August 28, 2013

The Marketplace, and what it can do for you \o/ pt. 6

Today's Marketplace run post is all about full outfits.
Great outfits can be made by just piecing together items from different outfits, but sometimes, we just don't have time to dig through our ever growing inventory.
So today, i bring you a couple of full out fits from the Marketplace!

I now bring you the Full outfits run of the Marketplace:

Ladies first:
This outfit comes from FLG.
It features Meshy pants in 5 sizes, an base layer shirt with tango breast applier, shoes with skin matching HUD.
it is a free gift \o/

The jewelry is a freebie set from  Jasper Eel Designs.
It features a necklace, 2 rings, 2 bracelets, and a pair of earrings.

Now for the guys.
This goes over my usual 50$L limit, but I thought it was an awesome complete outfit.
This outfit is from Rose Marine.
It features all base layer clothing with prim attachments, and comes with shoes, jacket, shirt, pants, gloves, and boxers.
It is 55$L

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