October 31, 2013

Unorthodox - Miss Canning - By Snow

If you want to change a little the avatar, there is a good option to try a fantasy  eyes, a  texture that showing teeth, and a piercing from the lucky chair of Unorthodox.  Hope you like.


Piercing - Unorthodox - lucky chair with group gift tag active - free to join - 0L
Alpha teeth - Miss canning - Group Gift - free to join - 0L
Eyes - By snow - hybrid eyes II - 1L (marketplace)


CiC - Flow - [JP]:dgs

Great outif for a lazy day, consisting of a shirt of Flow, JP sneakers with hud to change colors and a hair from a hunt that ends early,  with a hud to combine various colors. I dress one of them:  black and orange. 


hair - CiC Pumpkin hunt - garik - 0L (search for a pumpkin)
T-shirt - Flow - TShirt U neck - Group Gift - 0L
Sneakers - [JP]:dsg - multichange - group gift - 0L

Halloween at (RED) Sand Inc Part II

Few time ago i show you the avatars you can got visiting (RED) Sand Inc , but if you don't like the customes but want to show to all you like this party this is the perfect one for you, you can got it joining the group and taking in past notices.

Jacket with and without T-Shirt & Vest : (RED) Sand Inc (Group Gift)
Sneakers : Grumble - Brits Sneakers (Rock Actitud *Special Halloween* Hunt Prize)

Happy Halloween - Rattling My Bones

Another one for the road. Enjoy!

Happy Halloween – Hug A Zombie (To)Day

Remember, zombies have feelings, too. Have fun! 

Happy Halloween

Halloween is finally here, and this night the worlds of the lives and the deaths are so close, you will need take care, if the doors of the Hell open tonight, he can come to take you with him. Pinhead is one of the most sadistic killers of the classics, hope you like him like i do. Happy Halloween to all.

Complete Avatar : ***VIPs Creations*** - Pinhead - Hellraiser (NOT FREE)

Discovering Mesh Ears

I was a bit sceptical whether I actually needed mesh ears but the ones from [:S&V:] really offer a lot of options (3 styles, pierced and non-pierced versions available), can be colour-fitted with RGB numbers and come with easy to handle add-on earplugs. You can get them at The Body Modification EXPO which still runs for a few more days! 

October 30, 2013

A Look @ L&B's New "Modern Pinstripe" Tuxedo

Lapointe&Bastchild (short: L&B) have released another one of their great tuxedo sets. 

Use the HUD which comes with the package to either pick one of the 4 predefined looks or make your own. Choose from the  ...
-  4 jacket styles,
-  4 shirt colours,
-  4 pants designs, 
-  4 vest colours,
-  4 tie designs and 
-  4 pocket handkerchief styles
that are available to create a new look for each night out. 

Enjoy your formal dancing!

MM and Lucky Letters at C&N Designs

Today i took a ride into the Roleplay i used to play before and i visited the New location of C&N Designs and in a few i got all this outfits to walk around medievals sims without troubles.

Left Complete Outfit : C&N Designs - Red Caste Kilt with Accesories (Lucky Letter)
Middle Comple Outifit : C&N Designs - GreatJon Black Outfit (MM 50 Slaps to got it) 
Right Complete Outfit : C&N Designs - Outfit Black and Grey (Lucky Letter)

October 29, 2013

Become A Mesh Head

Labyrinth has released a series of six Mesh Heads for guys. I am showing you two of them. 

Each of the heads offers a clean, a light stubbled and a heavy stubbled look as well as seven more beard options in four different colours (black, blonde, brown & red) controlled via HUD.

Also included are a bald head and four hair/eyebrow combinations in the aforementioned colours. Furthermore you can decide whether to wear an eyeliner or not. Did I mention you can choose between six different skin tones?

The apparel is new, too! A stylish hoodie just released by *chronokit* and new slacks with belt from kal rau. Enjoy!

Halloween Special Gifts

In this days you can find a lot of Special Halloween Gifts in a lot of stores, today i want show you the gifts of PeKaS Designs & >>GothiCatz<<, hope you like it.

Complete Outfit : PeKaS Designs - Sexy Halloween (FREE)
Wrist Bands : Roosters & Chix Fashion - Rooster Spiker Wrist Bands (Group Gift)
Right T-Shirts : >>GothiCatz<< - Halloween and Muertos 13 (Subscriber Gift)

October 28, 2013

Almost All For Free

Flexing his (few) muscles, Boozoo the Clown was desperately trying to impress Esmaralda the elephant girl.

Black María - Bare Rose - Bluecross - By Snow - Xeno

Yesterday I traveled around a site that impressed me when I started in second life, Insilico, and dressed for the occasion with a very futuristic fashion. Hope you like.

hair- Black María - H060 - group Gift - 0L
Visor glasses - [Bluecross] - Paragon visor multicolor - 9 colors available in the store - gift - 0L (The visor include a very nice animation)
Suit - :::Bare Rose::: - Alpha suit - gift - 0L
eyes - *By snow* - indogene Eyes (mesh and no mesh) - marketplace - gift - 0L
face scars - Xeno - cyberscars - marketplace - gift - 0L

Urban Swag - .:SS:.

A casual style with a tshirt from .:SS:.  October gift  and some group gifts from Urban Swagg  which has several gifts such as glasses, sportswear and shoes. Both are free to enter.


T-shirt with glasses (mesh) - .:Ss:. - Army green pushed up sleeve - group gift - 0L
Pant mesh with suspenders and kapone batman cap - Urban Swag - group gift - 0L

Casual Elegance From Gabriel

Gabriel released a series of Pants (4 plaid/4 plain designs available) to go with their new Wingtip High Cut Shoes (9 colours available) and Knit Jackets (4 colours available) which make for a look that is casual and elegant at the same time.

Delirium Style Group Gift & + 8 DESIGNE + New Release

Before the month end you still have time to go down to Delirium Style and grab this great group gift (group join 99L$) look great with the New Release special for Halloween of + 8 DESIGNE + 

Beanie,Coat & Cig : Delirium Style - Dusty (Group Gift) (Group Join 99L$)
Shape, Eyes , Skin : + 8 DESIGNE +  - Lugat (NOT FREE)
(Come with 3 beard style,without and without hairbase,chesthair and eyeshadow)
Right Up Face Tatoo : Delirium Style - Black Bandage and Smoky Eyeshadow (Include in Group Gift)
Boots :  Dharkan - Combat Boot 0003 Black (NOT FREE)

October 27, 2013

Classics Never Die

Maybe is just me but i keep loving sit in the darkness and see this saga of horror movies, Jason is one of my favorites horror movies character so i want to show you a good avatar to be him during this holidays. Enjoy the screams you will get ;)

Complete Avatar and Complete Outfit : ***VIPs Creations*** - Jason the killer (NOT FREE)

Kmadd - Curves - Ydea - Rom - *PosESioN*

Today, I bring a ready to combine casual style, perfect for a walk through the city on Sunday.

Hair - Kmadd - Breast Cancer Awareness - gift - 0L
Skin and shape - Curves - October gift boys - There are another shape and skin for halloween event - Group Gift - 0L
Pant and boots - Ydea Style- Black - Group Gift 0L - There are a big wall with a lot of Group gift at 0L with the group tag active
Tshirt - Rom - Gg-omotenasi- Lucky board item - 0L (mesh)
Piercing - *PosESioN* -- Calm set - gift - 0L (marketplace)

Sleepy Hallow Hunt Part II

Lets continue with Sleepy Hallow Hunt, we still have time before Halloween to choose what we want to wear ;)

Left Outfit : Tequila Rain - Black Nightmare (SHH Prize 1L$)
Left Shoulder Pet  : Virtual Ryukyu (Come in Orange and Blue) (SHH Prize 1L$)
Right Outfit : Grumble (SHH Prize 1L$)

Left Complete Avatar & Custome : ***VIPs Corner*** - Gothic Fighter (SHH Prize 1L$)
Right Comple Outfit : Naked - Jack Halloween Outfit (SHH Prize 1L$)

October 26, 2013

Halloween Impressions @ Designer Warehouse

Visiting the loved ones at home and saying hello to Aunt Mary and Uncle Bob who live six feet under. 

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

As nice as it must be to have your food crawling all over you I sure don't get it that they won't even come out of their wet holes for the holiday to spend some time with me inside in front of this cozy fireplace.

( => click picture to enlarge !) 

( => click here for details and more pictures!)

Sleepy Hallow Hunt

Continuing with Halloween related hunts, today i want to show you some prizes of Sleepy Hallow Hunt, an only men hunt with items are 1L$ each and run till 31 of October. Enjoy the weekend guys.

Eyes : .:: IM CaPPed::. - Soul Windows - Hallowed - Haunted (SHH Prize 1L$)
Necklace : Souled Out - Hangmans Necklace (SHH Prize 1L$)

Complete Outfit : [VM] Vero Modero - Caramel Coat Set (SHH Prize 1L$)
Right Up Jacket : !!Absolutely Smitten - Victorian Jacket & Vest (SHH Prize 1L$)
Right Middle Hoody : Dreamcatcher - Happy Halloween (SHH Prize 1L$)
Right Down : LC DESIGNS - Men's Pea Coat (Come in Black and Blue)(SHH Prize 1L$)

October 25, 2013

Lazy Friday

Dura offers a new hairstyle which fits perfectly with the relaxed slacker, “get out of bed at lunchtime”-look I was aiming for. 

The swaggy pants come courtesy of ::LikeA:: which released three more series of very low-rise baggy jeans. Each of these pants come with colour-changeable boxers and belt. Today, I show you one example from Set 2 which comes with embellishments.

Last but not least, the cool t-shirt is the first original design made by sf design. It includes a colour-change HUD. Be sure to get it there because it won't be available anywhere else! 

Discord Designs - Wicked Tattoos - Shadrik - To be Unique

Ready to hunt zombies? Today I was chasing zombies in Deadpool and dressed for the occasion: good shoes and pants camo from To be Unique. A lot of fun.

Hair -Discord Designs - Robyn - Milk chocolate - gift - 0L
Short  and sneakers- To be unique - group gift - free to join - 0L (mesh)
Cigarette - Shadrik - cigarette light - marketplace - 0L
Tattoo - Wicked - Victory tattoo - 1L / There are a room with all items to 1L and  more tattoo and clothes. The tattoo are in light, dark and medium version


Uncleweb - TheMale Shop - Uncleweb - Posesion

A perfect outfit for the gym, a good shape and more.

hair - Uncleweb - ash rose and natural - group gift - 0L
 shape - the male shop- ethan shape non modify- 1L (marketplace)
 outfit - the sheep door- jersey - lucky board - 0L (mesh)
 pose- Posesion - gift-0L (marketplace, pack with 6 poses) and more available. Here and here

Fatewear - Mother Goose - Fruk - Kal Rau

Hello everyone. I bring a few sets ready to combine in several posts in different styles. Good shopping.
jacket -Fatewear-leon-suscribe gift- 0L (mesh)//// Beanie and key chain-kal rau-group gift-0L (free to join) //// skin -Mother goose - Jeremy - Lucky board- 0L //// goatee - Fruk- gift- 0L ////

Supernerd / Dura

Greetings. I appreciate the invitation to participate in the blog and I hope you enjoy my findings. I'm from Argentina and I enjoy walking, shopping in SL and photography. Now my first post. Today on my journey I found a shop called Supernerd with group gifts and free to join.

Pants: [Supernerd] - slim fit jean - group gift - free to join - 0L (mesh)
Jacket: [Supernerd] - Denim jacket with hoodie - Group gift - 0L (mesh)
Shoes: [Supernerd] - Slip ons ckeckered black and white - Group gigt - 0L
Sunglasses: [Supernerd ] - Nerd glasses - Group Gift - 0L
Hair: Dura - The 3th year anniversary - sienna - Group Gift - free to join - 0L

Tricks for Treats Hunt Part II

Continuing with Tricks for Treats Hunt still a lot of good prized for guys in this free hunt, don't miss the chance to got them.

Left Shape,eyes & eyebrows : + 8 DESIGNE + - Diego Shape (MM 72 Slaps to got it)
Left Thong : CERO STYLE (TfTH Prize)
Right Up : Dirty Laundry Designs (TfTH Prize)
Right Middle : Platypus - Tricks (TfTH Prize)
Right Down : [Sparrow by Design] - Skylly Jacket & Brown Tank in Dirty Grey (TfTH Prize) (TfTH Prize)

Left Outfit : ST@SIS - Slave for Him (TfTH Prize)
Left Boots : Dharkan - Combat Boot 0003 Black (NOT FREE)
Right Outfit : Naughty Naughty - Sexy Treat (TfTH Prize)
Right Boots : + 8 Fashion + Leather Boots (MM Prize 54 Slaps to got it)

October 24, 2013

New From Legal Insanity

Today a stylish and rarely seen combination of shorts and leg warmers together with a sweater vest/shirt/tie ensemble as well as sunglasses, all from Legal Insanity! The cool skin is an exclusive item from . : VyC : . that you can get, just like the glasses, @ The Body Modification EXPO

Lavie Halloween Hunt & Tricks for Treats Hunt

Halloween is next week and a lot of special hunts give us halloween gifts, Lavie is doing of this special hunts is only for Group Members but right now group join is free so don't miss this chance. To mix with this awesome skins i did the Tricks for Treats Hunt, hope you enjoy the prizes.

Shape,eyes & eyebrows : + 8 DESIGNE + - Diego Shape (MM 72 Slaps to got it)
Left skin and mesh ears : Lavie - Lavie Drow "Zyn"
Left thong : DemotiK - Man Candy Thong (TfTH Prize)
Left piercing : :*:CPD:*: - Skull Nipple Rigns (TfTH Prize)
Right skin : Lavie - Lavie Halloween 2013 "Killer"
Briefs : Grumble - Men Underwear Bats (TfTH Prize)

Left costume with complete avatar : ***VIPs Creations*** - Sexy Devil (TfTH Prize)
Ghost : ^WSC^ - Ghost *Bloody* (TfTH Prize)

October 23, 2013

Kauna Goes Halloween

Being a zombie is no excuse to stumble along in worn-out rags: The posh undead wear a stylishly torn suit and blood-covered brogues from Kauna.

+ 8 DESIGNE + & ***VIPs Creations*** New Release

New guy just arrived the town and he promise to be a success, + 8 DESIGNE + Tyler is a strong guy i'm sure you will love to be in him skin, thinking in Halloween i will show you a hot custome of ***VIPs Creations*** is perfect to surprise your girl or boy ;)

Left Custome : ***VIPs Creations*** - Male Stripper Policeman Outfit (NOT FREE)
Right Complete Outfit : + 8 Fashion + Mesh Male Outfit Francesco (Last week MM)

October 22, 2013

New From [ hoorenbeek ]

[ hoorenbeek ] has been ramping up their production of new materials viewer ready clothes. Here's a look at some of their latest releases! As always, you'll get multiple wear options. Sweaters and sweatshirts can be worn alone or under a jacket, jackets come in a closed and in an open version. 

Halloween at (RED) Sand Inc

Halloween is here and at (RED) Sand Inc you will find great options to we perfect for this ocassion. Enjoy guys ;)

Complete Outfit ,Eyes, Eyebrows & 3 Skins, 1 Demon, 1 Ghost & 1 Human (RED) Sand Inc - Trick or Treat Male Pumpkins (Group Gift)

4 Skin Options,Eyes,Eyebrows,Tattoo,Pants & Glasses (RED) Sand Inc - The Nurd (Group Gift)
Jacket : Mankey Ferret - Jacket and Shirt Combo Black/White Dark Sweater (NOT FREE)
Hair : *Amacci* - Hair Ethan Jet Black (NOT FREE)

October 20, 2013

Vintage in Venice Hunt

A lot of hunts going on right now, today i choose Vintage in Venice Hunt to show you, this one will end October 23 so run if you want to get this prizes before hunt end.

Left Outfit : ToXiC HiGh (VIV Prize)
Right Vest : {Princess Oddities} (VIV Prize)

Left Complete Outfit : AdelleArts (VIV Prize)
Right Outfit : C&F - Renaissance Benvolio (VIV Prize)


New Freebie Bloggers wanted to join the team here at Fashion + Freebies for Men.

We are looking for 1 - 2 people that want to share male hunt items, freebies, group gifts and other fashion items they find during their SL travels with the rest of us.

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