August 3, 2013

Dare2Bare hunt

Today I am bringing you some freebies from the Dare2Bare hunt.

The Dare2Bare hunt is a hunt centered around...barely there clothing, mostly for women, but I have found some guy things as well! 

The Dare2Bare hunt started on August the first and runs until the 31st.
The hunt has 80 stores. 
All items are free, and I will only be showing you ones that aren't so...risque >.<
You can find out more about this hunt, including SLurls, hints, and hunt gift pictures here

Lets see some awesome gifts :D

I'm going to do tings a little differently this time.
Instead of the girls first and then the guys, I'll be doing both at once.

The shape I am using for the male is the first hunt gift from Shame Me Designs called Alec.
This shape is a 6'3 shape.
This gift also comes with 2 female shapes, flat chested, and one with breasts.
(Alec M 6'3" by Shame Me Designs)

The outfits are FULL outfits offered up by Nicclas Designs.
This outfits come with lots of add-ons including shoes, sunglasses, earrings, scarf, bracelets, necklace, and more for the men!
For the female outfit it comes complete with shoes, color change HUD, belly piercing, bracelets, necklace and more!
Men's: (Nicclas Design ~ Dare2Bare ~ Male complete Outfit)
Gal's: (Nicclas Design ~ Dare2Bare ~ Female complete Outfit)

The hair is the gift from Tameless, naturally it is a girl's hair, but looks great as a long hair for men as well \o/.
I'm showing it here in the Goth Purple color and Sky Blue, it is color change.
(Tameless Hair Abbie - Fantasy)

The skin on the female is one of ten gifts to be found around Pixystix.
Hidden all around the store is the "2" to be found and inside you get a folder full of 8 skin options, eyebrow makeup layers, hair bases, lashes, breast appliers, Mesh feet, and lots more!
(D2B 2. PixyStix ::Penelope Bare:: (3 of 10))

The second gift set features:

Female skin by Panda Punx.
This gift comes with 2 skin options, cleavage and no cleavage.
(.:Panda Punx:. Body Shop D2B 5 HG)

The female outfit is from The Little Bat and is a mesh set in 5 pantie and 6 top sizes with alpha layers for both.
(Top: Troublemaker)
(Bottoms: Tamed)

Shoes for both are by Latreia and are Mesh sets with an Alpha layer and foot shaper.
Men's: (Latreia- Buck Grateful)
Women's: (Latreia- Lexi Peri)

and sadly, the last male item for this hunt are these  *smexy* thong underwear.
The underwear are from Carrie's Lingerie and are on underwear layer only, and come with a prim attachment for the front :*)
This also includes a female version of a lace see through body suit in the same gift.
(CB~Men's Thong mint)

And now for the girl + girl section.
 Because there weren't many guys things in this hunt, I decided to keep showing you some of the girl's items.

The first set is by Que Bella.
This outfit is on base layer clothing and comes with an applier for breasts.
(!Q.B!Chillin~Punk Skulls)

The next outfit is from CandyMetal and includes 5 Mesh sizes of the skirt and the shirt, 2 Mesh sizes of panties, and a pair of glasses.
(~CandyMetal~ Sexy Ladies)

The corset set is a Mesh gift from Niekra's Dreams.
This gift comes with 6 Mesh corset sizes, detachable skirt, bangles, and alpha layer.
(Niekra's Dreams - Blue Corset Silks)

The next outfit is comprised of 3 separate gifts.
The top is from Blonde&Blonde and is a base layer clothing shirt with breast applier.
(Blonde&Blonde - Hot Mess Pink)
The vest is a Mesh gift from SAS Mesh and comes with 6 sizes, and an alpha layer.
([SAS MESH] D2B Open Long Vest)
The skirt is a Mesh gift from MV and comes with 5 sizes and an alpha layer.
(:{MV}: Micro Flirt Skirt)

The gown comes from Sassy! Designs and is a Mesh gift with 5 sizes and an alpha layer.
(~Sassy!~ Dare gown)

This one piece is a Mesh gift from Moyet and comes with 6 sizes, breast applier, and a HUD.
([Moyet] HuntGift 8/2013 Dare2Bare)

And last but not least is the gift from Dumb Blond and comes with 5 sizes of Mesh dresses, 6 nipple pasties on Tangos breasts appliers and shirt layers, and a color change HUD for the dress, with an alpha layer.

I hope you all have enjoyed my post \o/

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