January 31, 2013

January 30, 2013

The Daydreamer

Catching the first few rays of sunlight, kept warm by my new range vest/vest/shirt combination from sf design. Also available in blue/grey. 

( => click here for more details!)

New look ... for valentine ...

Finesmith brings out some new releases aswell as Madrid solo that has a great february gift coming for you all. And for those men that didn't knew it yet ... yes there is a new hair brand out and just take a look at what i bring you today. 

earrings : Finesmith - edina earrings yellowgold  (comes with bracelet - earrings - necklace and ring)
hair : Miss C/Mr C - MR C/Jack - Nong-Rigged Mesh_black 
Make up - Madrid Solo - February gift - Broken hearts club

A First Hint Of Summer

A look at some more mesh items from sf design that were released a short while ago. Enjoy! 

My Hood [1]

Walking in my Streets....

left Outfit : NEW Kapone Green tracksuit Mesh OUTFIT ( not free )
right Outfit : NEW Kapone red white Mesh OUTFIT ( not free )

Dot-be fashion moved + Limited sales items

Yes Dot-be fashion has moved ... after 8 months almost at the same place i decided to move the shop to a different sim. Well you know how it all goes ... its crisis not only in rl but also in sl.

Now where can u find us? Dot-be fashion

We still have 2 hunts going on in the store.... pimp my valentine hunt and the winter blue's hunt ... and there are new on limited sale items in store ... Just a few images for like the price 50L-75L you can get these in your inventory ..... Yes all mesh ... there is much more in store ... don't forget to pick up your gifts and hit the board to recieve a price ...

January 29, 2013


Hi guys. I am putting down my blogging pen for now. 
Thanks Yves for giving me the opportunity
to blog here and thank you readers for your interest and IMs. 
I would also like to express my appreciation of the creativity 
and generosity of SL designers who keep it fun and fresh 
week after week. And finally, a tip o' the hat to fellow bloggers
 for the pictures and the news. See you around the grid!


Sweater: Ronsem  Group Gift in group notices for 14 days from Jan 27.
Pants: ::K::  "demo" marketplace
Sneakers: [dirty. little. secret] Gift

Legally Wet

Legal Insanity released a few new items these last days. One is a new interpretation of a classical mesh jacket combined with an integrated t-shirt: The Max Biker Jacket. You can choose between 10 t-shirt designs or no t-shirt at all. 

Number two are the new Tyler Skinny Jeans which, like the jacket, are available in multiple colours.

Last but not least they released a set of Slash Belts which can be resized in any direction for a perfect fit. I'm actually wearing one on the first picture but the t-shirt obscures it.


Winter Wonderland Hunt ~ Jan. 15 - Feb. 15th ~ HINTS ~ Hunt Object = Snowflake

male Outfit : WWL#8 [I][I][M] - Infinity Insanity Moments ( free )
female Outfit : WWL#8 [I][I][M] - Infinity Insanity Moments ( free )

January 27, 2013

50 % OFF Sale @ Apple May Designs (part 2)

Here are some of the items you can buy this weekend with a huge price discount @ AMD. And don't forget to pick up your gift either. 

New @ Delirium Style

Delirium style brings you Urban style... This outfit comes complete with sneakers, sweat pants, sweater, chin piercing, sigaret and beanie. (not free)

Outfit : Delirium Style - Ds Dany

January 26, 2013

Mesh Gift Of The Day

.:SS:. Spearsong is offering this nice Shirt, Tie & Vest Combination as a group gift.


These colourful skinny pants from ::K:: are hanging on the rack as a 'demo". 
Yes I am wearing the Urban Swag hoodie everyone  has blogged this week.
But I cleverly switched it up and layered a track jacket underneath.
The jacket was a gift at Magi Take. Unfortunately this one seems 
to be gone and there is a purple one there now. 
Which, with this outfit might be a bit on the clownish side, 
not that there's anything wrong with that!

Hoodie: Urban Swag GG
Jacket: Magi Take GG
Boots: Latreia TSGH
Glasses: Adjunct  49L Sale 

Retro Shirt From Kal Rau

While you are at DECO (see my last post) don't forget to pick up a copy of the Dark Mesh Jeans that are still on sale currently for 50 L$ only. They go nicely with the Retro Shirt from kal rau which everybody can recolour according to their tastes. 

New From [Deadwool] & DECO

DECO has expanded their line of Peacemaker Dusters to include an all leather version. It's available in red, brown and black. I show you one of the old ones on the first picture and the new release on the second. As always, these coats come with regular length sleeves and rolled-up sleeves to be worn with gloves. I'm combining one of their newly released bracers with the rolled-up version instead (picture 2).

Most of the time, wearing a mesh coat with mesh clothes beneath doesn't work very well as the lower mesh layer will cut through the upper mesh layer when moving. After discovering the new Round Collar Shirt from [Deadwool] though, which was released as an add-on to their Lahood Pants and nicely complements this old-fashioned style coat, I found a way to make it work in an acceptable way. For example, the butt will still cut through the coat with some AO movements but not while walking. Therefore, before buying you should try out the demos to see how it would look on you. Important: I combined the large version of the coat with the pants in small size and the shirt in extra small (XS) size.

January 25, 2013

AMD's Goodie Of The Day & 50 % Off Sale

Apple May Designs (AMD) has started creating men's clothes and offers this nice zipped hoodie as a gift. On top there is a 50 % off sale only this weekend. Check it out! 

New look of the day !

While i was shopping on 55L friday for nice hair and facial hair i went to Motivaction and found this great pants and shirt. The skinny pants are available in different colours i choise this time for the white version and combined it with rolled sleeves male shirt KOTH PURPLE.

[Motivaction] - [M] Rolled sleeves male shirt - [M] Male Skinny Pants (not free)

55L Friday

Yes its friday again and you can get some great deals at the 55L friday. Yes that means everything is priced 55L from hair to clothing. Hurry up today its the day !!

Hair - [Atro Patena] - Cleon_Black
Facial Hair - ::Fe Style:: Facial Hair - 3ED - 8

Anubis Air

(click to enlarge)
Anubis may be a fearsome immortal, but even one as anicent as him can be an excited puppy when trying the latest toy the humans invented.

The hoverboard is part of a pack from Linden Labs and available for free download at Amazon.com. The deal ends January 29. Go here to read more: Limited Time Offer.  I love this beautiful Anubis Mecha by Lost Haven, but for me it works best for picture taking and not role play because the mesh is very dense.

On Anubis:
Avatar: Lost Haven Anu-8 [mesh]
Hoverboard: Linden Labs Hoverboard Pack [mesh] (free, limited time offer)

The Sunken Pyramid (This is my club! ^^)


( NEW ) weekly Group-Gift

Skin : *BIRTH* Jack Skin Straw Tone ( not free )
Hair : *Dura-Boys&Girls*39(Dark Brown) ( not free )
Piercing : Phoebe ~Piercings & more~ Unisex Face Piercing U4 ~8 Metals~ Group-Gift ( free )
Polo : [DW] - Exe Polo (short sleeves) ( free )
Tattoo : S.H.S The Eye Never Lies Tattoo Group Gift ( free )

A Day with Moments [3]

*At the Lake....*
Shirt : [I][I][M] - NEW ~ Men - Shirt Black ~ ( 10 colours available ) ~ ( not free )
Pants : [I][I][M] - NEW ~ Pant Black ~ ( 10 colours available ) ~ ( not free )
Sneakers : Swaggy Mesh sneakers pack ~ ( 4 textures available ) ~ ( not free )

*In the desert....*
Shirt Camo : [I][I][M] - NEW ~ Men - Shirt Camo Green ~ ( 10 colours available ) ~ ( not free )
Pants : [I][I][M] - NEW ~ Pant Camo Green ~ ( 10 colours available ) ~ ( not free )
Boots : VG Shoes EXPLORER Group-Gift ~ (mens) DUO TONE CHOCO/CAMO ( free )

*Under the tree....*
Duo-Coat : [I][I][M] - NEW ~ Duo-Coat Olive-Khaki ~ ( 6 colours available ) ~ ( not free )
Duo-Pants : [I][I][M] - NEW ~ Duo-Pant Olive-Khaki  ~ ( 6 colours available ) ~ ( not free )
Shirt : * Guarded Cross * GC Lettered Long Sleeve T-Shirt (V3) ( free )
Brown Boots : Swaggy Mesh Leather Boots pack ~ ( 4 colours available ) ~ ( not free ) 

*** to be continued.... *** 

January 24, 2013

A Whiter Shade of Elegant

Lapointe & Bastchild just released the "Modern White Open" Mesh 2013 Tuxedo Set which offers a multitude of colour combinations via the included HUD. Choose between 4 jacket lapel trims and 4 pants trims/colours, 4 vest designs, 4 tie and handkerchief colours as well as 3 shirt colours. There are 4 different looks already saved for those not wanting to build their own. Enjoy! 

A new look ... new mesh ...

A new mesh store is born ... Motivaction... for him and her. But look at this look. The skinny pants and the slim jacket are just perfectly made for eachother. Put hair from argrace on, some black leather gloves and a little scarf and there you go one great look. The skinny pants are available in different colours and textures also the slim jacket. I just decided to combine the two of them to give me that classy look while exploring PARIS 1900.

Outfit : Motivaction - skinny pants cool plaid and slim jacket bone (not free)

Amacci new hair releases

Amacci brings out 2 new great hair for men. One of them is Leon and is available in different colours so you will find the colour you want for sure. I choise to wear Black Coal. 

Hair : Amacci hair - leon - black coal (not free)


We all know that Yula makes some wonderfull designs. And this one can be worn by male and female. Its available in different colours but i decided that this colour would fit me better.... hope yall agree. (not free)

Jewelset - Finesmith - grapa mapel (necklace, bracelet, earrings)

Femboy Hunt Winter 2013, part 5

(click to enlarge)
If I had to describe this look in one word, my reply would be "Lestat," a lion of a vampire with a taste for the finer things, and who is not afraid to wear feathers, corsets, or impossible spikey things as long as it looks damn good. This just screams "The Brat Prince" to me. lol This is my last post on the Femboy hunt. I have stuffed it full of goodies, but I have not shown all items in the hunt. Please go, explore, and have fun. The outfit above uses the MV limited edition corset with the feathers, gloves, and spiked boots from Demure Designs' mardi gras outfit.

On Him, 
Corset: {MV} Victoria Torso Corset Femboy LE (female)[mesh](Femboy Hunt #29)(2L)
Feathers, boots, gloves: Demure Designs FemFatal mardi gras (female)[mesh](Femboy Hunt #46)(2L)
Shape: Asaria Gin (edited) (male for female base) (Femboy Hunt #11)(2L)
Shirt: Kyoko Couture KC No.53[OjiBlouse]shirt
Crown: +SC+SugarCoat +SC+White Crown
Hair: Wasabi Pills Orion Mesh Hair - Iceberg [mesh]
Cane: The Black Canary ~*{TBC}*~ The Dandy (Silver/Gold)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Noctis skin - tone 01
Chair: Senzafine .:SF:. "The Gloaming" Armchair
Candelabra: Senzafine .:SF:. "The Gloaming" Floor Candelabra

(click to enlarge)
Going counter-clockwise: Get batty with Kiss Me Goodbye by Kre-ations. HTxDZ Bifrost outfit is a limited edition for the hunt and works on both male and female. On inset image 53, you supply the avatar, Aaralyn supplies a shapely contour.  On image 42, Peippo Frost eyes come in 6 colors. On the last image 28, the beanbag by Jessis Furniture contains couple poses.

On Him, left 55:
Top, jeans: Kre-ations Kiss me Goodbye (unisex)(Femboy Hunt #55)(2L)
Necklace: Monster Kink Beads - Pearl
Hair: Tableau Vivant Loire hair male - for Sway pink
Skin: Tableau Vivant Femboy Hunt 2012 exclusive
Wings: OldVamp's Creations Bat Pony Wings [mesh]
Shoes: Energie Yeah Slips (free)

On Kitty, left 1:
Outfit: .::[HTxDZ]::.  Bifrost Blue LE (unisex) [mesh] (Femboy Hunt #1)(2L)
Hair: Curious Kitties Nyanotech Hair [Type B] - Frasti V3 (free)
Nommy: Urban Feral Mousey

Inset image 53:
Attachment: Aaralyn's Evil Creations Mesh Bulge By Lyn [mesh] (Femboy Hunt #53)(2L)

Inset image 42:
Eyes: Peippo Eyes Frost (Femboy Hunt #42)(2L)
Skin: Dango Freckled (female for female base) (Femboy hunt #40)(2L)

Inset image, top right 28:
Prop: Jessis Furniture Beanie with adult poses (tint added) (Femboy Hunt #28)(2L)

(click to enlarge)
From Clockwise, Nomiki's Creations Posh outfit comes in male and female has many layers for mixing and matching your look. In the center is a glamourous skin for girls by Wow Skins, a stylish black and white unitard by 1 Hundred, and creepy cool eyeball hairbow by Atypical. On the right, Puppy shows us the cute outfit by Gala Fashion Designs. The inset picture on the bottom shows only a few of the many colors of the animated art plus the fuzzy picture frames.

On Him, left 32:
Outfit: Nomiki's Creations Fantastic Posh Outfit (male and female)(Femboy Hunt #32)(2L)
Eyes: Gauze Sin Eyes - Sloth
Hair: Penumbra Moro White
Make up: Gauze Fire Fox - Artic

On Her, center 47, 52, 54:
Outfit: 1 Hundred Babe Bodysuit (female base)(Femboy Hunt #47)(2L) 
Hairbow: Atypical (-A-) eyeball bow with texture change(Femboy Hunt #52)(2L)
Shape: Asaria Gin with style card (male for female base) (Femboy Hunt #11)(2L)
Skin: WoW Skins PinkSugar wsh 2 (female base) (Femboy Hunt #54)(2L)
Hair: (red)Mint Hair No.00 - white [mesh]

On Puppy, left 41:
Outfit: Gala Fashion Design *TOXIC* Femboy Hunt Edition (unisex)(Femboy Hunt #41)(2L)

Inset image, bottom 34:
Artwork: Sanna-Science and Art Femboy Hunt Gift, Animated art, Fuzzy picture frames (Femboy Hunt #34)(2L)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

January 23, 2013

Shhh Open Your Ears!

There's a great show going on at Yoshikaze called "Topophonia". 
It features four of SL's most accomplished and interesting artists
 and the theme is sound.  At Maya Paris's build you are provided
 with a costume and props to immerse yourself and
 enjoy "Bank Job"! 

Group Gift Jacket from Rispetto
49 L for Dudes hat from 22769
Robber Shirt from Maya Paris at Yoshikaze

Topophonia at Yoshikaze
Check out all the art!
Teleporters at the landing will take you to individual sites

Riders On The Storm ...

There's a killer on the road
His brain is squirmin' like a toad
Take a long holiday
Let your children play
If ya give this man a ride
Sweet memory will die
Killer on the road, yeah ...“

The Doors, L.A. Woman, 1971 

( => click here for details and more pictures!)

January 22, 2013

Happy to See You

 Come on in and have a drink while the coast is clear!

[I][I][M] has put out their group gifts from July 2012 to 
December 2012 as a fat pack. The pack includes mesh sweaters, 
jackets, a hoodie, gun belt and gun. 

Jacket: Retro December GG still available
Tee Shirt: ::7Style::  Group Gift
Pants: [I][I][M]   Group Gift  January2013

Bourboun St. 3

Some good stuffs for Mardi Gras, Bourbon Street Hunt 3 until Feb 16th, Official site for locations and hints
Costume: ~Shadow Moon~ -  Bourbon St. 3  #037 (L$ 2) 
Mask: Loordes of London - Bourbon St. 3   #020  (L$ 2 ) 

*Silent Morning*

...a silent morning in a silent city....

Winter Wonderland Hunt ~ Jan. 15 to Feb. 15th ~ HINTS ~ Hunt Object = Snowflake
Sweater : WWL #14 Rispetto Designs - Orso MESH Sweater - Black ( free )
Headscarf : 22769 ~ casual couture Groupgift December 2012 ( free )
Sunglasses : XRAYED ~ *RAYED shades 1.0 ( free )
Pants : [S.H.S] Handprint Sweatpants Group gift ( free )

from [Phoebe ~Piercings & more~]

NEW YEARS RESOLUTION HUNT  ~ January 1 - January 31 ~ Hunt Object = Pencil
*click on the NYR 2 HUNt 4.0 (2013) Poster, you get a Notecard, in that is another Notecard with the LMs* *Poster = blue Pencil = Hint*

~ The Black Market ~ 15 January - 13 February 
*The things we talk about behind closed doors, every month new amazing sales, for 100L AND have marked down some items to 40L's*
Unisex Ear Plugs : NYR #9 ~ Phoebe ~Piercings & more~ Unisex Ear Plugs ~Black~ ( free )
Hint: What's NEW?
Necklace : Phoebe ~Piercings & more~ Man Necklace ~Rombhus~ *The Black Market* ( 40 L$ )

January 21, 2013

More From 49 L Sale For Dudes

The 49 L Sale For Dudes Sale Event #8 is still on till Saturday, January 26th, midnight SLT. Here is one of two outfits you can buy at this great price and a few other new releases and finds:

Heading South

If you are longing for some warmth, you can't do better
 than a sandy beach, a club above the garage and 
free bikes of all description.

Hair: Yasum Design Group Gift
Skin: Yasum Design promotional offer = two skins and hair bases 99L
Tank: [ef]  Group Gift
Shorts:  *Twak* Urban Art Marketplace
Shoes: ..::Energie::.. Gift
Bike: Kurenai Motorcycle - in the playground at Lahaina Beach

Finally, from the awesome warehouses of wonderful
and wondrous free stuffs:

Beard/ Necklace: Aley's Latest The Nautalist  Arcadia Aslum Living Library

TP to The Nautalis and find the barber Shop.
 Click on the cabinet for a fine selection of fine beards.
The wall vendor contains the necklace and other goods.

New dot-be gift in store ..

The new january gift is in dot-be store ... mesh dungaree for men and mesh overall dress with top ...

Dot-be fashion -- January gift

January 20, 2013

flow @ SOHO SAMPLE SALE and Swaggy

flow is currently offering 2 t-shirts and a jeans @ THE SOHO SAMPLE SALE. On the right picture I use one of the new Indian style pants from Swaggy (swagy jog blanc) to complete my second look.

Btw: The boots (Mesh Leather Boots pack) are also from Swaggy.

January 19, 2013

Four Walls of Nature

The Four Walls hunt has lots of home goodies
with awesome texturing and detailing.

I haven't gotten too far on the I Love Nature Hunt 
but once again the threesome at DD, SS and ZUFs  
comes through with this great Pan outfit. 
That creepy shadow is annoying though. 
Following me everywhere.
But I do feel younger.

All  items in the Four Walls hunt are 20L.
Hover over the shop name for the clue on their hunt page.

Mountain Emergency Shelter: The Domineaux  Effect
Immerserse Yoursef : Prism Furniture

I Love Nature Hunt
Clues and SLURLs on the hunt page

Pan Outfit: Destiny Designs, Suki's Silks, Ziva's Underground Footware


Dirty Little secret brings sometimes great new designs. And this mens peacock shirt is one of them and will be in store today for 100L !!

[dirty.little.secret] ::  SSW mens peacock shirt :: - 100L 

Madrid solo - raven series

Yes ... Madrid Solo brings you the make-up you all been waiting for. Every skin colour can work with the designs and this raven series is just wow... (not free)

Make up - Madrid Solo - Raven's Love - Male eyes only

22769 - mens department

22769 always participates at the mens department and today they have something great in there. Take a look at this mesh hoodie ... available in other colours aswell you can not go wrong and let me tell you, the hoodie almost fits every pants there is. So what you waiting for ....the mesh headphones are also available in different textures.(not free)

22769 ~ [homme] Mens Dept Cozy Hoodie Fatpack 
22769 ~ [homme] Headphones Banzai (mouth)

January 18, 2013

New Round of 49 L Sale For Dudes

Tomorrow a round # 8 of the 49 L Sale For Dudes starts. Here are some first impressions of what you can get and some other items released a short while ago:

Party, yes... but Halloween ?

I´m young, so i go to a Party - ok this Hoodie is more for Halloween, 
but hey, Everyday is Halloween *for me*  :)

Mesh Hoodie Sweater : 8f8 - FREE GIFT - Mesh Hoodie Sweater *Halloween* ( 1 L$ )
Shape : [SHAPEshifters]group gift ~ ENZIO ( free )
Skin : -NIVARO- Crow Skin "Backwoods Special" - ( OLD Sale from The Mens Dept. ) 
*-NIVARO- Store* ~ The Mens Dept.
Hair : .::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ TYLER ~ Dark Brown V ( free )
Pants : [I][I][M] Groupgift Men Januar ~ Pant darkblue ( free )


New Freebie Bloggers wanted to join the team here at Fashion + Freebies for Men.

We are looking for 1 - 2 people that want to share male hunt items, freebies, group gifts and other fashion items they find during their SL travels with the rest of us.

Click here for Details + Requirements!