September 6, 2013

More Fine Art and Fun from the Renaissance Hunt

If you're going to do some role-play then you need to dress the part.  Can't go wrong with this outfit, prepared for court or the battlefield courtesy of the Renaissance Hunt.

Outfit: Leonine Fantasy Avatars & Accessories: Male gift TRH3 #10
Weapon: MacMoragh and Muse: Jeweled Dagger (scripted) TRH3 #19
Necklace: Chaos, Panic and Disorder: King Henry's Pendant TRH3 #20

And I just had to get my artist on with this combination easel and chaise.  You are on your own for finding a model.  I had the kind and lovely Lacy Edwyn volunteer to sit for me. (the painting changes and the model can pose for each painting, plus there are couples poses in the chaise 

Easel with bench, chaise with drape and props: Cedar Bay Furnishings: TRH3 #11

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