists of three elements: front part, back part & hairbase. This way you can wear it easily with any cap or hat, just leave away the front part! It's available in four colours: black, greying, brown and blond. Click the link and check it out on SL Marketplace! 

Crickets just released a new outfit that you can still pick up at a discounted price. This time only the denim vest and the shoes are mesh items, but it includes a lot of other accessories.

Clubwear ...

If you like to model and you want to do shows then you have to do castings, learn to become a model, learn how to handle cue's, stress, lagg etc... I don't know if you all know, but im a model trainer at UEMA academy and trying to teach others how i feel modelling and how they could become a great model themselves.

Modelling is a very hard and expensive business. Not often you get paid to model for shows but the exprience, the trills, the ambiance, the great designs and the many co-models make it all just great. Everytime your styling skills are tested. U can't sit still in the modelindustry always keep moving and keep up with the fashion in rl. If you want to learn more u can always join me in class, Im me or stop by in the UEMA academy to get more information.

For this clubwear outfit i did choose the great designs of K!ng. When i was partying in Beachwood all eyes were on me, i can assure you with this look you look hot & cool. A great surplus the shirt and the belt are colour changeable. I did prefer red because its one of my favorit colors. To finesh the outfit i matched my laces to the black of the pants and the rings of my sneakers to the red of the belt. The black and white camo print of the shoes made it just great. The sneakers come with a texture and recolor hud so you can change the look of the sneakers easy.

Hair : *Coma* Varsity Hair - BW 2 Black
Bracelet : Phoebe piercing and more - *P* Spikes Leather Bracelet - Goth Cross
Shirt : K!ng - K!ng Half-shirt
Pants : K!ng - K!ng Street style jeans 02 *DEEJAY*
Sneakers : Dot-Be - Dot-Be sneakers Camo

Vero Modero ... hunts

In september Vero Modero is going to participate in a few hunts. One of the hunts is the Top Shelf Style hunt and runs from sept 1 until 30 sept. A little preview ..

Hair : ARGRACE - Argrace Hunting "very short' (not free)
Boots : Muism - Muism Troy Boots Brown (not free)
Belt : CS Design - CS Design - BeltM01 - Gold - 10L !!
Shirt : Vero Modero - Mask Tullip Shirt TSD -
Pants : Vero Modero - Leather pants brown TSD

-->> Top Shelf Style Hunt - sept 1-30th - Hint Some people say we can only dream at night, i think we can dream all day long

Thursday Morning's sunny and a nice day :)
Shirt : *SHIRT-LIGHTBLUE* by C. Bergamasco ( Midnight Mania Board ) ~ *Join the Group* ( free )
Sneakers : .:MS:: Skate Sneaker Shoes ( free )*
* more Freebies, Dollarbies, Group-Gifts ( some for men ) *
* ( Sneakers = HUD, the 2 picture is an example, what you can do ) *

August 29, 2012

¡Viva la Revolución!

Ideal for roleplay, most parts supplied by DECO and by *chronokit*. Enjoy!

Mini Hunt

Bare Rose mini hunt, a fantastic outfit and a Metal Horse that you can ride ... It´s easy to find all parts.

Here is your first hint :  You are starting to get ready, and touch your head.
Oh, where did I put my goggles...? [Please find your goggles] ... and your TP - grab your gift.

August 28, 2012


Grimm Brothers Meets 2012 Hunt, like so many other hunts,
 is wrapping up at the end of the month. 
This "linen" set includes a tank and comes
 in two colour choices. 
Enjoy the end of summer.

mesh shirt and pants: [dirty.little.secret]  GBM2012  "swing and store gum"

Hints and locations are in a notecard at the start at Bees Heaven

Fashion Voodoo Revisited

The Fashion Voodoo (FV), hosted by Depraved Nation, still runs till August 30th, 2012. Enough reason to take another look at the exclusive new releases available. 

Here's your taxi to the official landing point! Use area search to find the individual stores!

Baroque Style

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The Collabor88's one year anniversary is this month with many participants from the past year returning for the celebration. The theme for August is Baroque. Being a fan of Baroque style, of course I had to go see it. The sale has ended, and now you pick up these items at the main Tableau Vivant store. 

On Him:
Pants: Tableau Vivant Shiny Pants - Black [mesh] (188L)
Shirt, Vest, Collar, Cumberbun: The Black Canary Congruent Truths (300L) 
Gloves: KU ::KU::_InuSS_CM* Gloves gothic (free)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek Riding Boots - Black (520L)
Hair: A&Y Aeon hair - White (250L)
Eyeliner: Tableau Vivant Vincent Make up 13 White (80L)

On Her:
Top: Glam Affair Dorota Shirt - Baroque [mesh] (188L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors orchid nightfall large bright [mesh]  (free)
Pants: Tableau Vivant Gatsby pants black (150L)
Shoes: Lapointe and BastChild "Elise" Ankle & Knee Boot PATENT BL (499L)
Hair: TuTys DOG DAY wicker hat and hair black (edited) (free)
Gloves: Curious Kitties *C:K* Simple Black Gloves (free)

Set: Michigans Shack 'Dance With Me'  Gothic Dance Floor (past 60 Liden Weekend) (60L)
Backdrop skyline: Venexia

August 27, 2012

Menstuff (5) revisited*

Hurry Up ~ Menstuff-Hunt ends in one week ;) ~ [ 3. September ]
~ * Hunt Hints - Menstuff Site * ~
Outfit : SWAK DeSIGNS ~ Menstuff Hunt Gift #56
Jewellery : The Jewellery Exchange** ~ Menstuff Hunt Gift #81
* Outfit : ***  FA CREATIONS *** ~ Menstuff Hunt Gift #138
* Beard : Jaryth's Barber Shop ~ Menstuff Hunt Gift #114
Watch : Dahlinks ~ Menstuff Hunt Gift #19
* Glasses : ShadZ Eyewear ~ Menstuff Hunt Gift #13
* Mesh Jacket : ::MORTALITY:: ~ Menstuff Hunt Gift #140 

{ * blogged before by Dymytry Cavalieri Arrow too, i think i saw both :) }

August 26, 2012

Stylish Bathrobes from ALB Dream Fashion

“He was enjoying a relaxing pipe in his favourite armchair near the fireplace when a strange noise made him jump up ...” 

Wearing the newly released bathrobe from ALB Dream Fashion and the bronze boots from sf design (which are on sale only tomorrow, Monday, for a mere 25 L$).

Premium Membership 50% off, Sale: -Myself- store 25 L$ - 50 L$

Until August 31st, the cost of a Premium quarterly upgrade is lowered 50%. That gives you 3 months of a Linden home (or 512 square meter mainland plot), and 300 L$ to spend each week for 3 months. There is also a 1,000 L$ sign up bonus after 45 days.

Please Note: For people living outside the USA, VAT (Value Added Tax) might be added to the price shown on the picture above. Plus: The discount will be applied to the first quarterly billing cycle only, and all future charges will be at the regular Premium price; price will return to USD 22.50, excluding VAT where applicable

There is a sale going on right now at the -Myself- marketplace. You can scoop up tank-tops, shirts, and pullover sweaters. All clothes from 25 L$ to 50 L$ for 2 weeks.

A Polo Shirt In All Colours From SF Design

SF Design just released a polo shirt which offers you a choice of seven preset colours. Plus, you can tint the white version all other colours you like, all by a simple click on the colouring HUD. The set also includes two different designs: plain and hooped.

So, what are you waiting for? This is definitely a must-have in everybody's mesh wardrobe and for a mere 150 L$ a very affordable one on top!

August 25, 2012

MENstuff Hunting Down Under

You should really check out the latest skin/shape/hair release from REDGRAVE if you haven't done so yet. It'll be worth your while, wink! Click here for your taxi!

Summer Olympics vs Menstuff

* Hunt Hints - Menstuff Site * ~ .... and the Winner is....
Outfit : Island Swimwear ~ Menstuff Hunt Gift #87
Pose : :: Focus Poses :: ~ Menstuff Hunt Gift #99
Olympic Gold medal : *bbqq*-2012 London  Olympic  Games- Gold medal [GROUP GIFT}
Tattoos : mine

August 24, 2012

Where's The Fish?

+grasp+ released their new “Loose style shirts” in 7 colours/designs. The t-shirt offers a choice of 6 colours/designs. The casual off-the-shoulder look fits nicely with the “Cargo sarrouel shorts” +grasp+ released a short while ago.

50 L$ Limited Shoe Sale @ DECO

DECO is offering its customers the chance to stock up on their boots and sneakers for a price you can only call a steal. So, don't miss out on this opportunity and get yourself some
  • MESH Classic Sneaks (4 colours available),
  • MESH Harness Boots (4 colours available) and
  • MESH Rivet Boots (3 colours available)
or whatever other pair of footwear suits your tastes. Enjoy! 

Btw: I'm showing you some other nice new releases together with my new MESH Classic Sneaks (black) on the picture. Check them out, too!

( => click here for the details and how to get your free hair!)

August 23, 2012

New Casual Blazers & Chinos @ EPICOSITY

It is again an epic release that EPICOSITY offers to its customers: Both, Chinos and closed blazers, come in 9 different colours. The blazers include a wear-alone and a wear-with-shirt option. The shirts can be retextured via pop-up menu to any of 15 colours. This makes for an amazing 9x9x15=1,215 different colour combinations if you buy their Pudgy Packs (= fat packs).

On the picture I show you two colour versions of the pants and blazers-with-shirt options (left & right) and one with the wear-alone blazer in combination with a t-shirt and glasses from LikeA (center) from my inventory.

August 22, 2012

Stop there

Stop there and go to see [AdN] store Midnight Mania , they are changed almost every day...

Outfit (Tank, Pants, Fingertape, Headphones, Bracelets, Armbands, Gun thigh belt, Boots) - [AdN] -
BRUTAL outfit (Midnight Mania Rotating prize)

Skull-n-Bones / Blake Sea Treasure Hunt

(click to enlarge)
Aarrrr ya scurvy dogs, pillage soon fer The Skull-n-Bones: The Pirate Hunt 2 be endin' August 25.

Don't ye rest neither ye "Gentlemen of Fortune." Grab ye Hud compass and set sail to The Great Blake Sea Treasure Hunt! Thar be grand treasures randomly dropped, and no limit how long the treasures be out. Aarrr!

On Pirate:
Skin, Eyes and Shape: Tellaq KaneBaker (1,900L)
Eyeliner: CL NINE CL9v2l_HeadEyeline01C(bk) (free)
Outfit: KastleRock :KR: Treasure Cove - Male (Skull-n-Bones: Pirate Hunt2 #1) (1L)
Necklace and earrings: Chaos Panic and Disorder Doubloon Set (Skull-n-Bones: Pirate Hunt2 #63) (1L)
Ring: Iron Tiger ~IT~ Pirate Mate's Blade Ring (Skull-n-Bones: Pirate Hunt2 #72) (1L)
Sword:  Camilla's Captain Morgan (Skull-n-Bones: Pirate Hunt2 #120) (1L)

On Captured Maiden:
Hair: Ali&Ali Alison Hair Mahagonay promolight brown, strawberry blonde (free)
Gown: Deviance Deviance-DFTP (in-store hunt) (free)
Jewelry: Virtual Impressions Rosemary Jewelry (group gift) (free)
Skin: Heaven's Gate Neo Michelle Skin goth light (lucky board) (free)
Tears: Miss Murder ::MM:: Tears Collection (15L)
Pose: Fianna Idora E3D Diorama- Kneeling Shackled (10L)

Location: Blackspot Shipyard
(click to enlarge)
On Black Caesar
1700s. Black Caesar, according to traditional accounts, was a prominent African tribal war chieftain. Widely known for his "huge size, immense strength, and keen intelligence," he evaded capture from many different slave traders. Caesar was finally captured, but escaped into Florida Keys and began a life of piracy. For nearly a decade, he raided shipping from the Florida Keys and later served as one of Captain Blackbeard's chief lieutenants aboard the Queen Anne's Revenge. Caesar's Rock, one of three islands located north of Key Largo, is the present-day site of his original headquarters and named in his honor.

Skin, Eyes and Shape: Tellaq Candy (2,000L)
Outfit: Avatar Bizarre AB Pirate Captain (Skull-n-Bones: Pirate Hunt2 #11) (1L)
Prop: Ruby Skins Pegleg and Pipe (Skull-n-Bones: Pirate Hunt2 #80) (1L)

On Red Lady Veronica
1500s. One of the most cunning pirates of the sixteenth century who never revealed her identity. She commonly disguised herself as a singer or an entertainer to be brought on ships and once the crew ever advance on her or leave her by herself she would take her disguise off having a top, pants and her weapons underneath. She would then immediately kill all aboard the ship and sail to sea.

Hair: Buttercups Chocolate Kaydee Hair (25L)
Skin: Heaven's Gate Neo First anniversary gift Skin Saya (group gift) (free)
Hat: LNL Pirate Hat Female (1L)
Eyepatch: Nefer Avro Eye Patch Skull Crossbones- Small ( 10L)
Coat: + NK + Pirate coat (100L)
Outfit: Camilla's Lady Morgan (Skull-n-Bones: Pirate Hunt2 #120) (1L)
Poses: Focus Poses Focus Poses Model Set 22 (1L)

Location: Blackspot Shipyard
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Enjoying La Dolce Vita in SL

Ciccia Bergamasco, owner of INNUENDO Italian Style, has released a series of summer outfits for men which are perfect for outings to the beach, taking a sailing trip or enjoying la dolce vita sipping your Latte Macchiato in a street café. Their colours are inspired by the four elements: air, water, fire and earth, and they each include a pair of shoes.

On the picture I'm showing you the two versions Water (left) and Fire! The pants and over-the-shoulder sweater are mesh items, the layered t-shirt comes with a prim bottom. 

Btw: The Fire outfit (*FUOCO*) is on sale right now for only 55 L$. Be sure to buy it from the promo vendor and not the regular vendor and don't forget to join the group first.

( => click here to continue reading [and for details on how to get your free hair])

* Midnight Mania Board of the DAY *

MM LIMITED EDITION ~ Blue Shirt from **INNUENDO* ~ classy :) ~ *Join the Group* ( free )



Delirium style - Exile

Delirium style is breaking some records this week by releasing several new designs .. one of them ... If you like to find the perfect hair, check exile out, nice store and great stuff (not free) 

Outfit :Delirium - DS Kent : Pants - boots - shirt - denim shirt mesh
Hair : Exile : Pulse
Make-up : Madrid Solo - Castoff

Group gift at 22769

If you haven't got your group gift yet ... get it now ... its still beachtime ...

Emo At The Beach

Using mostly gifts from the MENstuff Hunt to create today's look. Enjoy!

August 21, 2012

Red for Perly

pants, mesh sweater/shirt: Jen Fashion  Touched by Perly Hunt #1
shoes: [Love Re Me] Lucky Board


*Bike-Tour with my wife*  :)
Jacket : ::ISA:: Promotional Leather Jackets ~ only Mesh Jacket or Jacket w/shirt ~ male, female ( free ) 
LEFT Pose : Diesel Works - August2012 Gift ( free )

August 20, 2012

Exploring The Gallery Gift Shop

Art can be dangerous, you know! You always run the risk of it making you think. Better draw the blinds and let down the shutters. It's safer, trust me!

Night and Day

Disco Fever 
Hair, Mesh Pants, Shirt: ~Shadow Moon Past and Future Hunt
Shoes: Gabriel  Group Gift

Mesh Shirt: nMn Designs Past and Future Hunt

Limited Sale @ Gabriel & SF Design

You can buy this short sleeved summer shirt for 99 L$ from Gabriel @ their three day sale ending August 22nd, 8am SLT.

To get the cool jeans shorts you need to be faster. They are available for 25 L$ only today as Monday Mania Sales Item @ SF Design. The clue: The package contains both a mesh and a regular version with prim cuffs.

I smell coffee, yay!
( => click here for the details and more pictures!)

More Group Gift

Another outift by Hipnose...
Outfit (Jacket, Pants and Scarf) - Hipnose - Group Gift (Free)

Legal Insanity @ Sydney Fashion Week

Legal Insanity released 6 aloha shorts @ the Sydney Fashion Week. I combined one of them with one of their previously released Jimi shirts.

August 19, 2012

Weekend Sale @ [ hoorenbeek ]

[ hoorenbeek ] released its new Mesh Brooklyn Leather Jackets and - as an introductory offer - has them on sale for L$ 200 this weekend only!!

August 18, 2012

New Mesh College Baseball Jackets Released

Crickets released a series of 3 College Baseball Jackets which you can buy as a complete set together with a pair of mesh pants and low rise mesh boots for only 99 L$ each (limited introductory offer). Each of the mesh jackets come in two versions – with and without logos/print. 

Crickets Mesh College Baseball Jacket without logos/print.

"Menstuff Prom Night"

Prom is calling :) ~ * Hunt Hints - Menstuff Site
Outfit : sf design ~ Menstuff Hunt Gift #72

August 17, 2012


New Freebie Bloggers wanted to join the team here at Fashion + Freebies for Men.

We are looking for 1 - 2 people that want to share male hunt items, freebies, group gifts and other fashion items they find during their SL travels with the rest of us.

Click here for Details + Requirements!