December 20, 2010

What PROGRAM are You?

Caught Tron Legacy last weekend, a much anticipated movie, because I remember seeing the original version when I was still in Primary school in the early 80s. Was fascinated that the movie was all dark and only neon lights illuminated the actor's faces. Not to mention Jeff Bridges, a damn fine actor in our time, is in it. Ok, I am a sci-fi geek, guilty as charged.

Then... Tron also arrived in SL. Yay! Now you can ride in a bike that is featured in the movie too. Hurry go get a free suit, its free for the opening special!

Location of sim: Tron Legacy Adventures and Light Cycle Circuit

Get your basic freebie suit (orange, cyan for both males and females) and ride the rezzable Light cycle bike here! Vrooommmm!

On left: Giggerotar Aeon in Red Tron outfit (for the ladies!)

Hair: - W & Y Prem Hair Metal (fat pack store group gift) - W & Y Main Store

Tron Suit (Red): Limited time Opening special freebie - Grafosyakuza Shop

Mech parts: Cyberneko parts: visor, arms and knee pads - Creator discontinued

In centre: LividEye Yoshikawa in Cyan Tron outfit

Helmet: Replicator Helm (not free but it's only 25L!) - Grendels

Hair: Alien Cool head (not free, 50L) - :::Omega Point::: shop

Tron Suit (Cyan): Suit User Basic Program Version 0.9.4 (not free, comes with light disc on back and r-hand, 100L) - Grafosyakuza Shop

Hologram attachment and AO: Hologram 'white' male (not free) - Grendels

On right:

Light Cycle Bike (no light streaks version unlike the rezzable one at sim) - SL TRON fans Group (free to join) Gift - Search for bike in group notices to save attachment, suspect might not be there for long so hurry!

So what PROGRAM are you? Or Are you a USER?! Well, Users rawkkkkkkk (apparently in the movie)! LOL

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