December 31, 2013

Happy New Year!

Last minute shoppers for a tux to wear to tonight's parties should go to Kauna to buy their freshly released new tuxedo. It comes in multiple colours but I decided to show you the classic version. Have a good start into 2014, everybody! Cheers!

Wishing you all the best for 2014!

Hope you all have fun bringing in the new year, pictured below is a great free tuxedo!
Also featured is the rave new skin Judas from 7 Deadly s{K}ins 

skin: 7 Deadly s{K}ins Judas body 1 tone 3, body 3 tone 3 shown (not free)
hair: REDGRAVE Tyler - Dark- (not free)
eyes: KMADD EYES_NATURE ~ Aqualibrium - (not free)
tuxedo: SF Design comes complete with shoes FREE!

outfit: REDGRAVE Cargo Mike - mesh (not free)
sandals: SF Design (older hunt gift - no longer available)
skin: Judas body 1 tone 4, body 3 tone 4 shown

December 30, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!

For my last post of this year i want thank you all that follow my post for keep an eye on my work, and of course want to thank you to all the designers than was enough generous to sponsor me. Hope you all a great New Year 2014 and i wish you keep liking what i do.

Skin, Eyebrows & Hair : Tableu Vivant - Happy Holidays! 2013 (Group Gift)
(Inlcude 4 Skins in different tones & Hair in Fatpack with HUD colours)
Eyes : InkHeart - Celestial Eyes- Hope (Group Gift)
Outfit : C&N Designs (Group Gift)

Cap & Hair : +Grasp+ - Leopard Studded Cap (Group Gift)
Beard :  .:EMO-tions:.  - *BRADLEY Beart* FATPACK (NOT FREE)
Eyes :  InkHeart - Celestial Eyes- Mahogany (9L$ at Marketplace)
Outfit : [SAS MESH] - Cosmo Group Gift (Cosmopolitan Sales Room Group Gift)
Sneakers : *Zanzo* - Meiji Restoration Hi-Tops (Group Gift)

December 29, 2013

Quickie before bed

jeans and t-shirt: IMPULSE MAIN STORE lucky board prizes
hair: [Underscore Hair] Freedom realistic brown L$250
boots: ::SZD:: combat boots (group gift)

Weekend Sale @ [ hoorenbeek ]

Today you can buy [ hoorenbeek ]'s newly released Mesh Scout Boots for a 200 L$ introductory price each colour (or 600 L$ the fatpack). They are materials viewer ready and I used the mixed lights version for this shot with my Firestorm viewer v4.4.2.

I combined the boots with a pair of [ hoorenbeek ]'s Original Mesh Jeans and their Mesh Tyler Jackets. These leather jackets are one of their latest releases and materials viewer ready as well (again using the mixed lights version for the picture). 

I am showing you also another version of the newly released Leaf Skin from Labyrinth. 

All dressed up and no where to go...

Pictured below is a great mesh suit from FireBird Designs comes complete with formal shoes, suit pants, jacket with color change shirts and tie. A fantastic bargain, all for only L$375

Also pictured below, Nikolai hair (realistic browns shown) from [Underscore Hair] comes with color change hud L$250

 HUDS for shirts and tie

HUD for hair

December 27, 2013

Perfect Looks for the Last Day of the Year

To begin this post i want to show you the New Releases of [VM] Vero Modero, a perfect tux to go to that gala parties this special night. A good casual look of + 8 Fashion + and a great underwear of Artemis Creations

Left Complete Outfit : [VM] Vero Modero - Tux Suit Red (NOT FREE)
Middle Complete Outfit : [VM] Vero Modero - Tux Suit Gold (NOT FREE)
Right Complete Outfit :  [VM] Vero Modero - Tux Suit Black (NOT FREE)

Left Complete Outfit : + 8 Fashion + - Mesh Mal Outfit Sean - Brown (NOT FREE)
Middle Complete Outfit : + 8 Fashion + - Mesh Mal Outfit Sean - Blue (NOT FREE)
Right Complete Outfit : + 8 Fashion + - Mesh Mal Outfit Sean - Grey (NOT FREE)

Underwear : Artemis Creations - Pokemon Underwear Fatpack (NOT FREE)
Skin,Eyes,Eyebrows & Santa Hat : + 8 DESIGNE + - Christmas Male (Group Gift)

Sweaters, Sweaters, Sweaters

Xmas may be over but no reason not to get any gifts. Flow (center picture) offers a set of 3 sweaters to its group members and all who are willing to join their group for a small fee. Chop Zuey also still offers their 14 advent calendar gifts to group members although this one is a bit more expensive to join.

As far as the regular releases in this post are concerned: Orion (on the left) and sf design (on the right) each just released a set of cool winter sweaters that are available in multiple colours. Be sure to check them out just as the low-rise pants from ::LikeA:: which were released a while ago.

December 26, 2013

Christmas Gifts!

Santa visited StormCrow Design's and left 5 presents! hint- you are looking for little snowmen ;)
p.s. he also left 5 presents for girls as well.
 shown above-mesh blue jeans, mesh flannel shirt w/t-shirt and Oak boots in brown.

 shown above-mesh pants and blazer, Oak boots in black.

 shown above-black leather pants, black chucks, and loose mesh shirt Ape with headphones.

shown above-loose mesh shirt Life is Short.

skin: Mr.Bloch - Danny old group gift (previously blogged)
hair: *Drot* Vincent (L$200)

December 24, 2013

Merry Christmas!

For all of you still looking for a nice Xmas prezzie, here's a selection of complete outfits +grasp+ offers for a limited time. Happy Holidays!

Under the xmas tree

Tonight all the kids around the world are going to sleep soon to wake up and find them gifts under the xmas tree, i never was a good kid so i'm still up and collecting some gifts for you all, hope you like it, is my way to wish you a Happy Xmas

Left Outfit : +Grasp+ - Reindeer Suit (Group Gift)
Hat + Hair : BLACK MARIA - X'mas Hair (Hud with Red,Black &  Green for hat) (FREE)
Right Jacket : *INNUENDO* - Male December (1L$ Group Gift)
Right Necklace & Earring : .:EMO-tions:.  - *Dragon* (Gifs 23 & 24 Boys FREE)
Right Boots : VG Shoes - MOTO BLACK (I received a 250L$ Giftcard for be in the subscribeo and i bought this boots)

Left Hair : .:EMO-tions:.  - *Steve* (Gifs 7 Boys FREE)
Left Jacket : + 8 fashion + - Crhistmas Gift (Group Gift)
Right Hair : .:EMO-tions:.  - *Weak* (Gifs 18 Boys FREE)
Right Suit : **Bonetto Style** - Natale Suit (Shoes not included) (Group Gift)

December 23, 2013

New From Kal Rau

Kal Rau just released a new "Jacket with Hoodie and Tee Combination". You can wear the jacket alone, just with the tee or all three items together, each part being texture-changeable via HUD. Be sure to check it out.

December 21, 2013

New From [R3Volt]/Free Mr.Bloch Skin

I don't have any idea for your write-up,” my muse said to me stomping her little foot on the floor. “Just get this frigging post done. You are three days late, already!” Well, here it is folks, enjoy!

[[[[NOISE]]]] & Lumiere at Street Sale and Emotions Advent Calender

You all already know i blog the Street Sale items of this two brands every week and today i want to show you them mixed with some of the items of the Advent Calender of .:EMO-tions:., don't let them go cuz you will have 1 gift per day for guy, including hairs, tattoos & jewels till December 24th.

Left Hair : .:EMO-tions:. - *Sandy* Naturals (Gift 1 FREE)
Left T-Shirt : [[[[NOISE]]]] - Nerd is the new sexy Tee (50L$ at Street Sale)
Right T- Shirt : Lumiere - Jonne (50L$ at Street Sale)
Right Hair : .:EMO-tions:.  - *Jackson* (Gift 2 Boys FREE)

Hair : .:EMO-tions:. - *Byron* (Gift 4 Boys FREE)
Tattoo : .:EMO-tions:. - Body Tribal Black (Gift 15 Boys FREE)
Necklace : .:EMO-tions:. - *Ultra* Necklace (Gift 5 Boys FREE)
Earring : .:EMO-tions:. - Romeo (Gift 3 Boys FREE)
Armband : .:EMO-tions:. - *Forever Yours* (Gift 12 FREE)
Boxers : Reliquia - Lickable for Him (Candy Cane 5 Hunt Prize 1L$)

Hair : .:EMO-tions:. - *Solo* Hair + Hat Black (Gift 11 Boys FREE)
Tattoo : .:EMO-tions:. - From Dusk Til Dawn (Gift 20 Boys FREE)
Earring : .:EMO-tions:. - *Bruce* Earring (Gift 16 Boys FREE)
Necklace : .:EMO-tions:. - *Lost* Necklace (Gift 9 Boys FREE)

December 20, 2013

The Magical Glitter & Sparkles Hunt

Latly i was kinda busy and without time to do hunts, but i did this one and want to show this items from The Magical Glitter & Sparkles Hunt, are perfect for this season and hunt run till December 24th.

Hair : Alli&Ali Designs - Rock Hair Ash Blonde (TMG&SH Prize)
Left Up : .::Sour Cherry::. - Santa Baby (TMG&SH Prize)
Left Down : (LIME) - Black Twinkle Sweater (TMG&SH Prize)
Right Up : Country Charms - Glitter Green Ho Ho! (TMG&SH Prize)
Right Down : (LIME) - Twinkle Sweater (TMG&SH Prize)

High Chucks : Artemis Creations - Christmas Hight Chucks (TMG&SH Prize)

December 19, 2013

(RED)Sand Inc, Grumble, EMO-tions, +8 Fashion+ & Mankey Ferret New Releases

Next week begin xmas holidays for most of us, and we all thinking in what we go to wear in that parties, how we want to look in our dates, at least i do, heheheh, here want to show you the New Releases of this great brands, i'm sure you will find there all you need to look awesome ;)

Hair : .:EMO-tions:. - Brian (NOT FREE)
Complete Outfit : (RED)Sand Inc - Complete Outfit BENTLEY(NOT FREE)
(Come with the 2 style pants and shirt HUD with 10 shirt textures,watch & boots)

Left Coat : Grumble - Men's Pea Coat- Charcoal Skulls (Exclusive at FROST Fair) (NOT FREE)
Right Coat : + 8 Fashion + - Man's short coat gray (NOT FREE)
Right Hair :  .:EMO-tions:. - Skip a Beat Large (NOT FREE)

Left Boots : Grumble - Mesh Flame Boots-Rust (Exclusive at FROST Fair) (NOT FREE)
Right Boots : Mankey Ferret - Mesh Mens Lace Boots Black (NOT FREE)

December 17, 2013

Missing New Pants

Since less pants than tops are being released in SL, it's difficult to show you a new pair every post. Therefore, I decided to wear my boxers from flow, their latest release. 

ZEITGEIST,Lumiere & WoM at Cosmopolitan Sales Room

Cosmopolitan Sales Room continue with great offers for guys as allways, remember this round end next weekend so don't loose your time and enjoy the shopping with amazing prices.

Left T-Shirt : ZEITGEIST - Xmas Darth! (Group Gift in Cosmopolitan Sales Room)
Right Jacket : Lumiere - Cardigan Navy (70L$ in Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

Hair : BLACKMARIA - Freehair Black (FREE)
Eyes : Poetic Colors - Christmas Tale (Come in Mesh & Prim 3 sizes dark and bright) (FREE)
Face Tattoo : RAW HOUSE - Kill Count Tears Tattoo (FREE)

Left T-Shirt & Cap : #WOM* - Mario (Come Tucked / Untucked) (70L$ in Cosmopolitan Sales Room)
Right T-Shirt & Cap :  #WOM* - Luigi (Come Tucked / Untucked)(70L$ in Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

HO HO HO-ing Around

santa outfit: (SP) comes with hat, boots, gloves, pants & shirt – free on Marketplace
hair: (SP) Jesse – L$99 (black shown)
tattoo: :::Wicked Tattoos::: Born Evil – L$295

December 15, 2013

Ronsem, Meli Imako, Ikon and more

In marketplace are really nice offers. I like to show today a classic style with a vest and shirt from Meli Imako. Looks really great with a hat from Ronsem.

hat / Ronsem / 2ยบ anniversary gift / mesh /group gift / 0L
vest and shirt / Meli Imako / Men's double vest with shirt / marketplace / mesh / 0L
eyes / Ikon / spectral eyes / leonine xs/ group gift / 0L
necklace/ Finesmith / subscribe gift / Mechanic necklace men / 0L
pose and eyesliner  / SA (Stearling Astirtry) / gift / 0L

Gothmas by Gaslight 2013 & Dark Water Designs

The Gothmas by Gaslight 2013 event starts today @ 12pm SL time. It's a 2 sim Holiday Shopping and Gacha Festival running from December 15 - January 5.
Below are some great mesh outfits (pants included) from Dark Water Designs. All available HERE

 Tokyo Dreams - Black Jacket (L$200)

 Tokyo Dreams - Decayed Jacket (L$100)

 Tokyo Dreams - Oxydized Jacket (L$200)

 Tokyo Dreams - Red Jacket (L$200)

 Tokyo Dreams - Teal Jacket (L$200)
hair: [COLORS] - FREE D (previously blogged by )
eyes: POETIC - Christmas Tale - free (previously blogged by )
skin: Mr.Bloch - Danny Tone 06 - group gift (previously blogged by

[[[[NOISE]]]] at Street Sale and Cosmopolitan Sales Room

[[[[NOISE]]]] is allways offering us real good stuff for guys, and who don't like can got them in offert, well here all the last offers of this great store and some frees i'm sure you will love it. 

Left T-shirt : [[[[NOISE]]]] - WTF Tee Fat Pack (Come in Black,White & Grey) (50L$ in Street Sale)
Right Hair : BLACKMARIA - Freehair Black (FREE)
Right Eyes : Poetic Colors - Christmas Tale (Come in Mesh & Prim 3 sizes dark and bright) (FREE)
Right Face Tattoo : RAW HOUSE - Kill Count Tears Tattoo (FREE)

Left Vest & Shirt : [[[[NOISE]]]] -  Knit Vest & Red Shirt (65L$ in Cosmopolitan Sales Room)
Right Up Vest & Shirt : [[[[NOISE]]]] -  DenimVest & White Shirt (65L$ in Cosmopolitan Sales Room)
Right Down Vest & Shirt : [[[[NOISE]]]] -  Knit Vest & White Shirt (65L$ in Cosmopolitan Sales Room)

December 14, 2013

The Guitar Man

"He can make you love, he can make you cry
He will bring you down, then he'll get you high
Somethin' keeps him goin', miles and miles a day
To find another place to play.

From: Bread – The Guitar Man (1972)

It's the most wonderful time of the year

Happy Saturday everyone, I hope everyone is out having fun doing taking part in all the wonderful hunts and festivities! Here are a few things I came across recently...

jacket & scarf: :ENNA: - Longjacket Christmas Edition - lucky board prize
boots: :ENNA: - Mesh Boots Christmas Edition - lucky board prize
pants & suspenders: D-STYLE - Nerd Pants Plaid - Advent gift

 skin & shape: ::JSTYLE:: - EROS - group gift
eyes: Poetic Colors - Christmas Tale - freebie
hair: REDGRAVE - Tyler - not free
 jacket: =KOKANE= - Christmas Gift - group

 sleeveless t-shirt: **Guarded Cross** - Santa Skull in red and black - free on marketplace

skin & eyes: + 8 DESIGNE +   - Christmas group gift


New Freebie Bloggers wanted to join the team here at Fashion + Freebies for Men.

We are looking for 1 - 2 people that want to share male hunt items, freebies, group gifts and other fashion items they find during their SL travels with the rest of us.

Click here for Details + Requirements!