September 2, 2013

Renaissance Hunt 3

Allow me to introduce myself. I'm Duncan and this is my first blog post, but I'm an old hat at hunting.  There are a lot of great new hunts in September and I'm going to give you a snapshot of a few of my finds.

Every summer I used to go to the Renaissance Faire.  In Second Life there are sims to live the Renaissance life every day.  The best way to get the right gear is The Renaissance Hunt 3.

So here I am kicking back after a long day, surrounded by things of comfort I picked up on my travels, listening to my wonderful music box.

Renaissance Stained Glass LanternLanTN
Voyager's TrunkThe Vintage Prim
Bench: Park Place
Music boxReliquia
Credenza and Keepsake BoxTimeless Decor
Purple Renaissance outfitCog & Fleur
Boots: Coco (oldies and not from the hunt but the quality deserves mention)

And if I get hungry there's a fully outfitted kitchen (with animations).  Only problem is you have to roll your own bread.

Rezzable Kitchen buildingGothic's Musing

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