December 31, 2012

Down Into The Well

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His plan was fool proof. Take his date to The Well, a popular make-out spot deep in the woods, and with the help of a few "bumps-in-the-night" she would be scared into his eager arms. Things were going great too, until one of the "bumps-in-the-night" suddenly spoke! It was child's voice begging to be saved. A child fell into the well?

If you love interactive SL horror adventures as much as I do, run go do Loki Eliot's "The Well." It's closing soon. It cost 25L to get the hud. It takes roughly one hour to complete. There are four possible routes, and a prize at the end. Have fun, and uh, turn up the sound.  Booowahahaahaahahaa!

UPDATE: Loki says The Well will come down this week, and version 2.0 will be back for Halloween next year. Yay!

On Him:
Hair: Tableau Vivant Ewing hair - male Red 4 [mesh]
Skin: Tableau Vivant Hybrid (group gift, 50L to join)(free)
Shirt: Death Row Designs Male Fun Tanks (hud to change messages and color) [mesh](200L)
Boots: Death Row Designs DRD platform boots (hud to change textures and color) [mesh](189L)
Shades: Salon de GLOW -Poker Face- sunglass silver (group gift)(free)
Nose Stud: Chop Zuey Nose Diamond WG/Blk (group gift, 350L to join)(free)
Necklace: Chop Zuey Libra Necklace (group gift, 350L to join)(free)
Neck chain: Exquisite Jewelry Uptown Man's Chain Necklace Black (Womenstuff hunt)(free)
Nose Piercings: Phoebe Piercings *P* Facial Piercing U2 ~8 Metals~ (1L)
Lip Piercings: Phoebe Piercings *P* Facial Piercing U1 ~8 Metals~ (1L)
Lipstick: Glamorize Tango Lips Fatpack - Noir (22L)
Eyeliner: CL-NINE CL9v2l_HeadEyeline01C(bk)(free)
Gloves: SAKIDE Ribbon Gloves Black /w Nails, gacha (20L)
Pant: Lapointe & Bastchild "Evolution" Selene  PVC Black Pants (499L)
Belt: SEY :sey RJK2 Studded belt=black= (250L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors nightfall - night mood [mesh] (100L)
Pose 1: F*cking Ninjas *FN* Stash the Body (50L)
Pose 2: F*cking Ninjas *FN* Candy Cane Man + Candy Cane (edited) (Candy Cane 4 Hunt)(free)

On Her:
Hair: Syndel Daviau .::S::. Khan Hair - Colors 2 [mesh] (260L)
Jacket, Gloves, Socks, Shoes: Death Row Designs drd purple haze v 2 full outfit (99L)
Shirt, Skirt:  Death Row Designs drd Dark Beauty full outfit (99L)
Pose: F*cking Ninjas FN* Fond Memories (50L)


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Happy New Year!

Busy looking for the best party! CU there, guys!

*** Happy New Year [2] ***

This decoration is from *Wicked Garden* ~ Home & Garden Shopping ~
*Awesome deco with Single Poses, Couple Poses or Just Friends :)

*** Happy New Year from Nico and Family ***

Happy New Year Deco : *Wicked Garden* Happy New Year 2013 ( not free )
right Tuxedo : SHIKI-Tux outfit LEVANA holiday ( free Group-Gift )

Madrid solo ... chop zuey gifts

Earrings - Chop zuey gift - Escape from manila earrings (womenstuff hunt gift !)
Make up - Madrid solo - End of the world Eyeliner & tat (gift)

Let's Go!

The classic. 
I love this shawl collar tux from SF Design. 
It's been around forever. It looks great. 
It's free!

Why wait 'til you're drunk? Wear your lampshade to the party!

Hangover outfit #1
Feeling rough.

Hangover outfit #2
Feeling a little better.

Tux: SF Design at Mimi's Choice
Shoes: Haysurzia Group Gift (just in case you haven't got these yet)

Shirt: Giulia Design Group Gift
Pants: ALB Group Gift

Beard: Nivaro New In 2013 Hunt #16
Blue Shirt: .ru  marketplace
Pink Shirt: Guarded Cross Free Tee Walls

Sweater: .:SS:. Group Gift
Skin: Akeruka  Group Gift

Cheers! Salut!
and all the best for
Two Thousand and Lucky Thirteen!

Another casual look

Well if you want to create a casual look you will never go wrong to mix and match some items.
The new BMC jacket and the new shoes from latreia combined with the july groups gift of gizza the new atro patena hair and some chop zuey jewel gifs you get this look ...

hair : [Atro Patena] - Rome_black - gift subscriber (click the subscriber in store)
Jacket : BMC - BMC Gangsta Jacket (not free)
Pants + Belt : GIZZA - July group gift male
Shoes : Latreia - Jerren Black (not free)
Belly ring : Chop zuey - Chop Zuey Gift Xmas2 Men Non FinalJudgment belly ring
Ring : Chop Zuey - Chop Zuey Gift Non Men Margherita Ring

Gizza formal look ...

For my formal look at my graduation show i did wear this wonderfull new tuxedo of gizza. On top of this, this outfit is now in promo 50% off so hurry and get it now ... Its a very complete outfit where you can choise between black or white for the jacket, shirt and bowtie.If you want to look great, sexy, adorable for your next date, this is the outfit!! (not free)

Hair : /Wasabi Pills/ Morgan Mesh Hair - Blacks Pack
Suit : GizzA - TUXEDO [Cream - Black]

Delirium style ... Steve

This outfit is a great casual look for the bit warmer days that will come after the winter.

Outfit : Delirium Style - DS Steve - jeans - hoodie sweater - t shirt - sneaker (not free)

Atro patena ...

Face Piercing : Phoebe piercing and more - *P* Unisex Face Piercings Q5 ~8 Metals & 11 Gems~ - 70L
Hair : [Atro Patena] - Ethan_black (not free)

Delirium style .... Oliver ...

This outfit comes with 3 colour turtleneck sweaters white - black - grey. If you are looking for an outfit that will keep you warm when you go on a shoppingtrip or a walk this complete new outfit from delirium style just does this.

Outfit : Delirium Style - DS Oliver - jeans - turtleneck white - boots (not free)
Hair : [Atro Patena] - [Atro Patena] - Ethan_black (not free)

Delirium Style Milad

Delirium style brings always classy outfits. This new outfit is great for your casual look and walk to go shopping. (not free)

Outfit : Delirium Style - Ds Milad - boots - jeans - mesh jacket
Hair : [atro patena] - [atro patena]- Jack_black

Gizza .... Promo ... hurry up

This casual outfit from Gizza is 50% off so hurry up. I did present this outfit for my graduation show and yes wow, i really liked it. The hair with the headphones accented the casual look.

Outfit : Gizza : GizzA - Casual Suit [Black] (not free)
Hair : [^.^Ayashi^.^] Reiko-black set with headphones - (not free)

December 30, 2012

Gifts, Cheapies & Turtlenecks

Turtleneck sweaters are the latest rage in mesh clothes. *Soulglitter* released a set of two plain and four printed ones. I'm showing you my two favourite printed versions. Another of the printed ones, the "I❤ my girlfriend" Turtleneck, is a dollarbie but comes with a caveat emptor : The girlfriend is NOT included in this offer! LOL! 

*** Happy New Year ***

Some Cool Outfits for Christmas or for a "Happy New Year Event"  :)
*Yasum Calender Gifts still there ~ HERE the LM * ( wear your Group-Tag ~ Group is free )
Tuxedo : SHEY - Senza Mesh Tuxedo Set Black ( only 99 L$ ~ Limited Time )
Tuxedo : sf design celebration tuxedo ~ Group-Gift ( free ~ Group-Fee 100 L$ )
Mesh Business Suit : Yasum*Christmas Calender* 24**MERRY CHRISTMAS**2012 ( free )
Non-Mesh Suit : Yasum*Christmas Calender* 24**MERRY CHRISTMAS**2012 ( free )

December 29, 2012

Happy 2013

Happy New Year pose by Diesel Works Poses (Free)

Renaissance Hunt

Renaissance Hunt Until Dec. 31th, hurry up to pick your gifts ...
Complete Outfit: Suki´s Silken Fashion - TRH2 #29 (Free)

What's Been Happening?

Busy days. Been collecting all the cool gifts my colleagues blogged lately, bought some of the new mesh turtleneck sweaters just released by [ hoorenbeek ] which btw. are on sale this weekend (more on those when I have the rest of my outfit put together) and I was working on my new look. So here goes:

He is hoping that 2013 will bring back some colour into his life, lol.

Wrap Up

Thinking , thinking , thinking.

About a New Year's resolution.



Sweater: Ronsem  Group Gift

Jeans: LWL - With Love Hunt  "Each bough doth hold its tiny light, 
                                                      That makes each toy to sparkle bright."


Sweater: ~Cysleek - Instore Mini Hunt check the candy canes

December 28, 2012

News Report: Group Gifts and Freebies 8

(click to enlarge)
1: Fallen Gods Christmas gifts (free)
2: Yasum Designs Two advent for the 24th outfits male and female. [mesh] (group gift) free)
3: Champagne Sparkling Couture Xmas Gift (free)
4: Reila Skins Xmas Group Gift male, Halloween male (200L to join)
5: Belleza 2012 Xmas group gift, Ashton Group Gift, Jacob Group gift (250L to join)
6: RONSEM – Holiday Sweater [mesh] (group gift)(free)
7: Zpr // Accessories for the body Finger Gloves (free)
8: POSEOLOGY Starting out pose (free)
9: LikeA T-shirt with sunglasses [mesh] (group gift)(free)

Holiday Season [4]

The next GROUP Holiday Gifts from Rispetto Designs ~ Christmas Gifts (9-12)
Wear your Group-Tag :) 

( All, in one Box ~ Gifts 11 and 12 are Couple-Poses )
Skin : -Belleza- Tan Xmas gift ~ Group-Gift ~ ( free but Group-Fee 250 L$ )
( only ) Jacket : Rispetto Designs - Moda II MESH Jacket - Teal ( free but Group-Fee 50 L$ )
Jeans : Rispetto Designs - Grinza MESH Cuffed/Straight Jeans - DK Graze

December 27, 2012

More Gifts

Two gifts, a Sim Gift and a Lucky Chair gift...

Jackets - Pine Valley Resort -  (Free)
 Tank and boxer - ::ZED::  Lucky Chair (Free)

December 25, 2012

New Tuxedos From Lapointe & Bastchild – Take 2

For all who like it a bit more colourful Lapointe & Bastchild (L&B) have released two special versions of their Modern Black Open Tuxedo. One is letting you play on the aquamarine/teal/violet shades, the other on the reddish side of the colour spectre.

The HUDs on these ones are differently constructed: You still get to choose between 4 lapel styles, 4 pants tones, 4 vest colours and 4 designs for your tie and breast pocket handkerchief respectively. But: You also have 4 shirt colours to select from. As this increases the number of possible combinations many times over, L&B helps the undecided and lets them choose between 4 pre-made looks with one click of the mouse.

New Tuxedos From Lapointe & Bastchild – Take 1

Just in time for Xmas Lapointe&Bastchild (L&B) have released a Mesh version of their "Modern Black Open Tuxedo". It comes in three basic versions depending on what vest colours you decide on: silver grey, reddish or cream coloured.

The tuxedo itself is very easy to wear: Once you decide on your size you just need to put on one alpha, one top and one pants plus the HUD if you want to change any of the colours. You get to choose between 4 lapel designs, 4 pants styles, 4 vest tones and also 4 colours for your tie and breast pocket handkerchief respectively.

December 23, 2012

News Report: Group Gifts and Freebies 7

(click to enlarge)
Gentlemen, Start Your Engines.... While the girls have been shopping for Christmas all month, maybe even as far back as October, we true sportsmen know when Christmas shopping is SUPPOSED to happen, the night before!  It's more fun that way. Like a game. A race to snatch stuff before time's up. We dont really believe in over-thinking things, just go with a gut instinct, (and whatever is available). Here in SecondLife, we can practice our fine craft without getting stuck in traffic or chased down by perfume snippers in the malls. The goodies are free. We teleport, click, and BOOM! Done. Merry Christmas to all!

*raises a glass of eggnog in salute to the Last Minute Shoppers*

So my fellow Racers, here's a quick guide for your mad yuletide smash-and-grab:

1: Chop Zuey - Advent 13. Group membership required. 350L to join. 4 non-member bonus gifts for guys too. (free)
2: KittycatS - Advent 24. No membership required. (free)
3: Yasum Design - Advent 24. Group membership required (free)
      Note: The Avents above have all days up to Dec 24th available
4: Alli&Alli Joseph Hair Snow, voting gift (free)
5: Tableau Vivant Hybrid Skin (group gift, free) 50L to join, Lowrise sporty pants (free)
6: DOLLCOCO *DC*_Gift_AlbertLapin, Mesh rabbit avatar [mesh](free)
7: Energy Legal Insanity - Energy Club Bad Santa azure, Energie - FootWear Xmas Gift (group gift, free)
8: ROM 2012 Xmas GG, Rudolph nose and antlers (free)
9: Theater Chain Who are you? pose (RMK Gothic Frost Fair)(free)

Winter Scene

Some hunt stuff from the same store, two complete outfits and a snow scenario by ~Shadow Moon~. See the hints on the HINT GIVER at the store ...
Outfit + Sled - Shadow Moon - WMH#63 (Winter Memories Hunt, until Dec. 31)
Winter Scenario - Shadow Moon - RITSH#16 (Rollin in the Snow Hunt, until Jan. 12)
Outfit - Shadow Moon - CCH #21 (Christmas Cheer Hunt until - Dec. 26th)

Heads-Up: This Is ALB's Prezzie For Xmas Eve

Don't forget to click their Advent Calendar tomorrow (Dec. 24th) for this great gift!

Merry Xmas From +GRASP+

If you are still looking for a Xmas gift for yourself, your girlfriend or a buddy, head over to +grasp+. They offer, for a limited time only, some of their latest releases as specially priced Xmas editions. You get the jackets and pants with the same (colouring) options via HUD as in the regular sets. 

I am showing you the two packages for guys plus a newly released necklace of theirs. Merry Xmas!

( => click here for more details!)

Gothicatz ...

I don't want a lot for Christmas .... There's just one thing I need .. I don't care about the presents Underneath the Christmas tree ... I just want you for my own ... More than you could ever know Make my wish come true ... All I want for Christmas is... You

This outfit from Gothicatz is just perfect to make a gothic xmas outfit. The bag gives out free gifts that you can adjust so you can put your own gifts in it.

Outfit : GothiCatz - >>GothiCatz<< Titan (not free)
make up : Fricka Morgath - {Frick} Nemesis Eye Makeup (not free)
bag : FallnAngel Creations - FallnHolidayBagBlack (not free)

Hey Winter

"Hey Winter - its Christmas" :)

* Wishing you all a Merry Christmas, Frohe Weihnachten, Buon Natale and Feliz Navidad *
Beanie : <kal rau> Mesh Beanie Group-Gift ~ [ change colour = HUD ] ~ ( free )
Gloves : FATEwear ~ Holiday Gift Bag ~ George ~ NEW Subscribe Gift
Scarf : FATEwear ~ Holiday Gift Bag ~ Ron ~ NEW Subscribe Gift
[ in the Gift Bag are Socks too ~ not shown ]

*** Happy Holidays ***

Adventcalender ....

Xmas timeeeee ... decorations .... candy cane's and free gifts ....the adventcalender slowly is coming to an end, so be sure to get your gifts on time !!

Hoodie - 22769 ~ [christmas 2012] December 24 [homme]
Pants : [d.l.s.] :: 2012 Advent :: Dec.24 :: Red Stripe Vintage Pants
Boots : [dirty.little.secret] :: AL stars wellies ::

Gifts @ :: Delirium Style ::

Delirium Style has many Gifts for the Winter ~ Christmas Gifts ( 6 for male, 6 for female under the Tree ), 
2 free Boots from Latreia and 4 Outfits ( Group-Gifts ) for male. ~ Wear your Tag :) ~

All to find on the GROUND at the SIM

Outfit : D-Style - Christmas Brat Male ( Group-Gift December ) ( free, but Group-Fee 99 L$ )  
Outfit : D-Style - Male Winter ( Group-Gift December ) ( free )
Outfit : D-Style - Nataniel ( Group-Gift December ) ( free )

New in Delirium style

Christmas time is always so wonderfull. I went to the brussels grand place to visit the xmas market and to meet my friend in my new delirium outfit. Eventhough my legs were a little cold it always feel great to go to place thats close to me in reallife.

Outfit : Delirium Style - Benjamin (not free)

December 22, 2012

Jack Frost Wears EPICOSITY

Turning the world into a snowscape with his icy breath while looking for the next Apr├Ęs-Ski-Party.

New Coats From REDGRAVE

REDGRAVE released new Tweed coats right in time for Xmas. At 120 L$ for the 3-colour fatpack they are a steal, so give yourself a prezzie!


New Freebie Bloggers wanted to join the team here at Fashion + Freebies for Men.

We are looking for 1 - 2 people that want to share male hunt items, freebies, group gifts and other fashion items they find during their SL travels with the rest of us.

Click here for Details + Requirements!