September 18, 2013

Madpeas: The Lennon Park Massacre

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STORYLINE: Summer Camp was supposed to be fun. But people went missing. At first it was only one camper, then another, and another. It didn't take much brains to know there was foul play. That night, Dave was woken by his dog's warning bark. If it weren't for his trusty dog, he would have been a goner for sure! A heavy tree almost hit him in his sleep. Someone chopped that tree down on purpose to fall on top of his tent.

Lots to talk about in this one. First, if you haven't done it already, go get yourself a HUD and play the newest Madpeas game. I had a blast with this one. The bonus prize hunt in the BackPacks was also fun. Hunt ends September 30th. For more information and prize pictures, go to Madpeas. Participating stores are:
22769 Casual Couture, Abranimations, Bentham Forest  Boudoir, Co*Motion, Eclectica  The Elegant Goth, Les Sucreries, Lindsey Warwick, Liquid Candy, Love zombie, Michigans  Shack, Noctis, Paper Moon, Sage, United InshCon, Vivid, Warbugs
Fatewear is having a One year Anniversary competition. Submit your best pictures of Fatewear items and you could win an entire year of new releases from Fatewear. There also a 2nd drawing for people who visit and like the Fatewear facebook page. If you are not a subscriber, drop by Fatewear and touch the subscription join board and you get this great hoodie shown above.  It comes in up and down hoodie, and you can change the colors with a color hud too.  Sweet! Tableau Vivant and Glam Affair have reopened and both have a group gift! Just go to the reception counter and look for the group gift box. Wear group tag. Touch and receive. I am wearing the Tableau Vivant skin above.  Love it!  The hair I am wearing is the new Tableau Vivant hair with beanie release at Collabor88. The rigged boots are by J's and have a hud to change the shape at the top. The arm warmers are by Shi and The Arcade. (Don't hate me, I won this Rare on the first spin. Lucky day!) Puppy is wearing Akita by Bakemonoya. This is one of the best of dog avatars I have seen in SL and adorable too. Nice AO. I had so much fun chasing after Puppy during the Lennon Park hunt.

On Him:
Hoodie: Fateware Jacket - Leon - Scripted down with color hud [mesh](subscription gift)(free)
Hair, Beanie: Tableau Vivant Bean Hair - Male [mesh](Collabor88)(Fatpack 888L)(180L)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Reopening gift - B (reopening, group gift)(free)
Armwarmers, hands: .Shi Fingerless Glove Male RARE [mesh](The Arcade)(100L)
Boots: J's Men's Studded Long boots-M/L - black [mesh] (450L)
Backpack: Madpeas Backpack 1 - S Lennon Park gacha (50L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors jaded - violet (150L)

On Puppy:
Avatar: BAKEMONOYA japanese Akita Dog avatar Black (1650L)
Backpack: SugarNova My Neighbour Totoro Backpack (60L)

Lennon Park
Thanks for your help, Fulli!

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