September 18, 2013

Tableau Vivant Reopening Gift and more TAE

Tableau Vivant recently reopened and they have a male skin as their group gift. Devin posted about this earlier too. The pants and sweater are both Autumn Effect 2.0 hunt prizes. The cap is a group gift from /XIAJ/ and like the previous tattoo gift this was sent out in the group and will only be there for 14 days so join the group today to get it.

Sweater:   Razor - Gutter Punk Dbl Shirt – Autumn (The Autumn Effect 2.0 Hunt – Sep 15 – Oct 15)
Pants:  FeStyle – Sweatpants (The Autumn Effect 2.0 Hunt – Sep 15 – Oct 15)
Boots:  Gabriel – Snap Camouflage boots (group gift – free to join)
Skin:  Tableau Vivant – Lucis beaten up (Reopening group gift – 50l to join group)
Hat:  /XIAJ/ – Mustache Hip Cap (Group gift – free to join – only available in notices)
Piercings:  Cute Poison – Fallen Piercing Face (The Autumn Effect 2.0 Hunt – Sep 15 – Oct 15)
Tattoo:  !cStar Limited - Haunted by the Fall Sleeve (The Autumn Effect 2.0 Hunt – Sep 15 – Oct 15)

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