October 31, 2012

New at delirium style

Delirium style brings out some great jeans outfits with mesh shirts for the fall and winter.

Ds talon : Jeans, mesh shirt, necklace and boots

Ds talon comes with a nice mesh shirt that gives you the casual great look with the perfect pants to match your outfit.
The stars on the pants in violet perfectly match the pink shirt.
The shirt is available in white, black, blue, grey, red, pink and superman.
I prefer the pink/purple colored one because it just gives you a better look then the plain colours.

Ds rick : ripped jeans, mesh half open shirt, boots with socks, necklace

Ds Rick a very rough looking outfit. The pants are ripped and look very good for urban city's. The black shirt has got a bikerstheme at the back and will make you look good in every rockclub there is.
The boots with the socks will keep you warm and your feet dry in the rainy days.

Ds Kim : jeans, mesh sweater and boots

Ds Kim, this oufit is a great casual outfit to go to the movies, theater, park, shopping or a daily job. The mesh sweater texture is so nicely done that this would be the shirt you would buy in rl. The pants and boots match just perfect with the outfit.

Are u ready for a walk in the parc or city?
I was ...

Location of the sims
(please do not disturb the roleplay going on and wear a tag that says you are a vistitor)

Happy Halloween!

Mixing and matching some Halloween goodies and special offers! Have a ghouly night, guys! 

The Cinema: A Star is Born

(click to enlarge)
When you're a reporter, sometimes the news breaks fast and there's no time to shave or even iron your shirt. The news waits for no one. So when I heard there's a hot new starlet in town for a big movie premier, I grabbed a hat and camera and zoomed out the door. But I was in for a shock. This hot new leading lady is not lady at all, she walks on all fours! She's an exotic animal, a Fennux. When I attempted to ask a few questions, she just jumped in my arms, purred, squeaked, and meeped. If only all stars were as cute and cuddly, my job would be so much easier.

The Cinema is an all mesh sim. Inside you can get free movie snacks, and journey through seven theaters in genres such as: SciFi, Romance, Horror, Film Noir, and XXX. All items on sale are new items created for the event from 80 different stores! I really wish this event lasted longer because October has been crazy busy for me. The Cinema tends to be crowded and laggy, so go in a low lag outfit. Cinema ends today. Run go check it out.

The limited edition 3D Fennux Grabber is free at the Cinema with group join. Go the Fennux sim to get the free Pick grabbers, collect all 5. I have been doing the beta of the fens. They are really cute. Public demo and dueling of Fennex will start the first of November. For more information, go to: Fennux.com

UPDATE: Public Beta of Fennux is now live. 11/5  Fennux.com

On Him:
Skin: ~Tableau Vivant~ Ryan - 8 AM- Skin and shape (Fair @ The Nest event) (600L)
Hair, Hat: :GAUGED: Fedora Brown (250L)
Eyes: *FTL* Dawn Eyes - Seiji (100L)
Camera: Tee*fy Vintage Brownie Camera : GrandpaOldCamera.RARE (past gacha, The Arcade)
Shirt: *Edelweiss* School-Line Shirts Mens [mesh] (250L)
Tie: *Edelweiss* School-Line NeckTie Mens - wine [mesh] (80L)
Pants: *Edelweiss* School-Line Pants Mens - darkgray plain [mesh] (150L)
Shoes: GABRIEL ::GB::Driving shoes BROWN [mesh] (free, groupgift)
Pet head: Fennux Grabber - 3D Polar (free, ends Oct 31)
Pet hand: Fennux Western, Private beta, phase 2 (free beta to pre-order customers)

The Cinema

New at Madrid solo and Dot-BE fashion

Madrid Solo brings you fantastic make up. This is one of them. The silver lets your eyes sparkle while the red and silver black on the lips gives you the lips you so want to kiss. The excellent details of this make up makes it one that can be worn by male and female. I did wear it for halloween because of its excellent colors choise and fitting to my outfit.

The necklace is a new release by Dot-be fashion and only limited available in grey, black and black&white. Its easy to resize since there is a resize script in it. The shiny metal gives that great effect that you all been waiting for. Its an unique piece created by Boniefacio, for people that want something to different.

Make up : Madrid Solo : Madrid Solo-Raven's Flight (not free)
Necklace : Dot-Be fashion : Dot-be necklace Eros Black  (not free)

Halloween party and free gifts

Uema is going to have her first halloween party saterday 3 november at 2pm SLT. Dot-be fashion is going to give gifts to all that is present and there will be prizes handed outfit for the best costume.
Sponsors for the evening are Dot-be fashion,Moondance boutique and VCB. The decor at the party is provided by the great groupsgift of Yasum designs.
  • Dj's of the night will be ... Dj Kathrin & Dj Boniefacio
  • 2-5pm slt
  • location UEMA party and gift (available on 3 nov at 2pm until 5pm slt)
  • location gift after party at Mode expo (available on 3 nov after 5pm slt until 24 nov !!)

Everyone is welcome ...

mark this day in your agenda and have a great party !!

** Portraits **

.:. Portraits of Vampires .:.

Hair : Halloween ~**DURA**~ gift hair ( For Mens ) ( free Group-Gift )
Eyes : Mayfly - Liquid Light Eyes (London Fog, FREE COLOR) ( free )
Facial Piercing : #43-B!BH-Phoebe ~ Piercings & more ~ The Spider ~ ( free )
B!BH-Boo! Bunny Hunt ~ Hunt-Item = Candy ~ ** Hunt Hints **
Hint : Necklaces

AKERUKA released 2 Vampire Skins for Halloween and *Group-Gifts for Men and Women* :) 
Skin : AKERUKA Godric Group Gift ( 1L$ ) ~ ( Group free in the moment )
Hair : *Dura-Boy28*(Black) ( not free )

New Group-Gift @ SF Design and Extra Hair
Skins : sf design halloween skin male ( with Hairbase or without ) ~ ( free, but Group-Fee 100 L$ )
Hair : sf design 'the count' hair ( not free )

Last Gifts for Halloween :)

*Free Gifts* ~ ( BIG Pumpkin ) for all @ SF Design 
In the Box are 4 Face-Paints, Eyes, a Ghostie Avatar and some other Gifts *

NEW Halloween Group-Gifts @ Essences ~ Muerto & Muerta - ( Skins )
bloody Mouth Tattoo, Eyes, Ghostie : sf design trick or treat gifts ( free for all )

Skin : {.essences.} Muerto Skin - October 2012 Group Gift ( free )

October 30, 2012

TOW event and more

"Tolerance is the only way"Fundraising events on behalf of Tolerance, Equality and Respect.
This wonderfull event brings designers from all over the grid together to show there best designs.
Outfit :

Jewels : Chop Zuey Couture jewellery - Gentle insanities (bracelet, shield, earrings, eyepiece) (not free)
Nails : Moondance Boutique - Male Diamond Stilleto's (not free)
Make up : Madrid Solo : Venom (june group gift)
Pants : BIOMECHANOID - Biomechanoid pants (not free)
Shoes : ::: Shelly Laufer : ::: Shelly Laufer Men's Leather Boots [AG Silver] ::: (not free)

Just Released by Death row Designs

Meet Eric! He would like to come to your Halloween party! Such a nice guy!

( => click here for details!)

New From EB Atelier

Visiting yet another Italian Designer I hadn't heard of before. Here's what I got:

A First Encounter With E-Clipse

E-Clipse has a released a really nice suit. It comes in three sizes and the blazer and shirt can be worn separately.

October 29, 2012

Flow ...

Even though summer is far off. We like to have some sunshine. The southern part of the world is getting summer so this release from flow fits right in. The mesh shirt has a colour and texture hud so its easy to get your own tast of shirt. The mesh swimtrunks are available in 15 different color/designs. A perfect outfit to go surfing while the bucket hat protects you from the sun.

Outfit : Flow
Swimtrunks (mesh)
T-shirts embau (mesh)
Bucket Hat

Surfboard with stand free - Mystical Desires (mod/copy)

Alli&Ali Halloween Hair Pumpkin Hunt

There are styles for men, women, elves, magicians, vampires, zombies, and a everyone to win. 
About 40 different prizes in total.
* Search and Touch the Pumpkins *

Hair : (HHH11) A&A Casanova Hair Light Bronze ( free )
Outfit : BlakOpal Hawkesworth Outfit - Brown ( free )

Hair : (HHH3) A&A Kousin Hair Dark Grey ( free )

Mini Hunt

Bare Rose Mini Treasure Hunt - Go there and that the note card with instructions...
Complete Outfit - Bare Rose - The Banshee (Free)

* No Drama * :)

Skins are from *The Boho Culture Fair* ~ October 15- October 31, 2012 ~ 
NEW Group-Gift from Crickets....
~ 2 Tank Tops, 2 Mesh Net Tank Tops, Destroyed Shorts, Boots with Socks ~

( left )
Skin : TBCF freebie for HIM 1 *Step inSide* ( 1L$ )
( right )
Skin : TBCF freebie for HIM 2 *Step inSide*
Outfit : Crickets "Nathan" Mesh Outfit ( free Group-Gift )

Halloween Burlesque

(click to enlarge)
Time for the sexier side of Halloween. Guerilla Burlesque's Halloween show is Wednesday Oct 31st at 11:45 pm SL. Be dazzled and amazed by the girl's clever costumes, concepts, stages, and live theater special effects. Come in your Halloween costume, but be low-lag and ready for live streaming music. The show is being held in a special Halloween theater that includes a cool haunted maze, very challenging. Can you find your way out? For more information go to: idlerogue.blogspot.com

For my outfit, I pieced together a look with "Halloween Burlesque" in mind. Included in the image are  two hunts I haven't mentioned before that have some goodies for the guys: DeadCool Fashion Event and tGk Stamp Rally. DeadCool's 13 Ghosts of Halloween Hunt is spread across the entire Halloween sim, and there is a second mini Haunted House Hunt for shoes. Many designers are all gathered in this one place for your Halloween shopping needs. For more information, go to: deadcoolhalloween.wordpress.com If you loved the Masks of Mystery Hunt at Gay Riveria, dont miss tGk Stamp Rally. The hunt is on the same sim as the adult Vitamen store. For more information and prize previews, go to tou-gen-kyo.blogspot.jp ...oh and one more thing. Why use a flying broom when you can whack your friends with a fighting broom instead? Check out this fun freebie at Tala's.

On Him:
Skin: Akeruka Godric Group Gift (group gift, 250L to join)(1L)
Hair: Dura *Dura* Group gift -Halloween 2012-DAR (group gift)(free)
Necklace, Ring: Chaos, Panic, Disorder *:CPD:*: Demon Lord Necklace (99L)
Nommy: Larnia Kids eyeball mouthie pink sparkle (Trick or Trick Event, ends Nov 2)(free)
Top: ++OHKUMA-YA Shoulderharness02_Belt (tGk Stamp Rally Prize, ends Oct 31, *Adult) (free)
Shorts: Maz Halloween Boyshorts (13 Ghosts of Halloween, Ghost # 10, ends Oct 31)(free)
Cane: The Black Canary ~*{TBC}*~ The Dandy (Silver/Gold) (125L)
Nails: Mandala !UNISEX [MANDALA]NAIL PALETTE 2/short (577L)
Stockings: RSK Designs Witches Outfit, spider stockings (25L)
Boots: Vika Design Brats Boots [mesh] (750L)
Pose: The Black Canary ~*{TBC}*~ Gackt Pose 10 (50L)

On Her:
Skin: Dark Midday Designs .::DMD Esther Skin (group gift)(free)
Hair: Ayashi Halloween Group Gift [mesh] (group gift)(free)
Eyes: [Gauze] Demon Greed, Smolder Eye glow (Resting Place #1 Gauze, ends Nov 18) (free)
Horns: .: Somina :. Rawr Horns (Resting Place #3 Somina, ends Nov 18) (free)
Makeup: [Gauze] Alagos - Eyes - Full (Resting Place #2 Gauze, ends Nov 18) (free)
Lips: DIENTES Tattoo Shop DIENTES* Sweet Bloody Lips PINK+RED (10L)
Outfit: Dark Midday Designs .::DMD Halloween Special Dress and Socks [mesh](group gift)(free)
Weapon: TALA's Fight Broom (free)
Nommy: Psychotic Neko I eat spiders (free)
Pose: AAA Poses Freebie-Katana-13-1 LD (2L)

Guerilla Burlesque, Halloween Theater Maze
Thanks for your help Fulli!

October 28, 2012

Hot Stuff

It's Monday Mania at SF Designs so drop on by to pick up this awesome suit. 
Go on, say the Devil made you do it!


The second round of FAIR runs until the 16th of November. FAIR is a monthly event which focuses on time, each designer being inspired by one of the 24 hours of the day. EPICOSITY contributes the 4 PM outfit this round.

Free Mesh @ SANTO

Anyone on a tight budget might want to check out the always location changing freebie store called SANTO. They offer a nice range of basic clothes and sneakers for new (and not so new) players and lately also some mesh items.

You may remember I blogged one of their mesh jeans in July (click here for details), so today I took a look at how their offer might have increased in the meantime. Here's what I found:

Trick or Treat Event!

(click to enlarge)
Fun for kids of all ages is the third annual Trick or Treat Event! by Larnia Kids, Beach Street, and Bebe Buttons. The trick-or-treat trail is nicely decorated and will definitely get you in the Halloween mood. As you go down the trail, click the numbered cauldrons for prizes. You'll run into many classic horror characters and scenes. ...Have fun kids, be back before dark, and dont forget to take a flashlight!

Haunted Cornfield Maze is an interactive trail through a corn maze. Follow the clues, find the candy corn, and have a seat at the campfire and listen to spooky ghost stories.

On Him:
Shirt, Shorts: Frozen Night FN*stripe shirt for boys [mesh](RMK Halloween) (free)
Hat: LIKKA*HOUSE Starless Night Hat (RMK Halloween) (free)
Shoulder Pet: :SEY Black cat [mesh] (Ghosts of Halloween, :SEY 4/7) (free)
Boots: Death Row Designs DRD hoofs death CA5 (edited) (lucky chair) (free)
Ears, Tail, Paws: Dark Spot Designs Fennec White (tinted) (799L)
Pose and Bag: Sparrowtree Studios Poses SSP Trick or Treat (1L)

On Ghost:
Avatar: Frozen Night FN*ghost-cat (purple) Gacha [mesh] (30L) (Plain white ghost is free!)
Basket: Cara Cali Trick or Treat Candy Cauldron (Haunted Cornfield Maze) (free)

Thanks for your help Fulli!

Ready for Halloween

Kauna Mesh Sweater,  Group Gift.... Those sweaters are from Kauna Jumper collection blogged before by Yves , check here:  Mix ´n´ Mesh
Paulinho on the left:
Sweater: Kauna - Pumpkin Jumper (Group Gift)
Dymytry on the right:
Sweater: Kauna - Skeleton Jumper (Group Gift) 

October 27, 2012

"Oh, who can take tomorrow, dip it in a dream?"

"The Candy Man can 'cause he mixes it with love and makes the world taste good."

Yeah baby, I am a stranger and you are too! So touch the eyeball and help 
yourself to as many Halloween treats as you like! 

Catch the ghosts flying around six different stores in the Ghost of Halloween Hunt
Mesh Jacket/Shirt: Heaven's Gate Neo [HG] Lots of Group Gifts available
Eyeball: Schadenfreude 72 shell out treats included  tip o' the hat to Virtual Vagabond

The Candy Man by Leslie Bricusse and Anthony Newley

** MM Board **

Next MM Board @ Tellaq
Skin : Andy Skin By Tellaq ( MM Board Prize * look up*  )
Tattoo : ELVEN G.G.N Tattoo ( 1 L$ )
Pants : <LW> Worn Red Jeans *MESH* ( 50 L$ )
Sneakers : [ JP ]:dsg. Sneakers / MultiChange / GROUPGIFT ( free to join )

MLC Halloween

MLC ( Mohna Lisa Couture ) has NEW Group-Gifts ~ Chucky and his Bride ~
*Includes = Clothes, Shapes, Hairs, Shoes, Face Tattoos, Extras....*
male Outfit ( Shape, Hair not shown ) : *MLC* Chucky Updated : by Mohna Lisa Couture ( free )
Skin : **JOMO** 2012 Halloween gifts men skin ( free )

female Outfit ( Shape, Hair not shown ) : *MLC* Bride of Chucky Updated : by Mohna Lisa Couture ( free )
Skin : **JOMO** 2012 Halloween gifts girls skin ( free )

New Release from :SEY

Unpacking a new release from :SEY is always fun. While I marveled at the vast amount of recolouring and retexturing options their latest “Ensemble & Cut-off “ sweater/t-shirt combination is offering via HUD (down to the individual retexturing of the straps), I was wondering what would be the best location to show it off.

To me, this sweater/t-shirt combination is something I would wear in the late afternoon at the beach (picture 1) but just as well at home, fresh out of bed (cut-off sweater only, picture 3), or going out to meet friends at a bar while outside the first snow is falling (picture 2).

October 26, 2012

What Smoking Does To You

Smoking makes your shoulders sag, your legs shrivel and your brain shrink.

The good news: It's the only way you can wear sweater, unisex bag and unisex pants without the items cutting into each other so be sure to try the demos on your shape first.

Each item on its own is no problem (I love the sweater!) except for the legs: thicker legs won't fit into the tight unisex pants which have – let's face it - been designed for girls.

Revisiting :Wicked Tattoos:

:Wicked Tattoos: not only sells some cool inks, they also have a clothes store and started to release their first mesh items. Here's what I got plus some free goodies!

Gothic Midnight Mania

Let´s close it and pick your present , complete outfit in the store it´s 400 L$... Need Group Tag
Here is your TP to the Store * ::.::.>Gothicdocc* ::.::.>

Well-Clad Vampire

Taking a stroll after breakfast to check out the scenery!

Revisiting Egoisme

Egoisme released a set of 10 Ego Pea Coats. Each of them comes in a version with and without t-shirt. The latter can be nicely combined with any of their 7 new layered tank tops also released some days ago.

( => click here for more details!)

PS: This weekend Egoisme is holding a special charity event called Oxjam Music Party.
Read more about it here!

October 25, 2012

Oct. Gift

Shiki October Group Gift, a nice Brown Coat...
Coat: Shiki Designs - Coat Brown (Free) 

** Relax **

Today i relax ( little bit ) on the court.... ;)
Urban Swag Caps : Urban Swag ~ Kapone Caps ( free Group-Gift )
Yoda Shirt : Urban Swag ~ Kapone Mesh male Yoda Shirt ( free Group-Gift )

Jogging Pants : Urban Swag ~ Kapone ~ Jogging unisex ( free Group-Gift )
Sunglasses : Urban Swag ~ Kapone ~ Sunglasses ( 3 Sunglasses in the Box ) ( free Group-Gift )
Skin : TudorX Skin By Tellaq ~ ( old MM Board Prize )
Shape : Vitruvian Shapes - Heroic Male 6'3"/192cm ~ [ Copy, Modify ] ( free )

Ghost Buster

::LikeA:: is participating in the Ghost of Halloween Hunt. Once you get close enough you can see the ghosts move around. Be fast and catch them to get your prize!

vita sanguis

Hat/Hair: Dura  Group Gift

Skin/eyes/teeth: LaVie  10L plus group joining fee

October 24, 2012

Sartorial Sartoria

I bought my all time favorite jeans a couple of years ago from the
 Dirty Hands Urban Wear line at Sartoria.
 I am wearing them in the picture above along with
 a pair of shoes and shirt now on sale at the store.
 Everything is priced at  $50L. 
This includes individual items, suits and complete outfits.

 The ciggie and the butterflies are courtesy of Rose Borchovski
when you visit her installation at Split Screen. 
Make sure you have your sound on as it adds another
 layer to an already intriguing build.
Shirt, pants and boots priced individually at 50L each.

The suit comes with a number of jacket choices. Open, closed and six button. 
Shoes are separate.

WS Sartoria Stone Grey: Complete 50L 

Dirty Hands Explorer Outfit : Complete L50

Sartoria/Dirty Hands  pedal to the metal

Split Screen : There are three terrific builds up right now, tp to each from the central landing area.

Halloween Hunt @ B&T Fashion Blvd

The hunt runs till Nov. 04th 2012. All the designers at B&T Fashion Boulevard participate in this event with brand new items exclusively made for the hunt. Find the hidden skulls and buy them for 10 L$ each. The 20 skulls are colour-coded: silver = male, bronze = unisex items.

Showing you the male/unisex items B&T Mesh Studio gifts:


New Freebie Bloggers wanted to join the team here at Fashion + Freebies for Men.

We are looking for 1 - 2 people that want to share male hunt items, freebies, group gifts and other fashion items they find during their SL travels with the rest of us.

Click here for Details + Requirements!