February 17, 2013

Look of the day ... with Flow, legal insanity and phoebe

Oh i can not wait for summer to be back ... Legal insanity brings out this great sunglasses in different colors azure, black, green, orange and purple. So yes you can look great in no matter what outfit you are wearing. I choise to pick flow Boardshorts Arpoador to go surfing, and what choises do you have omg and wow there are not 1 but at least 10 different designs to choise from.  Add some earplugs and this hearts necklace from phoebe piercing and you are ready to go... 

Ear plug - Phoebe piercing and more *P* Ear Plug ~Black~

Necklace - Phoebe piercing and more - *p* Hearts necklace 
Shorts - Flow - Boardshorts arpoador F1
Sunglasses Legal Insanity - solo sunglasses Azure

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