September 11, 2013

Sinistrati and The Masks of Secret Societies

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STORYLINE: Ludovico Sinistrati the First was the Grand Inquisitor of the Vatican in the 15th century. Sinistrati is most well known for writing the bible on Demonology, especially the Incubus and Succubi. But what is not known is how he came into this knowledge. It all began on a mission to purge pagan secret societies and their hedonistic rituals.

Check out this killer outfit by Pucca Firecaster Creations, the Inquisitor. It comes in two verisons, one with chains, book, and pages, and one without. There is a hud to change the robe color, chain colors, book cover, and page art. Very cool and on sale now at We <3 Role Play.

On Him, Sinistrati I:
Robe, shoes, book, chains: Pucca Firecaster Creations PFC~Inquisitor [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (525L) 25% off
Skin: Tellaq Alexis Skin Style 6 (1000L)
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STORYLINE: Members of the secret societies wore masks to hide their true identity. Wearing his own mask, Grand Inquisitor Sinistrati infiltrated their sinful organizations. Much of their confessions under torture were the basis of Daemonialitate et Incubis et Succubis.

There are several awesome masks in the Twisted Carnival and Eyes Wide Shut hunts and related gachas. Both hunts ends September 30th.

On Secret Society members:
1: Likka House Carnival Hat with mask [mesh] (Twisted #118) (free)
2: Trident Jewelry Trident Owl Mask White [mesh] (Eyes Wide Shut #64) (1L)
3: Trident Black Sheep Mask [mesh] (Eyes Wide Shut #63) (1L)
4: Contraption Rabbisu Mask WHITE FUR/B [mesh] (Twisted gacha) [mesh] (15L)
5: Contraption King of the skies Trapeze [mesh] (Twisted #112) (free)
6: Avatar Bizarre AB Felis Personae Mask Black Panther RARE [mesh] (Twisted gacha) (15L)
7: LaNoir Soleil Designs MAESTRO hat, mask, cloak, shape [mesh] (Eyes Wide Shut #24) (1L)
8: LaNoir Soleil Designs DOMINO bikini, mask, boots, shape [mesh] (Eyes Wide Shut #24) (1L)


  1. Your posts are amazing and the picture even greater! Keep up the good job!

  2. Thank you so much for incorporating our gifts into your storyline.... We are glad you like them enough to use them ...

    Your LNS Designs Team,

    1. Inquisition style Police Lineup with Masks... -^ Your hunt gifts lead this idea. Thanks for the nice prizes! ^^



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