August 11, 2013

The Marketplace, and what it can do for you \o/ pt.2

Part 2 of my Marketplace run today features the style of:


With Summer coming to an end soon, I decided to try and pack as much summer fun into this blog post as possible...only using things from the Marketplace, and being 50$L and under!!!

Ladies first:

FLG gives us this full outfit for a freebie!
This outfit includes the top in 5 Meshy sizes, an alpha layer and a color change HUD including 3 texture options.
The shorts in 5 Meshy sizes and an alpa layer.
The shoes in 5 Meshy sizes, an alpha layer, a color Change HUD for bledning and toenail colors, and blending socks.

Now for the guys:

This outfit is brought to us by RoOC Nexen 's Casa Diabolica as a cheapie!
This out fit features a zip up hoodies vest in 5 Meshy sizes, and an alpha layer.
The shorts come in 4 Meshy sizes with an alpha layer.
This will cost you 10$L.

The sandals are not included and are not cheap or free but come from 7 Exits Designs.
These are the Spongee sandals and are the most awesome pair of sandals I have owned. 
They will cost you 395$L, you get Meshy goodness in the form of feet and sandals.
The color change options are worth every linden! So many colors for the sandals and the nails!

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