November 30, 2013

[ZENTRO], R&B, Zeitgeist, {REALIZM} & Lumiere at Cosmo Sales Room and Street Sale

Xmas is coming and i'm sure you all have in mind all the gifts you want to do to your family and friends, for that ones that are a disaster with gifts, maybe is better do like i to, take them shopping and to do this Street Sale and Cosmopolitan Sales Room is a great place to save some money without loose quality, enjoy the weekend and the shopping ;)

Left Outfit : Lumiere - Knitted Outfit (Street Sale 50L$)
Right Up Shirt :  Lumiere - Rockabilly Mike (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)
Right Down Shirt :  Lumiere - Rockabilly Jack (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)
Hair : .:EMO-tions:. - Force Black (NOT FREE)

Left Tattoo : [ZENTRO] - Libra Tattoo (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 70L$)
Right Up T-Shirt : ZEITGEIST- DJ Yoda (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 69L$)
Right Down T-Shirt : R&B - Stop AIDS (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 20L$) 
(All the proceeds of this T-Shirt will go to support AIDS Hilfe)

T-Shirts : {REALIZM} - Jens Long T-Shirt (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 30L$)
Pants : {REALIZM} - Thiago Babbys (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 50L$)
Boots : {REALIZM} - Alaska Boot (Cosmopolitan Sales Room 50L$)

Credit Cards On Fire

When Callie goes Xmas shopping that always leaves me time for a lot of ciggies (grins and takes a big puff). 

November 29, 2013

The Jerky Turkey Hunt Part III

Idk how say it but i think i enjoyed this hunt to much, hahaha, my last post for it, hope you enjoy it as much as i did.

Shorts and Pants : <P3> - Eat More Ham (TJTH Prize)
Right T-Shirt : {REVERIE} - Get Stuffed! (TJTH Prize)

Left Outfit : Twisted Aces  (TJTH Prize)
Right Sweater : {ViVi} - Mr.Smith (Sponsor Gift TJTH)
Right Boots : Reliquia - Villager Boots (TJTH Prize)

Mr. Poet - Poison - Elysium and more

Finally it's Friday!!! To start the weekend, I bring you a look at all 0L to tour the metaverse. I thank to Kai who showed me Mr. Poet gifts.

-jacket / >>>Poison<<< / retro leather jacket brown male / marketplace / 0L
-Collar / Elysium / pride necklace - rainbow / marketplace / 0L
-Boots / Insomnia / unisex shoes rook green / group gift / free to join / 0L

From Mr. Poet:
-skin and shape / liber / lucky board / 0L
-Tank and boxer/  gift / 0L

-Piercing / ~*Souzou Eien*~ / gothic facial piercing /Lucky Board / 0L
-motorcycle / Prefabrica / zoomer SGP50 / (you can ride it and have a realistic sound and pose) / marketplace / 0L

November 28, 2013

The Jerky Turkey Hunt Part II

I try to continue with The Jerky Turkey Hunt, hope you forgive my delay, just so busy RL, but here you have other few ones of the great prizes of this totally free hunt. remember you have till November 30th to do it. Enjoy it guys.

Left Outfit : [VM] Vero Modero - Sarp Set Blue(Sponsor Gift TJTH)
 Right Jacket : Les Sucreries de Fairy (TJTH Prize)
Hair : .:EMO-tions:. - Lestat Black (NOT FREE)

Left Complete Outfit : C&N Designs - Doctore Slaver (TJTH Prize)
Right Underwear : Carrie's Lingerie - Turkey Boxers (TJTH Prize)
 Right Necklace : Sugel Co. - Native Necklace (TJTH Prize)
Hair : .:EMO-tions:. - Troy Black (NOT FREE)

November 27, 2013

[ hoorenbeek ] Revisited

Today, some more new releases from [ hoorenbeek ], most of them materials viewer ready and coming with multiple wear options. Go over and check out the demos!

New Releases at C&N Designs

Today i want to show you the New Releases of C&N Designs, i love roleplay but even if u don't play it can wear it to look amazing in a custome party or why not to walk around looking fierce and explore that beautifull sims where you need we dressed in the theme.

Complete Outfit Left :C&N Designs - Viking Animal (NOT FREE)
Complete Outfit Right :C&N Designs - Savage (NOT FREE)


Complete Outfit Left : C&N Designs - Rarius Leather Red (Available in 6 Colours) (NOT FREE)
Outfit Right : C&N Designs - Kajiru Gladiator (NOT FREE)

November 26, 2013

New Winter Coats From +Grasp+

+Grasp+ just put a set of cool Hooded Coats on the market which you can wear with or without the fur part. They come in multiple colours and fit nicely with their just released Leather Skinny Pants. To complete my outfit I used some of +grasp+'s Layered Leather Boots which were released a few months ago.

November 25, 2013

The Jerky Turkey Hunt

The Jerky Turkey Hunt is near to end, but before this i want to show you some of the great prizes you can find doing this freebie hunt, hope you like it.

Hair : A&A - Cary (NOT FREE)
Left Complete Outfit : NN - Handsome Holly (Sponsor Gift TJTH)
Middle Outfit : Platypus - Gold Cardigan (TJTH Prize)
Middle Necklace : Mesh Glam - Men's Dream (TJTH Prize)
Right Outfit :  NN - Sensation's Date (TJTH Prize)

Left Up : .::KK::. - Brown Hoodie W/Shirt (TJTH Prize)
Left Down : [[[[NOISE]]]] - Jive Turkey (TJTH Prize)
Right Up : <P3> - Eat More Ham Tee ( Sponsor TJTH Gift)
Right Down : Virtual Attire - Give Thanks Hoodie (TJTH Prize)

November 24, 2013

I love Sundays :)

Because I have more time to wander SL!

 outfit including boots: CricKeTs - Collin - MM board - (group required L$50 to join)
skin & shape: II-S K I N S & C L O T H E S-Lucky Chairs-Hunts - Achilles - prize from the LOLHEX2 hunt
eyes: Poetic - Autumn Song - free gift
hair: Redgrave  - Tyler - (not free)

complete avatar (skin, shape, eyes, clothes, shoes): JSTYLE - group gift (free to join)
fedora: RONSEM - (older anniversary gift)

November 23, 2013

A Free Suit For The Grabbing

Get this free suit on marketplace and be elegantly dressed for all events. It includes 8 shirt colours (via HUD), you'll get “open neck” and “closed with tie”-versions and you can wear the jacket also with a system layer shirt/turtleneck sweater of your own choice. Not to be missed!

( => click here for more details!)

Aitui - Mr.Bloch - Duh!- Mr.Poet and more

Good Saturday to all. For this look, I used the beautiful shape and skin of Mr. Bloch, is the November group gift. I filled it with clothes and shoes, all 0L, so you can get the same look like the picture. The sneakers are from Duh! and there are a boots in the suscribe groups and more items in the lucky board.

-Jacket / Aitui / frontlines / The dirty turkey hunt#17 / 0L
-Hair with cap / Colors / gift / 0L
-Skin and shape / Mr. Bloch / November group gift Danny / 0L
-Pants / Speakeasy / Baggy zebra skinnys mesh / gift / 0L
-Sneakers / Duh! / Lucky board / Anke Wrap sneakers / 0L
-Scarf / Mr. Poet / wide scarf / with script for change colors / gift / 0L

November 22, 2013

Weekend Again!

And time for some casual apparel from [Deadwool] and Poison.

Lumiere & Blondequeen at Street Sale + WoM [ZENTRO] & {OG KUSH} at Cosmo Sales Room

All you know about Street Sale and Comopolitan Sale Room, today i want show you the last items of this round for guys, remember they are marked in low price so take a teleport and don't miss the shopping experience.

Left T-Shirt : Lumiere - Monsters Tee (Street Sale 50L$)
Right Shape : Blondequeen - RyanShape (Street Sale 50% Off)
Right T-shirt : #WOM* - T-Shirt Mickey + Hat (Cosmopolitan Sale Room 70L$)
(Include 4 Styles of shirts)

Left Tattoo : [ZENTRO] - Never Give Up (Cosmopolitan Sale Room 70L$)
Right Tattoo :  [ZENTRO] - Music (Cosmopolitan Sale Room 70L$)

Left T-Shirt : {OG KUSH} - No New Friends (Cosmopolitan Sale Room 70L$)
Middle Up : {OG KUSH} - Ur Girl Knows (Cosmopolitan Sale Room 70L$)
 Right Up : {OG KUSH} - RLPC (Cosmopolitan Sale Room 70L$)
Middle Down : {OG KUSH} - Lacoste (Cosmopolitan Sale Room 70L$)
Right Down : {OG KUSH} - Dead Prez (Cosmopolitan Sale Room 70L$)

November 21, 2013

Fudoshin - Sadistic hacker - Urban Swag and more

A little action for this morning with a bit eclectic style with pants, group gift, Urban Swag. The swords are from Vlad Blackburn that come with a hud to encourage combat movements. In the pictures I used combat poses from Sadistic Hacker gift. The beautiful shape is from Markel and it looks good with a variety of skins.. More details photo below.

From Fudoshin Creations:
-japan shoes - Fudoshin creations - marketplace - 0L
-Tea table with animations (drinks and sit) from Fudoshin Creations - group gift- free to join - 0L

-katana with Hud animation - Vlad Blackburn - marketplace - 0L
-Body Tattoo - Elven Elder - Tattoo promo - marketplace - 1L (with tattoo layer and undershirt option)

-From Sadistic Hacker some group gifts and free to join
Face Tattoo - box with 10 tattoo -  0L
Pose katana - box with 8 poses- 0L

-Pant - Urban Swag - pant and hoodie - group gift - free to join - 0L
-Shape - Markel shape - Kalimako - modify and copy - marketplace - 0L

Another things that used in this pictures.
-Boxes with poses from Sadistic Hacker group gifts 0L
-Textures - [ED] - Japanese textures F01 and Japanese texture tatami F02 - marketplace - both 0L

November 20, 2013

Smoke Rings and Pipe Dreams

Finally I got a  tiny vacation and we took a trip to Hawaii!! Ok!  Ok!  so it was only virtual but still. On the morning of our last day, I dragged him out sightseeing, I think he planned on hanging at the beach again checking out the babes >: (  All in all we had a nice time.

The beast within

Sometimes I've got to go with my wild side and let my hair down...

Mens Workboots: =MODA= Clothing & Body Shop The Rockabilly Fashion Fair (freebie) previously blogged by Mitgard :)
Gloves: SZD Mainstore older Midnight Mania prize
Skybox: City SkyBox L$1 on the Marketplace

New Releases (RED)Sand Inc. + 8 DESIGNE +, Alli&Ali & [VM] Vero Modero

Last week i was so lost rl and haven't time to blog so much, but today i want show you some New Releases that was waiting in my inventory, hope you like them as much as i do.

Hair : Alli&Ali - A&A Untouchable Hair Moonlight (NOT FREE)
Jackets : (RED)Sand Inc. - College Jacket with Shirt HUD Drive (NOT FREE)
(Come with/without t-shirt & colour HUD with
Pants : [VM] Vero Modero - Murat Leather Pants (NOT FREE)
Shape,skin & eyes : + 8 DESIGNE + -  Alain Tan (NOT FREE)
(Come with 4 beard option,2 goatee & shaved, body hair tatoos and 2 couple of eyes)

November 19, 2013

More winter fun!

After another fun filled day picking up goodies from The Frozen Hunt, it was finally time to play!

Samuel outfit (trench coat, mock neck, and jeans)  :M][C: - The Man Cave
Fedora  ~Mesh Glam~
Ice skate boots Shoenique Designs
Skin - Antonio (old group gift) AKERUKA
Snowman Fae Fantasy Creations
Skybox forest rink Christmas Fair

Redrum - Black María

I'm not a big fan of the horror genre but this set of clothing from Redrum lucky chair I liked it very much. I taken te photos in a very creepy place, Channel Island Asylum, full of rats and horror scenarios. More details below...

-Pant, jacket, mask and boots/ +Redrum+ / Red stripe mens outfit/ Lucky chair with the group tag active / free to join the group - 0L
-Hair / Black María / H060 / group gift (free to join) / 0L

Gauged - Colors - Ronsem and more

Hello everyone. I was inspired by one of my favorite characters from video games and mysterious: Vergil from Devil May Cry. Hope you like. Details at the end of the photos.
Thanks, as always, to all creators.

-Piercing / :Gauged: / triple set/ gift / 0L
-Hair.cabello / [Colors] / white / gift / 0L
-tattoo bleeding.tatuaje de sangrado / ::Axix::/ Bleeding nose / gg/ 0L
-Tattoo cross.tatuaje cruz/ Atelier m+ / inverted cross ink unisex, welcome gift / 1L
-Pant and shirt.Pantalón y remera / {PopTart} / Yano full outfit/ group gift (free to join) / 0L
-bracelet.brazaletes / amorous / You/ marketplace / 0L

-sneakers.zapatillas/ Eudora 3D / blaze hi tops / group gift (free to join) 0L
-Neck warmer.bufanda / Ronsem / group gift (free to join) / 0L

The Warm Socks Hunt

After a lot of stuff in rl, nothing better than a hunt to relax myself, The Warm Socks Hunt is near to end but you still have time to got this prizes totally free before November 24th.

Hair : A&A - Shakti Hair Black (Colorable Hairband) (TWSH Prize)
Hoodie : Sexy Look (TWSH Prize)
Boots : *FF* - Nadrim Fur Boots Midnight (TWSH Prize)

Socks: Reliquia - Toasty Toes Socks (TWSH Prize)

Waiting …

… admittedly with an adequate amount of food at hand. I'll survive, lol! 

Btw: The new round of The Designer Warehouse is still on. Go check it out!

( => click here for details and more pictures!) 

November 18, 2013

CERO STYLE @ The Frozen Hunt

It's starting to get cold out!

fantastic mesh jacket from CERO STYLE men's prize from the Frozen Hunt

*plowwies* jammies @ The Frozen Hunt

Hello all, my name is Kai and this is my first post for Fashion + Freebies for Men.
Below is a set of pajamas I picked up from the Frozen Hunt @ *plowwies*

 pajamas: Memories from *plowwies* (Frozen Hunt)

November 17, 2013

Lumiere at Street Sale

Street Sale is an weekly event where you can find really good items at 50L$ or 50% off. This Round i got this great outfit from Lumiere, don't miss it guys is perfect for any occasion.

Outfit : Lumiere - Mens Classy Outfit (Street Sale 100L$)

Coepio - Sl take away - axix- more

I know some people  likes roleplay and I made a complete look for it and  I combined all items to 0L. I took these pictures in a place recreates the Cold War and has very good scenarios and is called Old AFB.

-Boots -  Vlad Blackburn - combat boots unisex camo - marketplace- 0L
-jacket - [coepio] - group gift- mesh - 0L
- pant - ShikanosukeEko - twak cool pants male como army - marketplace- mesh - 0L
- Pipe - Sl take away - marketplace - 0L
- stand animation - axix - group gift- free to join - 0L


Infiniti - Pop Tart - Afi Design

Good Sunday to all. I prepared two different looks, this one a bit formal with  group gifts  from Afi and  Pop Tart . The pose on the floor is a gift from Infiniti.


-pose - infiniti - country strong (guitar not include) - marketplace - 0L
-shirt with vest - {Pop Tart} -Romeo vest top - mesh- group gift - free to join - 0L
-shoes - Afi Design - Devil sneakers - group gift - free to join - 0L

November 16, 2013


New Freebie Bloggers wanted to join the team here at Fashion + Freebies for Men.

We are looking for 1 - 2 people that want to share male hunt items, freebies, group gifts and other fashion items they find during their SL travels with the rest of us.

Click here for Details + Requirements!