May 31, 2013

World Goth Fair: The Scarlet Rebellion

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: The Scarlet Rebellion rescued Little Black Hood from the Deathheads who were busy incinerating everything in the cave. She was brought before the Rebellion leaders.  "I am Scarlet, this is Wrath, and Maximilian. We are delighted you have come to us. You are our hope, our messenge in a bottle. Please understand we are desperate people. We are not so different from you. We are your sisters, brothers, wives, husbands, daughters and sons. This place is not a paradise, it is a prison. We have done nothing to deserve this punishment. The mushroom you consumed was watered with powerful blood of our noble elder Maximilian. Wrath dropped it in the human world while on a scouting mission. We are the reason you are here. You are now both Human and Dark. Unlike everyone else, you may freely enter and exit Cursed at will. We will safely take you to the gates of Cursed. We ask for your forgiveness, and please tell the human world about us who are the lost and forgotten."

Hurry! World Goth Fair is ending June 1st, noon SL. Go enjoy the music, get great gothic items, and help raise money for S.o.p.h.i.e. For more information go to:

On the left, I am wearing a cool shortie cape. I love the collar on this. If you want it on sale at the Collabor88 price, run get it fast! Comes in several colors. The pants by Fruk are also on sale. Normally they are 350L but you can get the red and blue ones for 70L, and the Men's Department has a purple one too. The wild Goblin King-like style hair by La La Moon. Jewelry is by Chaos Panic and Disorder at World Goth Fair, and these cool spooky eyes by Stringer Mausoleum. The skin is from the demon series by Tableau Vivant. The boots are rigged mesh by Jilroxy. Another fantastic pose by the F*cking Ninjas. (I hope there are more multi-poses in the future!) On the other side of the image I get to show you more items from the World Goth Fair thanks to the magic of post-editing. Tricky! lol The jacket is at WGF from Dark Water Designs. Jewelry by Chaos, Panic, and Disorder. The pants are a fantastic deep red color that I love. Yes! These came in handy! Laced up boots by Lassitude & Ennui. The shoulder length long layers hair by Dura looks cool from the back too. In the middle, Fulli is wearing the Project Alice hair Ivy which is an exclusive at the WGF. This outfit by Sakide looks very cool! Perfect club wear for aspiring succubus. lol. Little Bat Sally Skin is in the gacha at the fair. Horns by Half-Deer. Cyber boots by A&Y. This beautiful and rich red furniture from Senzafine I love! And it works great with the Urban Gothic cityscape by The Nawty Box. Infact, I will be living here for awhile. *loves*  ......Wheow.... Done!  I hope you all enjoyed my coverage of the World Goth Fair, showing you things for the guys, some for the girls, and wrapping it all up in a storyline. The story is fanciful, but also has message that relates the goal of S.O.P.H.I.E. (stamp out prejudice, hatred, and intolerance everywhere.) Until next year! This happy bat signing off.

On Him left, Deathhead Scout Wrath:
Cape: Tableau Vivant Merrick cape - light (Collabor88) [mesh](188L)Sale
Pants: Fruk BioTech pants - red (Dressing Room Fusion) [mesh](70L)Sale
Cuffs: Chaos, Panic, and Disorder The Elegant Bat, Men (World Goth Fair)(99L)
Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Hypno Eye L.E. Rebis (World Goth Fair)(65L)
Hair: La La Moon Assault Rain - ash silver (325L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Damon v.h (990L)
Boots: JilRoxy Grid Walker Boots [mesh](750L)
Pose: F*cking Ninjas *FN* Blood Harvesters (50L)

On Her, Rebellion Leader Scarlet:
Top, Shorts, armwarmers: Sakide Inkubus Outfit Crimson [mesh](World Goth Fair)(200L)
Horns: Half-Deer Necromancer's Horns (World Goth Fair)(325L)
Hair: Alice Project Ivy, Exculsive [mesh](World Goth Fair)(250L)
Skin: The Little Bat TLB Sally Skins, gacha (World Goth Fair)(20L)
Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Hypno Eye L.E. Rebis (World Goth Fair)(65L)
Boots: A&Y Deuz Boots Metallic - red (650L)

On Him right, Noble Elder Maximilian:
Coat: Dark Water Designs Men's Red Skully Trench, Exclusive [mesh](World Goth Fair)(200L)
Ring, Chocker: Chaos, Panic, and Disorder The Elegant Bat, Men (World Goth Fair)(99L)
Ring: Chaos, Panic, and Disorder Blood Garnet Ring, gacha Men (World Goth Fair)(10L)
Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Hypno Eye L.E. Rebis (World Goth Fair)(65L)
Pants: The Little Bat Rocker Pants - red (World Goth Fair)(30L)
Boots: Lassitude & Ennui Wanderlust - black [mesh](280L)
Hair: Dura Dura-Boy 14 - black (120L)

Skybox: The Nawty Box Post Modern Vamp, Gothic Urban cityscape (World Goth Fair)(749L)
Chair, Table, Lamp, Screen, Rug: Senzafine Evendim Seating Set Crimson, Exclusive [mesh](World Goth Fair)(975L)
Thanks for your help, Fulli!

Last Day Of The 100 Block Event

After getting the last exclusive items I wanted from The 100 Block Event and some new releases from fi*Friday, we spent the afternoon slacking on a bench in a dark back alley. 


Sorry, Ma'am, I really couldn't tell you where to find the club that you are looking for.” 

May 30, 2013

Black and White

Black and White Cat Hunt until Jun. 20th ... Hints and Locations.
Shirt and Pants - SEXY 4 LESS - BWCH  #39 ( L$ 5) 

[Room69] Event To Open Soon

Have you heard of the [Room69] Event yet? If not, take a trip over to their shop on June 1st and check out the lovely items from some of the best designers across the grid. 

This event will be running from the 1st till the 20th of every month. Each time the shop will be restocked with exciting new items. The items will be priced no higher than 69 L$! How great is that?! 

Look of the day ... Sys, energie, posesion, EB atelier, Madrid solo

Sys design participated in mens fashion week in two shows. And i was glad that i could work with the design brought by two talented designers. If you want to look different, special and want to stand out ... this is one look to go for.

Outfit :
Jacket - [sYs] HOTH Coat (M) - black
Bodysuit - [sYs] ORION bodysuit
Chin jewel - [sYs] DEUS - chin jewel
Belt - [sYs] ALCANE - belt M (white)
shoes - Energie Pink High Jumpers
socks - EB Atelier -Mesh_Socks Top Left - Dark Grey
make up - Madrid Solo- Male Designs- Nanography
hair - Dura -  **Dura-Emo**04(Pink x Black)
Pose :*PosESioN*-*PosESioN* Simple Wo

MAY Group-Gift

NEW May Group-Gift from VERO MODERO

female Mesh Outfit : VERO MODERO /  Female Group Gift May 2013 ( free ) 
male Mesh Outfit : VERO MODERO /  Male Group Gift May 2013 ( free )

May 29, 2013

World Goth Fair: The Spooky Kids

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: The denizens of Cursed swirled around Little Black Hood. She noticed two kids popping something glowing in their mouths. Being an aspiring cook, she was curious to know what it was. As she got closer, she noticed the delicious smell was exactly like her new secret ingredient! The girl tilted her head and grinned at her. "You want some?" The girl suddenly grabbed her hand, and two strange teens lead her down to the entrance of a cave. Scary looking soldiers in red were guarding it. "No, over here. This way!" The boy tugged on her and pointed to a hidden opening. When she landed inside, she gasped. The cave was a marvel bioluminescent plants and animals. "We don't know what the Scarlet Rebellion is up to, but damn these mushrooms are good!" The boy stole a few and tucked them into his backpack. The girl leaned in close, her strange eyes sparking with mischief. "The rumor is these mushrooms are fertilized with the Blood of the Ancients." Suddenly gunfire erupted into the cavern. "Oh shit! Run!" A bullet whizzed past her. Little Black ran deeper into the cave until she heard no more sounds and it was completely black. Now what would she do?

Check out these Official Band Shirt gachas! Fair end June 1st Sl noon. Get them all!
Officially Licensed Goth Band shirts, Mens and Womens, Port Seraphine, Exclusive (40L)
Officially Licensed Goth Band shirts, Mens and Womens, Cursed, Exclusive (40L)

In the top image, I have several Collectables shown including the now famous 35 Officially Licensed Goth Band T-shirts. World Goth Fair organizers contacted each bands to get their permission. Unlike all the bootleg band items out there, these shirts are the real deal! On the back of the shirts is the S.o.p.h.i.e logo. Each spin at the gacha will cost 40L. All money from sales is donated to S.o.p.h.i.e the Sophie Lancaster Foundation. You have to get these! And if you don't know the bands, just give them a search on Youtube! You may like what you hear! Two of the rares I try to get are Voltaire and You Shriek. So if you get one of those in mens, you can send me an IM in world and make me cry. lol

I am holding one of the two Awesome Oceania Angler plushies. Who doesn't love this lovely lady of the deep? So cute! On the shoulder of Ms Fulli is the limited edition Gaia Crimson Night. (All you FF fans need to check that out!) The pants I am wearing are by Forsaken and they are a super good fit! It's so rare you get truely great fitting pants, and these have wicked bats on them too. The rings and bracelets are freebies from Inspired Designs. The WGD hat and slippers are gachas from LooLoo. And Necklace by The Little Bat. The backpack and earrings are by Squeek!  They are lot of fun! And next door is Blackeri with some great free guyliners. Fulli is wearing the cute Spooky Kid style with dress by DK, and Leggings by Dark Water Design in the gacha. Her Burn necklace and ring are by House of Rain.

World Goth Fair is ending June 1st, noon SL. Go enjoy the music, get great gothic items, and help raise money for S.o.p.h.i.e. For more information go to:  Below I made quick links of where all the freebies are located.

On Him, The Spooky Kid:
Shirt: Club Gothika WGF2013 Official Band Shirt Pretentious, Moi? [mesh](World Goth Fair)(40L)
Eyeliner: Blackeri Guyliner W/Shadow (World Goth Fair)(free)
Necklace: The Little Bat Cabochon Necklace/Green (World Goth Fair)(50L)
Pants: Forsaken Swarm Jeans [mesh](World Goth Fair) (250L)
Plushie: Oceania "Love the Dark" Anglerfish Collectible Plushie, Exclusive [mesh](World Goth Fair)(500L)
Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Hypno Eye L.E. Solartee (World Goth Fair)(65L)
Rings: InSpired Designs Nightstalker Rings Amethyst (World Goth Fair)(free)
Backpack: Squeek! Bat backpack- purple (World Goth Fair)(350L)
Earrings: Squeek! Bat earrings purple, gacha (World Goth Fair)(25L)
Shoes: LooLoo WGF Slipper ~Bruise, gacha (World Goth Fair)(10L)
Hat: LooLoo WGF Festival Hat Purple (World Goth Fair)(20L)(50L)
Pose: Orc (PM) Vamp 4 (World Goth Fair)(45L)
Hair: Truth Maddy - crow (past sale)
Skin: Kooqla Gray (mr.Frost) (past, Group gift)

Spooky Kid Girl:
Dress: DK Lillabeth, Exclusive (World Goth Fair)(400L)
Skin: Fearycat Design IceAge (World Goth Fair)(750L)
Eyes: The Stringer Mausoleum Hypno Eye L.E. Rebis (World Goth Fair)(65L)
Leggings: Dark Water Designs Skully leggings, gacha (World Goth Fair)(25L)
Necklace: House of Rain Burn Chocker (World Goth Fair)(250L)
Ring: House of Rain Burn Ring gacha (World Goth Fair)(50L)
Pet: Gaia Crimson Night, Exclusive (World Goth Fair)(500L)
Pose: Orc (PM) Vamp 5 (World Goth Fair)(45L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Trish Hair - Whites Pack [mesh](250L)
Shoe: G Field *GF* Flower Pumps "Rosette" black (180L)

For Guys:
InSpired Designs Nightstalker Rings (free)
Blackeri 3 Guyliner tattoos (free)
Unrepentant [UN] Top Hat - Full Perm Mesh Kit (free)
The Stringer Mausoleum Limited Edition Hypno Eye Sample (10L)

For Girls:
House of Rain December necklace (free)
House of Rain December earrings (free)
The Little Bat !TLB - Sophie Pumps (free)
Beautiful Freaks 3 eyeshadows, Port Seraphine (free)
Beautiful Freaks 3 eyeshadows, Cursed (free)
Orc Inc Look at my awesome nails 5 poses (free)
Sn@tch Jewlery Gift (free)
InSpired Designs Nails (free)
Blackeri Bloody Grey Bunny (free)
Evie's Closet Halloween dress (free)

Gone Jogging

Obviously, she said “No!” when I sugggested to go running on the beach since she didn't want to take her new boots from Xplosion off! Evil as I am, I dragged her along anyway, lol! 

Look of the day ... Evolve, Clef de peau, Posesion

Its sleeping time ... after my hot shower i jumped into the Reignology coat from EVOLVE for a relaxing night. For those that wonder why i look so different, for mens fashion week Clef de peau released this shape and skin called simon. 

Outfit : Evole - Reignology Green coat / green beanie
skin + shape : Clef de peau : Simon shaved + Simon shape
pose : Posesion mister 10

MAY Group-Gift

"Green" May Group-Gift from Delirium Style

Outfit : D-Style - Kenneth Green MAI groupgift ( free, Group-Fee 99 L$ ) 

May 28, 2013

New Mesh From [ hoorenbeek ] And Some Gifts

[ hoorenbeek ]'s new mesh hoodies offer an amazing amount of wear options: You can

  • wear them alone (open or closed with long or rolled-up sleeves),
  • wear them under a jacket and/or
  • wear something under them, too, like a t-shirt.

Go check them out!

Finally Relaxing

After so many posts this week, we decided to really take it easy for a change and slack off: No wolfs, no sharks, no chickens this time, lol. Here's what that gets you: 

New Swimwear From SF Design And R3VOLT

The day started nice and quiet on our little raft in the middle of the blue lagoon ... 

Look of the day ... Flow

With the summer season coming, flow brought out some new swimming trunks. And i can tell you ... guys you will look hot in them and they are available in different colours.

Flow : flow . Asto Remy Swimming Trunks 70's - 10

Dancing The Night Away …

in a new colour variation of the 3 piece suit and accessories from Kauna. All parts can be bought separately and matched at random. There's an amazing amount of designs and colours to choose from. Enjoy! 

World Goth Fair: The Spyder Web

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: High above the reveling crowds of World Goth Fair, Viscountess Spyder straightened her back. "What's wrong?" her husband asked. "I'm not sure." Her brow knitted together as she stretched out her senses along her nearly invisible web. Her threads were spun throughout the eternally dark city. If anything was amiss, she would be the first to know. "A human girl. Among the population. I'm sure of it now." Viscount Spyder scoffed, "That's impossible. I sense nothing. Do not worry, come sit." He padded an open spot for her on the lounge. "No human can enter Cursed."

I'm feeling a little bit Gomez Addams in this brocade and pinstripe Shadowdancing suit by Inspired Designs. The outfit comes with matching shoes and top hat. This wonderful gothic umbrella is one of several designs you can win from Gacha Carousel at Cursed. The fuzzy Cheshire chair is by Nawty Box and it is indeed nawty. Mrs Spyder is wearing an outfit by MV that comes with flexi skirt, mesh corset, neck corset, top, pants, gloves, and Lola Tango applier. The setting of this picture is taken inside The Temple by Nacht. The roof is large purple stain glass rosetta, and the outside has gothic arches and spires. For the outside view, I made panoramic from the Venexia sim. There's still time to head down to World Goth Fair, enjoy the music, get great gothic items, and help raise money for S.o.p.h.i.e. For more information go to: Fair ends May 31st, noon SL.

On Him, Viscount Spyder:
Tux, Hat, Shoes: Inspired Designs Shadowdancing Gents - Nightshade [mesh](World Goth Fair)(300L)
Umbrella: Souzou Eien Pretty Goth Umbrella Black Widow, gacha [mesh](World Goth Fair)(75L)
Hair: Dura **Dura-Boy**04 -black (100L)
Gloves: FATEwear Gloves - Dextor [mesh] (300L)

On Her, Viscountess Spyder:
Outfit: MV Hallows Sophie Rose, Exclusive [mesh](World Goth Fair)(225L)
Skin: The Plastik -WGF- Rapture Skin (World Goth Fair)(1099L)
Eyes: Beautiful Freaks Chloral Eyes- haunted purple [mesh](World Goth Fair)(75L)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Kiki Hair - Blacks Pack [mesh](250L)

Prop: The Nawty Box Cheshire Tantra Chair Adult, Exclusive (World Goth Fair)(299L)
Set: by Nacht The Temple, Exclusive (World Goth Fair)(600L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

May 27, 2013

The Story of Little Pink Riding Hood & Wolfie

CUT! CUT! CUT! Ok, guys, this won't work. We are rehearsing a horror flick here and not a romance story!”

Look of the day ... Diesel Works, *Birth*, **INNUENDO*, Mr. C and DSD Bags

For mens fashion week i walked for several designers. One of them was Innuendo style and Mr C. Innuendo is releasing there summer collection soon and will be having a fashion show with AIM agency in june. So keep all posted on the great designs. if you are looking for a little piece of Belgium in secondlife, visit the Brussels grand place ... lots of things to do there.

Pose : Diesel works - Diesel works Turk 2
Skin : *BIRTH* Vince Skin (darktone) - Poseidon
Outfit : Innuendo - *Roby* By Innuendo Italian style (Shoes - mesh pants - mesh jacket - shirt - sunglasses)
Hair : Mr C - Mr. C / Wild
Briefcase : DSD Bags - Briefcase (Black)

May 26, 2013

Its NEW from Bubble's Designs

*The Journey* 

The Light found me...
Outfit : NEW ~ Bubble's Designs-MAD ( 250 L$ ) 

Cool Guy in the City....( " Shopping ? " )
Outfit : NEW ~ Bubble's Designs-ALEJANDRO ( 250 L$ )

No Luck For Chicken

“Look Callie, I just bought this, and we have a pool, too!”

Saturday Night Surprise

First I thought we were going to hang out …

May 25, 2013

Look of the day ... Dot-Be Martino

The New Male outfit Martino is in store. You will have the choise between 4 different pants textures and with each pants comes a mesh blazer with shirt. That shirt texture you can change into 7 different designs with a Hud. You can find the new outfit at the men's department of the store. If you are looking for that different look that is special and makes you stand out. The Martino outfit is something for you. (300L$)

May 24, 2013

When The Model Shoots Back

Today's blog pictures were taken by Callie. You can see my version on my Flickr! Enjoy!

Slowly he came closer ...

Shopping versus Basketball

Debating on how to spend the weekend. Not sure I want to get out of my comfy sweats but she's starting to get the look, lol.

Look of the day ... Delirium Style and Del May

If you are looking for a sports look this outfit from deliriumstyle gives you just that look. Combine it with any sneakers and go and play ball !

Pose : Del May - Dm never
Outfit : Delirium style - D-Style - Matz
(hat - hoodie - mesh pants - sweater black shear)
Shoes : Delirium style  - D-style - Michael

49L Sale For Dudes May ~ ( Part II )

Only 2 Days ~ The current round of the 49L Sale For Dudes ends May 26th 9:00 PM SLT. 
***  List of Stores and LMs  *** 

So if you want the cool stuff .... Hurry up !   :)

Outfit : -20- G&D The Italian Style ~ Mesh Johnny outfit Camo

Shoes : -3- XIAJ / Supras 

Shirt : -10- D R O P ~ VIntage Tee (Black) ~ or in Gray ~ 
Pants  : -5- AMERICAN BAZAAR ~ [AB] MESH Dereck Pants Charcoal

( all pictures ) = Pose 1 and 9 = 
Pose : - 15- *PosESioN* ~ Pop Art Set ~  
( *PosESioN* Animation Vendor = Set count with 11 Poses, 49L each )

New From ! R3VOLT !

! R3VOLT ! not only released a plethora of items for ladies but also a few new clothes for us guys. Here's a first impression: 

Pssst, don't move! I hear something!” (Yves' Version)
( => click here for more details!)

May 23, 2013

New From LAVAROCK CREATIONS, Kosh & Boss Tattoo

LAVAROCK CREATIONS just released two cool jeans which come in two versions – with and without cuffs – each. Also, another pair of sneakers by Rerty, some great new inks from .:Boss Tattoo:., a new pose set released by *agapee* and a new necklace from Kosh.

New From SHIKI

Bring some colour into your life with these new releases from SHIKI

Look of the day ... 22769 in MOH and Dieselworks

If you are looking for quality mesh for free ... 22769 has got a great gift in the Men only hunt

Pose : Dieselworks -  Dieselworks gabriel 11
outfit : 22769 - Cargo shorts / tank top - MOH gift

May 22, 2013

* Free Stuff, Sale For Dudes and a NEW Shape *

49L Sale For Dudes ~ May ~ List of Stores and LMs
The sale starts from May 18th to May 26th 9:00 PM SLT

Shape : -14- [Markelshapes - Kastor 49LSFD] May Edition ( 49 L$ ) 
Hair : [COLORS] ~ FreeC AshBlack ~ ( free ) 
Tank : .ru tank top ( free ) 
Pants : .ru Grey/Red Jogging Pants ( free )

Shape : ~ NEW ~ [Markelshapes - Irkus ] Premium ( not free ) 
Skin : -NIVARO- Adam Skin - summertone - ( not free ) 
Hair : [COLORS] GIFT DarkBrown ( free ) 
Sweater : [NL] ~ N0-LIMITZ~ Sweater mesh No limitz ( free )

** Angel of Metal **

... It's Time To Ride ...

( left ) Jacket : .:Angel of Metal:. Biker Jacket Male ( 200 L$ ) 

Jeans : .:Angel of Metal:. Skinny Jeans Black Male ( 200 L$ ) 

( right ) Jacket : .:Angel of Metal:. Slikpnot Jacket Male ( 180 L$ ) 

Boots : (74) ~ MOH3 ~ Latreia ( free ) 
[ for the Hunt = * LMs and Hints * ~ Hunt Object = Guitar * ]

May 21, 2013

World Goth Fair: Cursed

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE:  Little Red Hood was a happy girl who she loved to cook. She experimented with new spices and exotic vegetables to her grandmother's delight. Tuesday night was their special time together. Little Red Hood looked forward to their meeting all week. She was especially proud of her newest creation, it was so delicious! She was skipping and humming a happy tune when tragedy struck.

Happy World Goth Day gang! Woohoo! For details on where to go and what to do for World Goth Day, scroll down to the bottom on the post. While you are listening to some inspired gothic tunes, I will tell you a little more about the image above. I wear a fantastic free mesh bat demon avatar from the BareRose raffle. Fulli is wearing the Little Red Riding Hood by RokumeikaN. This outfit comes with a picnic basket, fruits, detachable hood, cape, collar, and apron.  You can add the apples and strawberries to the apron and it triggers a hold pose. It's adorable. All proceeds from the sale of Little Red Riding Hood at World Goth Fair go to the Sophie Lancaster Foundation.

On Her, Little Red Hood:
Dress, Cape, Hood, Collar, Basket: RokumeikaN Little Red Riding Hood Limited Exclusive [mesh] (World Goth Fair) (350L)
Hair: TuTy's Tamara retro hairstyle - Platinum (160 L)
Shoes: Curious Kitties *CK* Lolita princess boots [mesh] (295L)
Pose: F*ckingNinjas Bringing the Light Pose + gathering lights (50L)

On Him, Deathhead Hunter:
Avatar: Barerose Bat Demon (raffle) [mesh] (free)

Location: Insilico Hydroponic Gardens

(click to enlarge)
STORYLINE: Most people believe the Deathheads Hunters are noble warriors tirelessly protecting humans from Darks. But what they don't realize is Deathheads themselves are Dark. They turned their passion for the hunt into hunting any of their own kind that don't follow their political agenda. So whether you like it or not, guilty or newly turned, if you are Dark they will pluck you away from your friends and family, never to be seen again. ... Little Red Hood desperately pleaded her innocence to Kaiser Kruel, the leader of the Deathheads. She tried to keep the Deathhead moths from landing on her, but it was too late. Kaiser scoffed, "There is no such thing as a spontaneous case of Dark. Dark you are, and dark you will stay. Welcome to Cursed."

Ha ha fun! Little Red is now Little Black! The basket now has bones, a skull, brains, and other toxic looking things. I love it! So twisted. As for my outfit, I am wearing the Bliensen + MaiTai Deathhead moths. My evil vamp eyes are from Avatar Bizarre. The exaggerated hallow cheeks and pursed lips are by Pin Me Down. The hair I got during the Truth sale. Truth has moved to new location and the store looks very nice. New link below. This great mesh fur coat is so much fun. It's at Curio Obscura gacha sale, and the cigarette holder is also on sale at The Seashole, but hurry, the store is closing. You can't see them too well in this picture, but I wearing cat claw rings by Glitz. They look cool with the cigarette holder animation. Evil Bossman is styling in new skin Nathan tone 9 by Tabeau Vivant. The mesh suit is by Barerose and it allows for tinting which is how I got nice smokey browns. *blows clove cigarette smoke at you* lol

On Her, Little Black Hood:
Dress, Cape, Hood, Collar, Basket: RokumeikaN Little Black Riding Hood Limited (World Goth Fair) (350L)
Hair: TuTy's Tamara retro hairstyle - Black (160 L)
Pose: F*ckingNinjas Nature pose (50L)

On Him, Deathhead Kaiser Kruel:
Collar: Bliensen + MaiTai Goth Moth - for men [mesh] (World Goth Fair)(299L)
Accessory: Bliensen + MaiTai Goth Moth - Hair Accessory [mesh] (World Goth Fair)(249L)
Eyes: Avatar Bizarre Haunted Mansion Greens fatpack [mesh] (World Goth Fair)(250L)
Makeup: Pin Me Down Tili in black, Cheeks, Lips Exclusive (World Goth Fair)(64L)
Coat: Curio Obscura Luxurious Fur Coat Black [mesh] (50L) Sale until May 26th
Cigarette holder: The Seahole Parisian Cigarette & Holder - Clove - Pearl (50l) Sale until May 31at
Jacket, Vest: BareRose Black Tuxedo T3 (tinted) [mesh] (190L)
Nails: Glitz ClawRings-Tiger Claws for Him (155L)
Hair: Truth Vera Streaked - Snow (250L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Nathan - tone 9 (990L)

Location: World Goth Fair, Port Seraphine
Thanks for your help Fulli!

Get your Goth on and head down to Club Gothika at Cursed for 14 hours of fantastic gothic music, contests, and prizes, prizes, prizes! The DJs entertaining you are real life gothic DJs from England and NYC. Weeee! All proceeds go to benefit the Sophie Lancaster Foundation (Stamp Out Prejudice Hatred and Intolerance) 

10am - noon SL:  DJ Rydia Suicide - BEST in CYBER
noon - 2pm SL: DJ Cruel Britannia - BEST in BLACK
2 - 4pm SL: DJ Acerose Razor - BEST in VAMPIRE
4 - 6pm SL: Dj Sredni Eel - BEST in PUNK/WAVE
6 - 8pm SL: DJ Pie Zipper - BEST in RED
8 - 10pm SL: DJ Lokii Violet - BEST in DEAD
10 - Midnight SL: DJ BronxElf - BEST in GOTH

Stuck at work? No goth clubs where you live? Can't make it to the inworld party? Don't worry! Just tap  into the live streaming music from Club Gothika for your Winamp or iTunes:

For more information on the World Goth Fair go to:  World Goth Day: SecondLife


New Freebie Bloggers wanted to join the team here at Fashion + Freebies for Men.

We are looking for 1 - 2 people that want to share male hunt items, freebies, group gifts and other fashion items they find during their SL travels with the rest of us.

Click here for Details + Requirements!