August 13, 2013

The Marketplace, and what it can do for you o pt.3

Round 3 of the Marketplace run, and this posts theme is...

Keep Calm and...

keep calm and...well, anything really. 
Why keep calm and? 
Because...why not?

Here is the marketplace run for 
Keep calm and...

For the ladies, I have a simple Mesh tank top from Laboutique that comes in 5 Meshy sizes, with an alpha layer.
It says simply:
Stay come and eat tacos!
I love tacos \o/
This will cost you 30$L

The pants I am wearing are a dollarbie from Chica Boom and are on pants layer and come with prim legs pieces.
There is also a capri set included with prim leg pieces as well.

my shoes are 5$L and are from Silly, Spoiled, Whore.

One thing I did want to mention, though not from the Marketplace, the hair and makeup I am wearing.
These items are from the "Taste The Rainbow hunt".
It is a free hunt with prizes from some of the most fabulous designers!
My hair is the gift from Alice Project.
 It is Mesh and comes in 5 colors.
The makeup I am wearing is from 2 places actually.
The lips are from Pink Fuel and come in a pack of lots of choices.
The eye shadow is from Black Lace Beauty and comes in  a 3 pack.

Now for the guys.

The shirt is another food centered keep calm shirt.
This time, it comes from Pinelli's and comes in 5 Meshy sizes with an Alpha layer.
It simply says:
Keep Calm and put bacon on it!
I too, love bacon \o/
It's free!

The Pants are a dollarbie from *TWAK* and are also Mesh.
They come in 5 Meshy sizes with an alpha layer.

The Shoes are from BlackBurns and come with black socks.
they are a freebie as well!

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