February 21, 2013

Supreme talent challenge 1 - CYBER

The supreme talent competition started 19 january with a really great challenge "CYBER". I was one of the models out there and was very exited to start this competition. Nervous ... Scared ... Shaking ... looking around ... Oh wow i like those others styling and then .....O.o did you see those judges? 
This is going to be a hard competition and i will be lucky if i survive this round and go to the next.... 
Le moment suprème .... playing the choreo in my head and hoping and praying lag would not hit.... oh the description i almost forgot ... and then 3 2 1 ... GO

Styling card ....

Earrings - .HoD.  - HOD - Dragon Spiral - adjusted in colours
Fingertape - Envious - Hypnosis finger tape (old hunt item)
Eyes - Coca & Wolf - :: Cracked Metal Eyes ::  :: Silver :: BOX
Septre - :: Hybrid Prod :: Royal Septre Wand
Boots - Neurolab inc.-  [NeurolaB Inc.] Runner Hi-Boots X-2 UNISEX
Hair - A&Y - A&Y Echo Cyber hair - Black
Shoulderpiece - De La soul -  Digital Deamon Shoulder Male V1.5
Horns - De la soul Digital Deamon - Horns Appolyon
Spine - Hydro-spine male
Make up - Madrid solo - februari group gift male (red) (blogged before)
Body Tattoo - Xeno - Mirror's edge tattoo
Face Make up - Dot-be Make up - made by myself (not in store)
Jacket - Xeno - X-11 Sprawl Jacket 
Kilt - Xeno - X-11 sprawl Kilt 
Forearm - Night Fox - RU  - Cyber Effect forearm

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