November 30, 2012

Fifty Linden Friday @ DECO

Time to go shopping @ DECO. Their FLF MESH Peacemaker Duster male (military) is on sale today only!

Use the opportunity to pick up some accessories to complement your outfit like I did.

*Winter is coming*

NEW Hair for Men @ Exile, ( not free ) , but GREAT   ~   ( *HERE* are some free Hairs in the Store )
Show you the Hair "Days Go By" ~ ( Beanie -> 10 colours )
Hair : ::Exile:: Days Go By: Blacks ( NEW, not free )
left Piercing : *P* Unisex Face Piercing ~ Serie K7 ~ Black ( 80 L$ )
right Piercing : *P* Unisex Face Piercing B1 ~8 Metals~ .:: Designer Circle ::. ( 75 L$ )

November 29, 2012

Hold On

Who sez it's a girl's hat?

Check out this underground, lab dwelling, pale skin from PEAU
(it's not meth, he's working on the twinky formula!)

This great dollarbie shirt from the marketplace
includes an equally great black shirt as well.

Super deal for these good looking mesh jeans from Lash Ware;
scoop 'em up for  only L$25 (in blue too.)

This total man hat can be found in a ladies shop called {dolle},
the GG includes a fine selection of hat colours.

Skin: PEAU December Gift
Shirt: [TFM]  L$1 Marketplace
Mesh Jeans: <LW> 25L
Hat: {dolle} Group Gift

ISPACHI Releases Shearling Jackets @ FAMESHed on Dec. 1st

Today it started snowing where I live in RL so it only seemed appropriate to wear my new fur-trimmed winter jacket from ISPACHI and go on my first trip to the Wolf Mountain Ski Resort.

Once I reached the top of the mountain, a snow storm animation started playing: A fitting backdrop for my picture which made me forget that the ride up in the open ski lift had been a bit bumpy (as you may find out yourself). Better bring along a helmet, lol, and, oh yes, don't forget your skis!

Cirque du MetaBody

(click to enlarge)
Being a male ballet dancer in mother Russia is highly prestigious, but I dreamed of something more. In my case, I literally did run away and join the circus, -- the Cirque du Soleil to be exact. Yes, I am still throwing people up in the air and catching them. That's what I was hired to do. But I don't have as much pointe work now (that's brutal on a foot!), and I love all the imaginative costumes and music. I hope my parents will someday forgive me and come see me perform. I think they will like what they see.

MetaBody has a collection of avant garde avatars you can download for free, modify how you like, add your own elements, and submit your creation for the next installment. This was a lot fun to do and many good pieces I can use in the future too! Your original creations must be submitted by November 30th. Head to MetaBody for more details.

On The Cigar:
Hair, Pants, Special effect, Sleeves: Meta_Body: Fog (edited)(free)
Nose, Cape: Meta_Body: Meta-Birds (edited)(free)
Hat, Glasses, Ascot, Mustache, Shoes: Meta_Body: Chart Man (edited)(free)
Clock for buttons, hat, pocket watch, and pose stand: Meta_Body: Lizard (edited)(free)
Prop: Basingstoke Horn BH Fine Cigar, Yadni's Junkyard (edited)(free)
Pose: Apple Spice Action Pose 009 (40L)

On The Firefly:
Hair: A&Y Neo-Phoenix Cyber Hair-Black (290L)
Headpiece: Meta_body: Silver7 (free)
Wings, TattooMeta_Body: Dragonfly (edited)(free)
Clothes, Claws, Tail: Meta_Body: Lizard (edited)(free)
Pose: No Strings Attached Fred Astaire w/ cane & hat (10L)


(click to enlarge)
This photo series was inspired by the new Tableau Vivant Perla Sweater for men and Low Rise Sporty Pants. They reminded me immediately of type of clothing you would see in a dance rehearsal. So enter the Russian dancer! The sweater and pants work great together, but remove the top and you have very sexy low rise pant that is barely hanging on. They are so low my modesty gene kicked in! lol I worked hard on a shape to go with the awesome new Tableau Vivant Marilyn Skin. With the pale brow on Tone 3, I could create a nice color theme. If Mr. Russian Dancer looks vaguely like someone famous, that was an accident, but since it looked good, I just went with it! lol

UPDATE: Pixel Ballet performs "The Nut" (their version of The Nutcracker) starting December 2nd. Shows are Sunday 5pm SL, and Wednesday 2pm SL. Come Early! Seats fill up fast!

On Him:
Skin: Tableau Vivant Marilyn Skin - Tone 03 (990L)
Eyes: FTL Dawn Eyes - Seiji (100L)
Hair: Dura Dura-Boy**26 Strawberry (120L)
Necklace: Rozoregalia Nornir Necklace (500L)
Ring: Kosh Adain Ring silver (Men's Dept Event)(99L)
Earring: Mandala Soul Ear Piercing Black (397L)
Pants: Tableau Vivant Lowrise sporty pants black (200L)
Shirt: Tableau Vivant Perla Sweater black (Collabor88 Event) (88L)
Shoes: DemotiK Beauty Ballet Shoe White (edited)(175L)
Prop: Magic Nook Shoulder Towel M (50L)
Pose: Apple Spice Ballet Pose 009 (40L)
Pose: Peta Grocery store {P.Ballet} Ground pas classical  ballet (25L)
Set: William Weaver build 008 (retextured)(free)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

November 28, 2012

Winter Bolt Hole

[[RH]] Design House is celebrating it's first anniversary with a fantastic in store hunt. 
A nicely built little house with all the trimmings. 
In fact  there's so much furniture you can't really fit it all in but 
for only 99L you can get a larger house with the same great look. 
Congratulations [[RH]]!

Warming up! 
Deep in thought.
Every time I make hot chocolate that snowman turns up. It's like he can smell it!
More thoughts.
Exterior with hot chocolate lurker.

The house is inside a winter dome from the Great Outdoors Hunt. 
It's 45L and comes landscaped and with skates, sled ride and
 that snowman among other things.

Vest: [[RH]] Design Group Gift
Shoes: VG Shoes Gift at the Kapalua Club
Jeans: Countdown Group Gift
White T and shirt: Cysleek Sale Pile 1L

House and Furniture: [[RH]] Designs  Anniversary Hunt  oops, ignore that previous link!
Snow Bliss Pond Sky Sphere: Luna Bliss Home and Garden Great Out Door Hunt

Streetwear From Flow, Swaggy & .Cutz.

Mixing some items for you that I came across today. Enjoy!

( => click here for details - like how to get a free skin, shape and hair - plus more pictures!)

*Cool Sweater*

from The Dirty Turkey Hunt 3.0 ~ Nov.1 - Nov.30

Mesh Sweater : TDTH #109 .Cutz. ( free )
Hint: Martian thoughts

Midnight Mania Board Of The Day 2012-11-28

These Mesh avatars are just too cool to pass up! Let's lock this board! 

Here's your taxi!

( => click picture to enlarge !)

MM Skin

A really nice skin by +++8 designe+++ , Midnight Mania...
Midnight Mania - +++8 designe+++ 


( NEW ) weekly Group-Gift
Sweater : *SE*Style Extrem* Pullov Wine Sweater ( free )

November 27, 2012

Revisiting ..::Drunk Devil ::..

Showing you parts of their new collection released a short while ago. Check it out!

Winter in Monochrome

There are already hunts (mostly pay hunts) coming out for the winter, and it's only nearing the start of December. This post has gifts from:

Nov. 24 - Dec. 9 - Monochrome's Silver Lining Hunt (5L$ Hunt)
Nov. 19 - Dec. 19 - Santa Sack Hunt 2 (1L$ Hunt)
Nov. 24 - Dec. 24 - Home For Christmas Hunt (1L$ Hunt)
Nov. 16 - Dec. 22 - Madpea: The Enchanted Frost Hunt (10L$ for the HUD, and you have to complete entire hunt before getting the prizes)
Nov. 14 - Dec. 14 - Winter Warriors Hunt (Mostly kid avatar hunt)

Cardigan: Silver Lining Hunt A T T I C (5L$)
Pants: Silver Lining Hunt NuDoLu (5L$)
*These might have been meant for females, but fits okay on guys too. In store demo for those not sure.

Antlers: Silver Lining Hunt +Half Deer+ (5L$)
Boots: Silver Lining Hunt Intrepid Designs (5L$)
Christmas Tree Tattoo: SSH2 #74 ::Fe Style:: (1L$)
Winter Scene: HFC #47 RnB Designs (1L$)

Vest: Silver Lining Hunt .::IRON CLAW::. (5L$)
Hat: WW Hunt #23 Lil Starz
Drum: HFC #22 Soho Corner (1L$)
Skin Tattoo + Eyes: The Enchanted Frost Hunt FALLEN GODS INC. 

And lastly, a few things from two Thanksgiving hunts that are ending on Nov. 30th:

Giving Thanks Hunt 
The Jerky Turkey Hunt

Left Outfit (Top + Pants): TJTH2 #34 LOoLOo's Costumes & Quirks
Right Outfit (Vest + Top + Pants): TJTH2 #25 D&G Fashions
Table + Rug + Chairs: Giving Thanks Hunt #39 Citadel de Aria 
*One chair is a guy sit, one is a girl sit

Extra in ::[BuFu]::

Suicide Awareness Hunt ( SAH ) ( blogged before ) ~ Nov.15 - Dec.15 ~ 

The Dirty Turkey Hunt 3.0 ~ Nov.1 - Nov.30 ~ 

( left )
MESH Hooded-Sweater : SAH #10 ::[ BuFu ]:: ( free )
Tattoo : ::Para Designs:: Blinking Rudolph Tattoo - Xmas Gift! ( free )

( right )
Jacket : TDTH #139 ::[BuFu]:: ( free )

*Pimp my Hunters*

Pimp my Hunters (Hunt) ~ Nov.10 - Dec.10 ~ 
Blue Cap Contains a Hunt Gift for Male or for Both
Pink Cap Contains a Hunt Gift for Female or for Both

>> Store Slurs and Hints <<

Outfit : PMHH#39-Paris Metro-Blue Cap ( free )

MESH Towel : PMHH#70-[AsYLUM] MESH Terrifying Towel ( free )
Baggy : PMHH#68-[BuFu]-Blue ( free )
Chucks : PMHH#49-Zero Cool Designz-Pink ( free )

November 26, 2012

Fallen Angel

Free Group outfit by *PB Designs*
Outift (no shoes) - *PB Designs* - Fallen Angel Group Gift (Free)


We may be thinking winter, cold weather and snow over here, but as we all know, in Brazil and the rest of the southern hemisphere summer is about to start.

So, just the right weather to enjoy a relaxing late afternoon in my new beach house. It's a fully equipped build from [dirty.little.secret] called "Air" which you can get for free till the end of the month as a prize in the "Something Old, Something New Hunt" (SOSN). 

Btw: Don't forget to join the [dirty.little.secret] group for free (only till Nov. 30th) and pick up any of the birthday gifts lying around that you might fancy!

Cyber Monday Sales

Okay guys, this sale is too good not give a fast post. Run over to FATEwear and pick up some nice mesh clothes for men at 50%, - 48 hours starting Cyber MANday, Nov 26th. 

There is a freebie too. At the landing, touch the bear on the railing and get free Friendship Bear.

November 25, 2012

Santa Sac

Santa Sac vol. 2 Hunt ... until Dec.19th... Hints and locations 
Sweater and Pants: Jen Fashion - SSH2 #1 (L$ 1)
Sneackers: +HUHU+ - Group Gift (Free) 

Fox Hunt Rivalry 1

(click to enlarge)
Lady Elisa von Edelweiss was in town for the fox hunt. When she glanced at me, it was as if the world stood still for a moment. Since she is a great fan of Equestrian sport, I knew if I won the fox hunt I would have a chance to gain her favor. But there was a problem standing in my way, a pansy albino who always wins. I had no intension of loosing to the jerk, so a few "precautionary measures" were in order. 

Several lucky things came together for the 2nd in the Fox Hunt series. First, the talented people behind Venexia just opened a new role playing sim, Goatswood, with a Victorian England theme. The new group gift skin from Tableau Vivant I thought would make a great handsome devil. (Villains are so much fun to play!) During my search for a coat that could pass as Equestrian style, I came across the FATEwear Desmond coat that has a Regency feel to it if you remove the hood. I got a good pair of rigged mesh thigh high boots for riding at BareRose. Mr.Poet delivers ascot, shirt, and nice hat and hair with an English flare. I often need good grey eyes, but finding some that work for men is tricky, so turned to Poetic Colors with excellent results. The horse I am riding in this one is actually a wearable one, so you can take it anywhere, no need to rez. But let me take a moment to gush about my posing partner. Isn't she smashing in +RokumeikaN+? Any ladies role playing at the Goatswood sim, I highly recommend you make a visit to RMK Gothic and get some great looks for your role play. The lassitude and ennui knee high victorian boots are also a great addition for Victorian theme outfits for the ladies.

On Him:
Skin: Tableau Vivant Marilyn Skin - Group Gift (group gift, 50L to join)(free)
Eyes: Poetic Colors nightfall - night mood [mesh] (100L)
Hat, hair: Mr.Poet Bakerboy Cap and Hair/Skull (200L)
Top: Mr.Poet Pleated shirt_Gray/Shirt (200L)
Coat: FATEwear Coat - Desmond (tinted) [mesh] (300L)
Pants: The Black Canary ~*{TBC}*~ He Lurks in Darkness (no longer available)
Boots: BareRose thigh hight boot [mesh]  (140L)
Rideable: Zed Avedon Realistek Horse / Bronze (4,980L)
Prop: Ruby Vandyke Rodeo Snake - hanging (25L)

On Her:
Dress, hat, purse, umbrella: +RokumeikaN+ +RMK*fille charmante*+BP (350L)
Boots: lassitude and ennui Flutter boots - raven [mesh] (280L)
Skin: BCC : ) [Light] Wendy Skin 03 (600L)
Hair: + NK + +NK +hair -Persian- white (100L)
Eyes: NoirOptix Pale Violet Eyes (99L)

Goatswood [SGS] Victorian Gothic Residential Roleplay
Thanks for your help Fulli!

November 24, 2012

Fox Hunt Rivalry 2

(click to enlarge)
This Fox Hunt is a game of hide and seek. The winner is the person who tags the fox first. We were running hard on the fox's trail, when a shoe became loose on my horse Artemis. We had made an emergency stop at the blacksmith. Suddenly a snake slithered up and spooked her. She reared up and screamed, hooves flying. Luckily, I was not on her at the time, that could have hurt if I was thrown! After Artemis calmed down, we rejoined the fox hunt. The fox was a wily one. I found it hiding on the roof of the horse stables. We gave chase and finally "tagged" it. I hung the trophy in Artemis' stall. There was a very pretty lady in a purple dress waiting for me there. She invited me to have tea with her. It was a grand day!

This picture series was inspired by the Fox Hunt at the new sim Helping Hoof-Virtual Equine Therapy (or HHVET). The fox hunt was a lot of fun. I really got into creating the look! There are some great fashion possibilites for men in the Equestrian style. The Tableau Vivant Boot Pants were a perfect match. I am so happy to finally have an elegant styled pant that works with a tall boot. From Hoorenbeek, the Riding Boots are a must, and the Velvet Blazer reminds me of an Oxford schoolboy. BlakOpal provides the shirt, ascot, and vest. BlakOpal also has 2 more excellent free Victorian style outfits for men: Hawkesworth Outfit - Brown and Hawkesworth Outfit - Black. The Hunting Whip finishes off the look. It's awesome and authentic.

On Him:
Hair: Scars Ohayo Gray (100L)
Shirt: BlakOpal Tramontane Outfit - Sage (free)
Hat: Cero Style NOPH male Hat (past hunt, Night at the Opera Hunt #1) (free)
Blazer: Hoorenbeek Mesh Velvet Blazer Black [mesh] (520L)
Pants: Tableau Vivant Boots pants - Andalusite [mesh] (255L)
Shoes: Hoorenbeek Riding Boots - Black (520L)
Cane: Ernst Osterham Hunting Whip v1.1 (145L)
Gloves: KU ::KU::_InuSS_CM* Gloves gothic (free)
Poses: F*ckingNinjas *FN* Helen and the Minotaur*FN* Into Battle (50L)

On Horse:
Avatar: Waterhorse ~*WH*~Horse Avatar (Pinto) (2500L)
Texture: The Texture Barn Cleveland showy red bay Texture Pack for Horse Avatars (350L)
Tack: CarriageTrade Interactive Tack English Light horse (1299)
Mane and Tail: Scraggy Cat *SC* LH Braided Manes & Tails (Black) (250L)
Pose: F*ckingNinjas *FN* Charangoyle pose (50L)

On Fox:
Avatar: Timber Wilds Industry Fox (2100L)

HHVET Get a notecard of all current events at the landing point. Sim events include: horse races, hidden object hunts, barrel races, dressage training and competition, private riding lessons, steeplechase, trail rides, and of course the fox hunt. Check it out!

Free riding outfit for women.
Free horse, animal, and stable items.
All the past HHVET Leaf Hunt prizes.
Thanks for your help Fulli and Ivy!

6 Free, 2 Pay

Here's reminding you that The Dirty Turkey Hunt (TDTH 3.0) will be ending November 30th. I'm showing you two TDTH prizes, a free Mesh jeans and one pair of the new Mesh sneakers released by REDGRAVE. 

Btw: I took the picture in the new Sky Dome my friend Anthony, owner of ~The Dreamer Creations~, released a short while ago. It's multi-textured (sky & ground) and fully landscaped. Check it out!

November 23, 2012

New from :SEY, ---::[[F A M E]]::---, B*FLY and Dura

:SEY finally released their first Mesh pants: The Sarrouel-Skinny_Pants-G! As usual with this designer you will get an eye-catching product that comes with numerous re-texturing, re-colouring and embellishment options via HUD (plus 3 extra pants designs if you buy the fat pack)!

On the first picture I'm showing you a black leather pants with added studs version. Since the pants changes your silhouette I prefer to wear it with a wide top like the Cosby Sweater from ---::[[F A M E]]::---.

Si Si

::Fe Style:: still has their gift from the Feast of the All Saints Hunt available. 
The sombrero is from WarBug, an island full of funny and affordable doodads.

Welcome back!
Destiny Designs, Suki's Silks and Ziva's Undeground Footware
were all knocked out by some big weather. 
The are back with this entry for the Bright and Tight Hunt.

Hasta la vista!


Mariachi Tee: ::Fe Style:: FOASH
Sombrero: War Bug  10L

Cuban Pete: Destiny Designs, Suki's Silks BTH Hints at the landing.

Dirty little secret, menstuff lounge, modexpo....

[dirty.little.secret] :: is celebrating there 1 year and has a mini (not free) hunt going on in the store. The mesh cardigan and unisex cowl scarf can be found in the shop hidden in little packages ... When you are searching for some furniture, 22769 gives out some great groups gifts, these 2 african furniture are part of a entire package.

Im relaxing like you see, thinking about what may come ... with my skin from egoisme that can be found at the menstuff lounge as gift. The new release from Latreia is here as preview to make you get those boots, they are easy to adjust and with the free pants from kennedy's and my undies from egoisme im just dressed prefect to daydreammm...while my little dragon belly piercing shines ...

Outfit :
Pants : Kennedy's pants free at menstuff lounge
undies : Egoisme - giano collection black at menstuff lounge
skin : Egoisme - Evian kiku medium at menstuff lounge
cardigan - scarf - [dirty.little.secret]- unisex scarlet hoodie & unisex cowl scarf (not free)
boots : Latreia - scout black (new release)
Belly piercing - Phoebe piercing and more - white dragon free at modexpo

furniture :22769 - 22769 groupsgift

A Little L

If you happen to be in the neighbourhoods picking up 
a sombrero and a shirt, (see above) check out these deals too.

 Mesh jacket from War Bug 10L parachute
Marley and the Wailers shirt on the free wall at Guarded Cross  free fall

Half price sale at ::Fe Style:: 'til the 25th of November. Mesh Sweater 90 L bounce

Discount! ::Fe Style:: at Nor The Outlet Sales Room. Black Sweater 65L  tumble

DS Dash (not free)

If you like to have a sporty outfit, well you can not do wrong with the new deliriumstyle outfit. While music is bringing you in a higher atmosphere, you are just on your way to make a run. The mesh body just keeps you warm on your trip out. DS Dash has got all included, hat, headphones, mesh body, t-shirt, sweat bracelets, sneakers, mesh jogging pants available in 2 colours .. a complete outfit !!

Outfit : Delirium style : DS DASH - jogging, mp3 player, headphones- beanie - sneakers
Picture taken here - School

DS style, Menstufflounge,image essentials

With the Ds Brian makes you feel like you can do everything. The camo printed coat just makes every men dream of the army days on being though and a little hero. And with the prop from the image essentials hunt just a great scene to make your pictures.

Outfit : Delirium style : Ds Brian (mesh jacket, boots, pants)
Necklace : menstuff lounge gift - culture fine jewelry - loved chain (groupjoin fee but lots of free stuff!!)

pose : [Expressive Poses] - josh 2.0 (4)
Prop : Something new - street attitude prop (image essentials hunt) (FREE !!)

* Gifts *

Show you 2 Group-Gifts, one Subscribe-Gift ;)
Skin : Aeva // Pacey Male Group Gift ( free )
Outfit : Rispetto Designs - Grinza MESH Group Gift ( free ~ Group-Fee 50 L$ )

Skin : Bad@zz "Charge" ( NEW, not free )
Mesh Shirts : =Kokane= Daily Shirt Mesh ( Subscribe-Gift )( Shirts = red, blue, green and black ) 

November 22, 2012

Puff D Blinky

What does GIF stand for? Get It Free!

Inhale, exhale, puff it! 
Chain smoke and throw your butts on the ground (if you are in a rez spot.)
 The  hack you develop will not be about code this time.

Ponderous? Quizzical? Paranoid? or just watching tennis ; 
give your own eyebrows a break and use the handy dandy
 and oh so expressive mabatakimegane.

Cigarette: YavaScript Shop  pod transportation
Glasses (mabatakimegane):  **keni-ya** public transportation

November 21, 2012

In Black

Black is always a good choice for any outfit , some black clothes by <Lash-Ware> ...
On The Left:
Jacket: <LW> - Basic Blazer Black (Not Free)
Pants: <LW> -  Black Tribal Jeans (Not Free) 
On The Right:
Pants: <LW> - Black Camo Cargo Pants (Not Free)
Sweater: <LW> - Reindeer Black (Not Free)

Discovering JILROXY

I'm always happy when I come across new stores selling interesting MESH products. One of these is JILROXY. The owner, Jilroxy Bonetto, was so nice to send me the following items to present to you. I hope you enjoy them!


( NEW ) weekly Group-Gift
Shirt : [DW] - Viper Green Plaid Shirt ( free )
Skin : -NIVARO- Brando "Berserker" Skin ( 150 L$ ~ The Mens Dept.

Midnight Mania

Complete outfit, in the store it´s  L$ 400 ... Need Group Tag

Here is your TP to the Store * ::.::.>Gothicdocc* ::.::.>


New Freebie Bloggers wanted to join the team here at Fashion + Freebies for Men.

We are looking for 1 - 2 people that want to share male hunt items, freebies, group gifts and other fashion items they find during their SL travels with the rest of us.

Click here for Details + Requirements!