February 28, 2010

Yellow & Red Hunt Fun in Aventurien

Come, Mister tally man, tally me banana
Daylight come and me wan' go home
Come, Mister tally man, tally me banana
Daylight come and me wan' go home …

Harry Belafonte - Banana Boat Song, 1956

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Shoes: Maschienenwerk - Chucks_Golden

Outfit (incl. Hat & Belt) Left: 22769 - casual couturebanana hunt item

Outfit Right: STEAM Gear #11422769 - casual couture (Steam Hunt 2010 runs till the end of March!)

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Relaxed Sunday

Today's selection ranges from casual to cool, from freebie to pay item. Make your choice!

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Skin: ai fashion - SINOSUKE – male skin – goatee (10 L$)

Hair: Deviant Kitties [Freebie] Effie - Ash

Outfit: Wilson's - MARCH FREEBIE (group gift)

Bracelet: edge grafica / 37 bracelet (Black2)

Shoes: Maschienenwerk - LowTop II BLACK


Skin: ai fashion - SINOSUKE – male skin – soul (10 L$)

Hair: Laqroki - Everyday

T-Shirt: Dirty Rat - Tee (jacket layer only)

Bracelet: Dirty Rat - Bracelet

Pants: Laqroki - Free Male Outfit

Shoes: Maschienenwerk - Kicks_Black


Skin: LaVie - Pier Beard1 Tan (not free)

Hair: Bryce Designs - Gerard - Natural Browns - Bark (new release, not free)

Glasses: Kumaki Glasses Style - K_gs Mischief Box (not free)


Outfit: !MPOSSIBLE - To be Relaxed (not free)

Shoes: Maschienenwerk - LowTop II BROWN

February 27, 2010

Colourful Saturday

As a contrast to yesterday's dark looks I present a brighter, more colourful, "looking through yellow tinted glasses" outfit today! Have a great weekend, guys, and keep smiling! :-))

Ok, my avatar still has to work on that smiling part himself, lol!

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Hair: BLACK MARIA  +BM+ Mohawk_H044 (Group Gift)

Skin: LaVie - Seth Goatee Eyeliner/cut Hair Base tan (not free)

Shades: Kumaki Glasses Style - K_gs group gift

Scarf: Kharg DesignJoin Subscribo Gift

T-Shirt: terri.tees - ' krakalakin tee freebie (touch red box)

Wrist Cuff: "ROSSO+" New GroupGift

Shoes: LIAH #042 - Grumble Grumble (come with black tank, only till Sunday, hurry!)

February 26, 2010

Dark Friday (part 2)

The later in the day, the more Emo I turn. Penelope Heron from !MPOSSIBLE has created this new look which I enhanced with a few free/cheapie accessories as well as some items on sale this weekend.

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Hair: [COLORS] - Free JetBlack

Skin: ai fashion - SINOSUKE – male skin – emo plus (10 L$)

Glasses: ::Maschienenwerk:: Day_2_Sunglasses

Tattoo: Acid & Mala - .:A&M:. DRAGON TATTOO - Super-BargainSaturday #8 (60 L$)

Bracelet (left): << Discord >> Sword Bracelet Male Size (Group Gift, Dollarbie)

Bracelet (right): << Discord >> Group limitationBracelet

Belt: Acid & Mala - .:A&M:. Biker Chain Belt - Exclusive item - HBox (75 L$ Sale)

Outfit (incl. Boots): !MPOSSIBLE   To Be Ready (New release/not free, for slender calves. Comes in 2 versions: (1) with pants cuffs and boots as a set or (2) without pants cuffs and then the boots are also wearable individually)

Dark Friday

Ok, hopefully I manage a couple of short posts today so this would be my Goth Look!

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Skin: Endlix - Homme LB-Wizard-black (Lucky Board Prize)

Earring: +ROZOREGALIA+ *Belial*PIERCE3 [Group gift]

Eyes: Shine - Silent Lucidity Mardi Gras

Sweatshirt: [ JASPER ] Black<3 Sweatshirt (comes with Roll-up Shorts)

Pants: >>>Poison<<< Tres60 jeans (Midnight Mania Prize)

Shoes: Little Britain Designs - New Rock Black Studded Shoes (not free)

February 25, 2010

Emo Demon

Whoever sends this messenger boy from hell is surely making a statement, lol!

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Skin: Prodigal - Subscription Gift

Hair:  mischief boy - ::M B:: White day gift TOWA

Eyes: Shine - Lustrous Aurum

Tattoo: KMADD City Exclusive gift ~ Huz Tats

Necklace: Sable Rose - Zoe Celtic Cross Necklace - Emerald (Lucky Board Prize) 

Tank: LIAH #042 - Grumble Grumble

Bag: S.I.C - Bag Brown (Group Gift, join sick Resident) 

Watch: Kumaki - K_gs Moment (new release, not free)

Pants: #053 Potty Mouth Hunt  Grumble Grumble

Shoes: KMADD City Exclusive gift ~ Jeepers Creepers

February 23, 2010

Slow Week

Business is slow this week so I had more time to try out the different variants of the new Mark Skin released a few days ago by LaVie. Don't let the price tag shock you. It's what we guys have to pay for a top-notch skin in SL. Plus, you get a lot of different wear options: with or without Eyeliner, Chest Hair, Hair Base and/or Cut Brow. Here's your taxi!

Still, on this first picture I opted to wear the tattooed version of Mark which was gifted to the LaVie group members (and blogged) the last week.

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Hair: [V] Vignette - [IHS] Andrew – Blacks - Charcoal

Earring: LIAH #009 (2 of 2) - Phoebe ~Piercings & More~

Tattooed Skin: LaVie - Group Gift Mark (blogged before, no longer available)

Monocle & Ring: Steamy VictoriaUpcoming STEAM Hunt prizes (Hunt starts March 1st!!)

Necklace & Wrist Cuffs: Baubles Boho Jewelry - Upcoming OstaraHunt Prizes (Hunt starts March 1st!!)

Vest: sf design - valentine gift 2010 (register with Subscribe-O-Matic and check history)

Pants: Little Britain Designs - Neko M (weekly freebie)

Shoes: MayCreations - Heavy Boots Short Black L

 Now for two looks with less accessories:

(=> click picture to enlarge !)


Hair: [V] Vignette - [IHS] Andrew – Blacks - Soil

Skin: LaVie – Mark Chin Beard Normal (not free)

Shades: InnerWorld Magazine - Gift – Sunglasses

Scarf: BALACLAVA!! - Flowerscarf for gents

Tattoo: Mako - Tattoo002 Group Gift (join **Mako's Pandorabox**)

Tank: * FREE Regata cinza blood

Latex Jeans: FROSTY #50 - Mindshift Menswear (no longer available, sorry, who would have thought a hunt ends on the 22nd, lol) 


Hair: [V] Vignette - [IHS] Andrew – Browns - Cocoa

Skin: LaVie – Mark Goatie2 Cutbrows Normal Haired (not free)


Belt: Equilibrium - Cinto Anatine fexado (marron) (MM Prize)

Pants: EquilibriumCalca (02)(Brasil) (Profile Pick Reward)

Here's a closer look at three more variants of the new Mark skin:

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Hair: Bryce Designs - Adam - Coffees – Espresso (not free)

Skin left: LaVie – Mark Stubble Hair Base Normal (not free)

Necklace: FROSTY #70 - Phoebe ~Piercings & more~

Skin center: LaVie – Mark Full Beard Eyeliner Hair Base Normal (not free)

Skin right: LaVie – Mark Goatie2 Eyeliner Cut Hair Base Normal Haired (not free)

February 21, 2010

Very Casual Sunday

It's late, I'm relaxed, I'm very relaxed ..... zzzhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh  .................... (actually, I'm dreaming of nice new freebie outfits in SL)   ;-)

(=> click picture to enlarge !) 

Hair: Bryce Designs - Poser - Coals – Graphite (not free)


Skin: Flirt! - Wess Natural (MM Prize)

Shades: Kumaki Glasses Style - K_gs Elsie (new release, not free)

Necklace & Wrist Cuffs: Sable Rose - Coexist Men's Casual Jewelry Set (Lucky Board Prize)

Tattoo: ::= Zenith =:: F/M Tattoo

Belt: SD Wears - 3rd Anniversary Gift (only today!!)

Pants: 22769 ANB  - Shopping Bag (GROUP GIFT FEB '10)


Skin: Flirt! Damian Fair (February Gift for the Guyz)

Shades: Kumaki Glasses Style - K_gs Sylfy (new release, not free)

Necklace: POGH #030 - Phoebe ~Piercingg & More~

Hoodie: Gift forMan

Pants: .::SM::. GIFT CHRISTMAS (still available)

Shoes: Maschienenwerk - Bo_Boots (blogged before)

Montana Gold Rush

This weekend numerous designers have teamed up and organized a cancer benefit for Margo Imako. Each booth at this fair sells at least one special item (golden vendor) with those proceeds going completely to Margo to help her cover her medical expenses.

Since most of the special items are geared towards women do take your girlfriend along or look for a transferable item if you want to help, too. For those of us with a small budget I found this very affordable (L$ 25 !) set of female and male bangles (Montana Benefit Silver and Onyx Set) from Baubles Boho Jewelry.

The male bangle goes nicely with the Phoebe necklace I blogged yesterday and the female ones make a nice gift. For the photo shoot I dressed up using one of the three free Western Party Packs for Cowboys from the PeppermintBlue Booth.

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Boots: MayCreations - Biker Boots used brown L (not free)

February 20, 2010

One More To Go

I know I said yesterday that the season for turtlenecks seems to be over (wishful thinking, lol). 

Furthermore, today's Super-Bargain Saturday offer from Acid & Mala Creations is just too good to pass up. For L$ 60 you get a nicely textured and well-designed (I love those arm cuffs) turtleneck which is just as suited for a grungy as for a casual look.

Plus, see some cool necklaces and wrist cuffs, a belt from the SAH (still available if you didn't get it yet), the new Equilibrium t-shirt gift and some more stuff finding its way into my inventory!

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Hair: Black Maria +BM+ PuNk hair_H042 (group gift) 

Skin: LaVie - Group Gift Mark (Damiani is now LaVie, use the chance to join their new group LaVie Design without charge and get this great skin gift for 1 L$) 

Eyes: Adam n Eve - Freebie Box (M) (you'll land on the other side of the wall) 

Shoes: Maschienenwerk - Bo_Boots


Goggles: G-HANA - Goggles (test version) (Dollarbie)

Necklace: }>i<{ LEPIDOPTERA }>i<{ - SmileM (scripted with one-click smile emoter)

Turtleneck: Acid & Mala Creations .:A&M:. Khaki Turtleneck (MALE)Super-Bargain Saturday #7 (60 L$)

Wrist Cuff: Sable Rose - Coexist Men's Casual Jewelry Set (Lucky Board Prize)

 Pants: Acid & Mala Creations .:A&M:. A.O. Bug Tattoo Pants - Male Version (not free)


Necklace: MallCrawl (1 of 2) Phoebe ~Piercings & more~ (thanks Schnaeppchen!)

T-Shirt: EquilibriumGift

Belt: (SAH) UNISEX- #123 ~Magic Pain~

Pants: 22769 - Leather Jeans (MM Prize)

February 19, 2010

The last Turtleneck of this Winter?

Snow melting, spring in sight, feeling like a million bucks – L$s, mind you! ;-)

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Outfit left: DANY FRENCH TOUCH - Loig (Dollarbie)

Shirt: Style Extrem - SE Purple Sweat (Dollarbie, nice find Tarsis!) 

Shades: Kumaki Glasses Style - K_gs Dollars (new release, not free)

February 18, 2010

Quiet Day

Not too much happening right now. Interesting for some, I'm sure: The last Belleza skin group gift is available again. Read here how to get it for free.
Still, I have a few outfits I didn't get to show you before:
(=> click picture to enlarge !)



T-Shirt: KMADD City Exclusive gift ~ Exlibris
Tattoo: >>> moloko <<< Glotz Tattoo

Pants: KMADD City Exclusive gift ~ MADesigns

Shoes: IHS - Slipons - NastyDenim ( tinted darker) 


Jacket: Elemental Fusion - Journey Men's Outfit (shortened to make it open all the way, join Subscribo gift)

Tattoo: >>>Poison<<< Arabian Tattoo (not free)

Wrist Cuff: "ROSSO+" New Group Gift

Pants: KMADD City Exclusive gift ~ MADesigns

Shoes: IHS - Slipons -Scruffy Brown (retinted)

Here are some more:
(=> click picture to enlarge !)


Shades: Kumaki Glasses Style - K_gs Tsubacro 1.00 (not free)

Scarf: >>>Poison<<< GIFT_Anti scarf

T-Shirt: >>>Poison<<< Gift_Black label society_shirt

Tattoo: >>>Poison<<< Chinese Tattoo (not free)

Wrist Cuff: Sable Rose Jewelry - Leather Cuff Freebie

Pants: >>>Poison<<< Grey striped_jeans (not free)


Sweater: INDI Designs - Felton: Part 4

Pants: >>>Poison<<< Brown striped_jeans  (not free)

Shoes: IHS - Slipons - RedPlaid

February 16, 2010

Lent ...

and the promise of frugal times ahead, at least in RL, at least till Easter. Fortunately, we don't have to rack our brains over this in SL – Paddy's Day is ahead, so here's my first hint at green, ;-) !

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Tattooed Skin: LaVie - Group Gift Mark (blogged before)

Shirt: KMADD City Exclusive gift ~  *Connors*

Necklace: ERH051. [Bedlam] (Hint: Look for a rose behind a vendor! Thanks, Schnaeppchen, for another great hunt overview!)

Watch: Kumaki Glasses Style - K_gs Like-G (new release, not free)

February 15, 2010

In Between

Initially I thought my job was done for today but there's so much good stuff out there to be found right now I just had to blog this additional message: Go and get it!

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Left - Outfit: ::Wicked Tattoos:: Wicked's Valentine's Day Gift (group gift, check notices)

Center - Skin: LaVie - Group Gift Mark (Damiani is now LaVie, use the chance to join their new group LaVie Design without charge and get this great skin gift for 1 L$)

Right - Outfit: .::SM::. - Ranger DJS Preto (Lucky Chair Prize)

The Day Before (Monday Preceding) UPDATE!

Peace, Love and Understanding reign – if only for one day. After all, it's Mardi Gras (Shrove Tuesday, in the UK also known as Pancake Day) tomorrow, folks, and we are kickin' winter in the butt!

I'd rather pick flowers instead of fights …

Owl City – Dental Care (Ocean Eyes, 2009)

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

UPDATE => Skin: -Belleza- Thomas V2 - Group gift (5 skin tones, bearded with hair base, available in store this time, join group for free at the moment!)

Asian Shirt: Red PacketHunt #39 - ARAI

Necklace: [P/a] PLUTO+ Opening Group Gift (join Pluto+ :: update group::)

Ring: Sable Rose Birthday ClubFreebie (for all who's rez day is in February)

Pants & Belt: Little Britain Designs - Peace M (weekly freebie)

Shoes: (SAH) UNISEX - #98 *AuMa*

February 14, 2010

What's Left?

It's late and I'm tired and I have definitely seen more hearts and kisses on "inappropriate" spots to last me a lifetime – okay, make that one year at least, lol. Here's some stuff you might wanna get before much of it will be gone by tomorrow.

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Skin: .:Hermony:. (V-DaySpecial) Skin

Eyes: (SAH) UNISEX- #122 .::. Funsize Shapez .::.

Tattoo: "ROSSO+" Men's Fullbody TATTOO


Hoodie & Jeans: Valentine Hunt *Deetalez*

Necklace: "ROSSO+" PadLockNeckChain.SuperReal (join "ROSSO+" group)

Shoes: (SAH) BOYZ -#15 .::SM::. #3 (included in gift # 4, tinted)


Turtleneck: Alphamale - Valentine Sweater

Jacket: "ROSSO+" Original Riders Jacket (join "ROSSO+" group)

Belt: (SAH) BOYZ -#15 .::SM::. #4

Pants: >>>Poison<<<  Dark Brown Jeans (not free)


Hoodie: Moonshine Designs - MS Gift Box-I <3 Originals

Pants: 22769 Store Hunt Item 3/5 (on their MM Board starting the 16th for all that missed it)

Shoes: (SAH) UNISEX- #147 Urban Surfer

February 13, 2010

The Return of Agent Jones

Did I mention that Agent Smithers is a loser ….? Buuaaaaaaahhhahahahahahahaha! BANZAI!!!!!

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Outfit (incl. Glasses): Geezer Garments - [GG] Class Act Black (Pick Reward Gift to celebrate the opening of the new Shopper's Oasis [read here about today's events], gift is available till next Friday)

Necklace/Tie: Gabriel ::GB::Diamond-necktie (group gift)

Arm Strap: BLACK MARIA  - KAMIKAZE armband (Group Gift)

Watch: MW - Digi Watch

Shoes: (SAH) BOYZ -#134  HOC Industries

Weapon: TalTech - Eagle LoLSBS (old LC freebie)

Crazy Little Thing Called Love

You tore my heart out and stitched it back on. How cruel can love be?

… I gotta be cool, relax, get hip!
Get on my track
Take a back seat
Hitch hike
And take a long long ride on my motor bike
Until I’m ready
Crazy little thing called love ...

(=> click picture to enlarge !)

Turtleneck Sweater: .Acid and Mala Creations - A&M:. BlackTurtleneck (Male) - Weekend Fever (L$ 50, only this weekend)

Pants: Little Britain Designs - LoveYou Set M

Shoes: MayCreations - Heavy Boots camogrey L (not free)

February 12, 2010

Luxury GOLD Suit from Gabriel

It's late and I haven't much time but I wanted to pass this on since I missed the notice myself: Gabriel offers a great gold-coloured suit with umpteenth wear options as Lucky Chair prize till February 14th, 7:00am SLT. Thanks again for the heads up, Tarsis!

The cool thing is that the suit is transferable so you can call on your friends for help! Here's the official picture as I didn't have time for my own photo shoot.

Have A Fun Valentine's Weekend, Guys

Just a little addendum to my last post, wearing the same pants and (second) belt here (because that jeans is really low cut, lol). But I wanted to show you these necklaces, one a MM prize the other a Valentine's Gift.

(=> click picture to enlarge !)


Glasses: KMADD City Exclusivegift ~ Adjunct

Necklace: Pixel Box - Dark Cross (MM Prize)


Scarf & Nacklace: :SEY - Valentine Gift for LOKE

Shirt: Little Britain Designs - Love You Set M


New Freebie Bloggers wanted to join the team here at Fashion + Freebies for Men.

We are looking for 1 - 2 people that want to share male hunt items, freebies, group gifts and other fashion items they find during their SL travels with the rest of us.

Click here for Details + Requirements!