August 30, 2013

The Eclipse Incident: Night Clan

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STORYLINE: As it has always been, the Night Clan stirs when darkness falls over the land. 

If you haven't already picked up the deals at We <3 Role Play, hurry. The August round ends on the 31st. I'm wearing an outfit by Kahli Desgins that can be worn on girls, guys, and even males on female base. The mesh attachements can be edited for a good fit. The outfit includes a lionhead shield and sword. Check out these fun mesh demon hands by Death Row. They are not rigged and have a X,Y,Z resize script. It includes a black glove layer to help blend the demon hand into your skin. Two items shown above I got at the Fantasy Gacha, the pink dragon shoulder pet by Candy Crunchers, and the horns I have on by Aisling. The Candy Horns our lovely Moon Maiden is wearing are from the cheapie section on We <3 Role Play and come in several colors. The gown is from Fateplay and can be worn without or without sleeves. There is a very nice lacing detail on the back of the gown. Both Night Clanners are wearing Fallen Gods skins currently on sale at WLRP. Both come in male and female versions. The poses and the summoning circle are from set kit by Chanimations that includes 5 poses, and a particle special effect for each hand in several colors. For the purpose of image, I made my own FX in postproduction.

On Him, Night Clan Drow:
Armor, pants, boots, belt, sword, shield, helmet: Kahli Designs Royal Guard unisex (We <3 Role Play) [mesh] (499L)
Skin: Fallen Gods HYBRID male CYAN Tribal (We <3 Role Play) (495L) 50% off
Hands: Death Row Designs Demon Hands [mesh] (60L)
Hair short: Faenzo UFFIE Hair // NTRL Grey [mesh] (1L)
Hair long: RedMINT (r)M ~ Hair(Mesh) No.06 ~ Stone [mesh] (edit hat)(discontinued)
Horns: Aisling Marangki -Bones- [mesh] (past, Fantasy Gacha)
Eyes: Rue Eyes/Grimalkin: Ice [mesh] (past, We <3 Role Play)
Setting: Urban Forge Virtuatecture UF gift box - TH Fall '12 (past, Twisted Hunt)

On Her, Night Clan Witch:
Skin: Fallen Gods CRYSTAL female VIOLET OpalFae Gloss (We <3 Role Play) (495L) 50% off
Dress: FATEplay Wende - Amethyst [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (375L) 25% off
Horns: Alchemy  Candy Horns - Ombre [mesh] (We <3 Role Play) (25L)
Poses, set: Chanimations Sorceress Summon and Spell poseset (We <3 Role Play) (215L) 50% off 
Pet: Candy Crunchers Dragon Pet 10 - Rare [mesh] (past, Fantasy Gacha)
Eyes: Rue Eyes/Grimalkin: Ice [mesh] (past, We <3 Role Play)
Hair: Wasabi Pills Lory Mesh Hair - Iceberg (past, The Arcade)

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