August 16, 2013

Homeless Awareness Hunt

The Homeless Awareness Hunt is from August 15th until September 15th. The prizes are 0l and you're looking for a cardboard box. There are around 25 stores and the prizes are male, female, and unisex, as well as props. For more information about the hunt (there are no hints available but I found the prizes easily enough) then visit the Mental Health Awareness Retreat page.

Hoodie: American Bazaar - MESH Run Hoodie UOW (Homeless Awareness Hunt - Aug 15 - Sept 15)
Jeans:    [Supernerd] - Slim Fit Jeans (Group Gift - 0l join fee)
Shoes:   /XIAJ/ - Leopard Sneakers (Group Gift - 0l join fee)
Hat:      Phoebe - *P* Jess Mesh Bonnet (unisex) (Homeless Awareness Hunt - Aug 15 - Sept 15)

CatniP also has this bench prop as their prize for the Homeless Awareness Hunt. It has several single poses included.

Bench:      .:-CatniP-:. - Delirious Derelict park bench (Homeless Awareness Hunt  - Aug 15 - Sept 15)

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