March 31, 2011

Especial SZD Ranch xD

Just Hanging Around

Enjoying the scenery from up high...

Shirt & Jeans: Mayden Couture 10L Outlet
Shades: RoleOptic Diamond is Mine hunt #017
Wheel with 3 poses: Michigan's Shack Hanging Ship's Wheel (sent to anyone who made a recent purchase, now 150L)

March 30, 2011

Look Of The Day 2011-03-31

Portrait of the artist as a not so young man.

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Hair & Hat: Alli&Ali Designs - A&ATony Hair Light Brown (group gift, hat is colour changeable)

Glasses: Kumaki - K_gs Cute Round (new release, not free)

Sweater: [Sheep Door] Mexican Poncho (Lucky Board Prize)

Watch: PRIMALOT - POG - # 16 (3 of 3) get it fast!

Pants: DIMH2 - #013 Alphamale (till April 11th)

March 28, 2011

Robbish & Gizza

Hoddie: Robbish " :Rob: - Green Bouncer!!!"(Group Gift)
Jeans: Gizza "Grunge Jeans Ripped DeepBlue" (NO FREE)


Shirt: INDI DESIGNS " Brody: Part 4 / Shirt purple" (dollarbie)

Dark Look Of The Day 2011-03-28

An outfit not to be missed. Be sure to slap this MM Board!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Outfit: * ^v^ The Death ^v^ * Black Soul ( Black ) [MM Prize]

Jewelry: +ROZOREGALIA+  (not free)

Shoes: INDI Designs - O'Leary black (not free)

Eco-Warrior Look Of The Day 2011-03-28

Quote fromWikipedia: "An eco-warrior can be someone as mundane and non-confrontational as a tree sitter or someone who engages in direct action, ranging anywhere from planting tree spikes into trees on public lands to keep the lumber industry from cutting them down, to sit-ins which occupy a corporate office.

Also, an eco-warrior can be someone who engages in an environmental organization (e.g. Greenpeace) or an environmental company that delivers safekeeping/improvements for the environment (e.g. directly by selling environmental products as environmentally friendly cars, ... or indirectly by carbon dioxide offsets)."

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Hair & Cap: sf design - canvas cap with hair colour change - men's (monday mania sales item, 25 L$)

Goggles: Kumaki - K_gs Gawl (new release, not free)

Necklace: Elemental Earth Designs - *EED* Box- Vert Necklace (SOM Gift, register and check history)

Tattoo: :Wicked Tattoos: - Achieve Tattoo (new MM Prize)

Watch: STEAM4Hunt Gear : #087 Zeitmesser Industries

Pants: *Connors* Rolled-up Jeans Camo for Men (not free)

Shoes: MayCreations - Biker Boots Tramp brown (new release, 10 different styles, not free)

March 26, 2011

As The Crow Flies

60L Weekend has a few outfits for men this week, Truth has a new male hair, and I think I need new eyes because I burned mine out finding the Dreamscapes Gallery Twisted Hunt prize.

Outfit: !Shade! Dangerous for Men 60L Weekend (includes shark tooth necklace)
Hair: Truth Mark - Streaked - Crow (not free)
Skybox: Dreamscapes Art Gallery Twisted Hunt #209

Wild Man Look Of The Day 2011-03-26

The lady looks much more civilized, doesn't she? Lol!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

On Her

Outfit (incl. Boots): MysticHope - Freebie Woman 2010/11

On Him

Hair: DIMH2#055 Alli&Ali Designs

Skin: Tellaq - Avenger Avatar (Hunt Gift, use wire frame [Ctrl-Shift-R] to locate the golden T. No idea how long it is available, get it at once!)

Necklace:  !Twisted Hunt 2 of 218 ! Yellow JesteR

Outfit (incl. Tattoo): MysticHope - Freebie Man 2010/11

Wrist Cuffs: Phoebe Braz men 2B ~pinch~ (not free, get it during the == Fairies 50% off in all the store == mega sale!)

Boots: Little Britain Designs - New Rock MPX Extreme Black Boots (not free)

Black & White Look Of The Day 2011-03-26

Aiming for the contrast. Have a nice pre-apocalyptic weekend! Let's hope it's not the last one!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Hair: .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ DIMITRI ~ Silver Tones I (not free)

Earrings & Gloves: +grasp+ - group gifts (there's a group joining fee, blogged before)

Necklace: ! Twisted Hunt 84 of 218 ! Delaney's Delirium (blogged before)

Jacket: AOHARU - LeatherBlouson with Shirt - Black (new release, comes with or w/o shirt, multiple colours available, not free)

T-shirt: Pixelfashion - Black

Pants: Calca 87 (old Group Gift from Equilibrium, new Freebie here)

March 25, 2011

Anti-Nuclear Look Of The Day 2011-03-25

To stop the ruthless proponents of nuclear power plants and nuclear weapons we, the people, must get into the fighting spirit. Let's no longer tolerate them bringing death and destruction to our fragile planet!

Let's start with the politicians and vote them out of office in every upcoming election! First ones I know of are in Germany this very Sunday. So, vote and send a signal to the world people of Baden-W├╝rttemberg, Rheinland-Pfalz, and Hessen!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Hair:  ChiChickie! Group Gift - March 2011 (SOM Gift, there are two of them, one for the girls, one for the guys, so be sure you click the right number in history)

Glasses: Kumaki - K_gs Truchin (new release, not free)

Track Jacket: Upper Man - *UM* Red Core Jacket (wear group tag)

March 24, 2011



Style, fresh and modern: SPLENDEURS

Aidan Complete Outfit 2011

Pants: "SPL Aidan Cream Pants (lower) (red belt)" NO FREE
Shirt: "SPL *Military* Shirt -Brown" NO FREE

Jeans: " SPL Tifo Jeans *Men* " NO FREE
Hoddie: " SPL *Aidan* Red Hoddie " NO FREE


Boxer: " SPL Aidan Boxers *Brown*" NO FREE


Boxer: " SPL Aidan Boxers *Red* " NO FREE

March 23, 2011

Anti-Nuclear Look Of The Day 2011-03-23

In our series, Monsters of the Laboratory, welcome with applause: The Mad Scientist!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Hair: Alli&Ali Designs - Robert Hair Brown/Blonde (Voting Gift)

Skin: Tellaq - Avenger Avatar (Hunt Gift, use wire frame [Ctrl-Shift-R] to locate the golden T)

Glasses: Kumaki - K_gs Ronny (new release, not free)

Pants: :SZD:  - HandSome (MM Prize)

Shoes: MayCreations - Rocker boots black L (not free)

March 21, 2011

Anti-Nuclear Look Of The Day 2011-03-21

Latest News: … Necessary inspection and maintenance work was not carried out on time by the operators of the Fukushima nuclear plant concerning also central elements of the cooling system ... For 18 months, operators at the Diablo Canyon nuclear plant near San Luis Obispo, USA, didn't realize that a system to pump water into one of their reactors during an emergency wasn't working ...

Ban Nuclear Power worldwide! There's no room for human error here and you can't trust those guys not to mess up!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Hat: StarChildGiftBag for Men's Fashion Week (MFW) 2011

Goggles: Kumaki - K_gs Gawl (new release, not free)

Shirt: PXDTOXIC - SHIRT Color B2 (limited number available, get it fast)

Pants: sf design - skinny pants khaki – mens (monday mania sales item 25 L)

March 20, 2011

Gas Prices Are Up; Drive Free in SL

SF Design is in the 49L Sale for Dudes. This flannel is their contribution, shown with a tank and piercing from Menswear Fashion Week and a driveable truck.

Shirt: SF Design Flannel Shirt, 49L Sale For Dudes
Tank: *FAC* Get Stupid tanktop, free at Menswear Fashion Week
Piercing: A.S.S. Good to the Last Drop, free at Menswear Fashion Week
Truck: Darkfold Designs F350 Dually, current group gift (free to join)

Fidgety Look Of The Day 2011-03-20

Great news for the more fidgety among us: There's a cool new AO to be had and it's completely free. The name Basical Boy AO belies the amazing amount of animations you get with this item. Check it out on SL Marketplace, definitely not to be missed!!

It's hard to capture the movements on a picture, but I hope it gives you at least a small impression:

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Hair & Hat: Alli&Ali Designs - A&A Tony Hair Darkbrown (SL Marketplace 1 L$)

Tattoo: :Wicked Tattoos: - Story Tattoo (new MM Prize)

Outfit:  DIMH2 - #068 Utopia

Necklace: DIMH2 - #043 *KENTO*

March 19, 2011

Captain Black

Ready for sailing with this Twisted Hunt outfit from Sangre Noir.

Complete outfit : Sangre Noir Twisted Hunt 81 of 218 ! (hat resized and ribbon re-colored in black)
Shoes : sf design March gift (blogged before)

I Have a New Toy

Menswear Fashion Week coincides with the 49L Sale For Dudes, March 18 - 25. All your favorite designers on one sim, daily events, AND a sale? Get on it, guys, you only have a week! And the Lucky Prim Hunt has some great stores involved, the 45L price per prize is well worth it.

Suit: BlakOpal "Tramontane" gift at Menswear Fashion Week
Hat: StarChild Fedora Brown Tartan gift at Menswear Fashion Week
Projector: THISnTHAT Lucky Prims Hunt (cam around from behind, or you may accidentally buy a giant fuzzy alien...)

Karate Fourtysomething

With all the terrifying news out this week some may have forgotten that the Fashion for Life fair is still open till March 22th.  Check it out!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Hair: DIMH2#055 Alli&Ali Designs

Glasses: Kumaki - K_gs "Qiddle"  (new release, not free)

Necklace:  HardWear  - Cord Necklace - Blow Your Mind 2 (not free, Fashion for Life sales item)

Sweater: ::Schoen:: Weich (Brown) mens (not free, Fashion for Life sales item)

Pants: HardWear – from: Irridescent Kid Leather Outfit (not free, Fashion for Life sales item)

Looks Of The Day 2011-03-19

Here are some more gifts from the Diamond Is Mine Hunt 2 and other stuff! Enjoy and have a nice weekend!

Sounds a bit weird, right, having a nice weekend with a nuclear inferno looming in Japan? Sadly, apart from donating some money, hoping and praying is all that most of us can do right now. Hoping and praying that by some miracle more death and destruction can be averted and that mankind may learn from these tragic events.

Ban Nuclear Power Worldwide!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Hat & Hair: Amacci - SOM Gift - Hannah & Howie Hair (register with SOM and check history)

Glasses: DIMH2 - #004 Vassnia

Skin: GroupGift Andre (join their new group for free to get it, group joiner is under gift vendor)

Outfit (Left): Mohna Lisa Couture - *MLC* Sweater and Jeans

T-Shirt (Right): [ AMERICAN BAZAAR ] [AB]Music is the key (49 L Sale For Dudes)

And some more items:

( => click picture to enlarge !)


Sweater: Acid & Mala Creations - .:A&M:. Argyle V-Neck Sweater - Blue  (49 L Sale For Dudes, 3 colours available, multiple wear options)


Glasses:  DIMH2- #017 Role Optic

Tattoo: :Wicked Tattoos: - Story Tattoo (upcoming MM Prize)

Necklace & Bracelet: DIMH2 - #095 Beertje's Gallery & Jewelry

March 16, 2011

Winter Is Almost Over

Don't miss out on this gift from the Diamond Is Mine Hunt 2!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Suit: DIMH2 #034 Zenith Fashion (1/2)

More Green Stuff

Have an enjoyable St. Patrick's Day tomorrow, guys!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Shades: Kumaki - K_gs Scratch  (new release, not free)

Tattoo: :Wicked Tattoos: - Rebel Pride Tattoo (MM Prize)

Outfit Left: VERO MODERO - St Patrick Group Gift M

Outfit Center: **GizzA** - Patrick's Day Male Gift (wear group tag)

Outfit Right: .~subVersion~. - Irish Tartan Outfit for St Patrick's Day (incl. Wrist Cuffs)

Japan Needs Us Now

It has been extremely busy for my studies in real life. But last week, the news of how the earthquake and tsunami has swept across all the japanese people is really heart wrenching to watch in the news. As a fellow asian living in this region, I urge all the readers here, please help in whatever ways you can because every little bit helps:

1) Donating to the right authorities:

2) Donating inworld: Inworld purchase the Linden Bear -

Our hearts go out to you, Japan! Stay Strong,our prayers are with you!

The alternate image for the other blogs (female) is below. Please feel free to link up to whichever ways you can!

March 15, 2011

Sharin' O' The Green

So there I was, just hanging out and amusing myself, enjoying the plants and greenery... it is a green-themed week after all. This very generous hunt prize, a scene from Cleo Design (plus more items not shown) also has a guitar, a beer, and playing/drinking animations in the multi-sit bench. You can serenade your partner if you have one or drink yourself into oblivion if you don't.
Nosotr@s has a great St. Pat's outfit that includes a shamrock-pattern shaved hairbase and mohawk, with a matching set for the ladies.

Click for larger image)

Scene: Cleo Design, Timeless Treasures Hunt prize
Pot of Shamrocks: Giardin Na Sidhe Midnight Mania board
Yo-Yo: [A;B] Accessory Bone red yoyo, 81L Sale
Shirt: Gimme Shelter Irish O'Snap shirt (free on Marketplace)

Inset (L)
Sweater: DAMnations Freddy green, Pot of Gold hunt

Inset (R)
Outfit: Nosotr@s St. Patrick's outfit, 3L

Look Of The Day 2011-03-15

Today D2Store Viper, owner of Style Extrem and Upper Man, put out his new group gift: a denim jacket. Plus, the latest sun glasses from Kumaki and apparel from MayCreations. Enjoy!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Shades: Kumaki - K_gs Scratch (new release, not free)

Jacket: Upper Man - *UM* Viper Dark Denim Jacket (group gift)

Tank Top: MayCreations - mens tank top bad karma (not free)

Pants: [ AMERICAN BAZAAR ] - from march gift bag (men) 5 L$

Shoes: MayCreations - Laced Biker Boots Skull (not free)


New Freebie Bloggers wanted to join the team here at Fashion + Freebies for Men.

We are looking for 1 - 2 people that want to share male hunt items, freebies, group gifts and other fashion items they find during their SL travels with the rest of us.

Click here for Details + Requirements!