February 24, 2013

Tainted No More

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Vonie may have survived Valentine's Day, but he was moping around. I told him somewhere out there was a nice girl who would accept him and his condition. "Believe me," I said, "I know it's not easy being a boy with a curse." He listened as I recanted my own experinces. When I was done, he announced he would make a pilgrimage to the graves of our ancestors to pray for a miracle.

When Vonie came back, he excitedly told me about a beautiful girl he met crying in the garden. She looked so sad, he couldn't help but ask what was wrong. Although he was a stranger, she poured out her heart to him. She was grateful someone cared. The boys were mean to her. They pulled her hair and call her "Tainted." He could barely believe it when she shyly confessed her mother was a vampire. He immediately blurted his own "tainted" background. And then the most amazing thing happened, … she smiled.

I hope you liked the tainted series. Couldn't resist making a happy ending. lol. I am wearing the limited edition Valentines's version of the Epic Business Suit. The Red and Black Suit is no longer available, however you can scoop up this excellent suit in black, navy, brown, or grey. Each one comes with a nice texture change hud. You can play with the texture options in the inworld store by clicking on the different buttons on the display model. My posing partner is wearing the new dress from RokumeikaN named after her, Fuli. She was nervous about doing justice to the dress. I think she did great! Looks very cute. The Fuli dress is available in black, green, red, and white. The ribbon changes textures, just click on the bow to change colors.

On Him:
Jacket, Tie, Pants: Epicosity Business Man Suit Red & Black with texture hud [mesh] (750L)
Hair: COLORS 49 MediumGray, Black pack (100L)
Shoes: PixelFashion Bradford Shoes Black [mesh] (390L)
Location: St Illuminatious at Morphe Inc's

On Her:
Dress: +RokumeikaN+ +RMK*Fuli*Red+M [mesh] (250L)
Hair: Lo'Momo Matthiola fatpack with color change bow and 2 bang styles (400L)
Stockings: Ambrosia Lace stockings (1L)
Shoes: G Field Bow Strap Shoes Kate red (180L)
Location: Notre Dame Cathedral
Thanks for your help Fulli!

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