February 22, 2013

Coats, Coats, Coats (part 1)

Legal Insanity released a series of coats which come in four different texture styles with 5 colours each controlled via HUD. You can choose between a leather, shocking leather, suede leather or camouflage design, the latter being the one I took for this picture. 

You should definitely try out the demo version with this item first as it was difficult for me to find a mesh pants in my inventory which does not cut through the coat at the ass. 

The solution: I'm wearing one of the new Viktor Jeans Legal Insanity released a short while ago in size S (instead of M) and the coat in size L. Using the basic mesh shape as described in the tutorial I then had to change my shape settings as follows:
- Butt Size = 30 or less (also necessary if you want to wear the coat with a layered pants)
- Package Size = 0 
- Saddle Bags = 0

Btw., this pants also offers another advantage: You can choose between the regular and 3 boot-cut pants lengths via HUD, so no (or at least less) need for shoe base tricks (see tutorial) when wearing boots with your mesh pants.

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