December 22, 2010

Plaid Never Looked Better This Christmas

Ok this hunt is a short run because its made for Christmas and only recently released, so you really don't wanna missed it (ends on 25 Dec I think). Plus, June Dion, one of the most prolific designers ever established in SL, has spent a lot of time planning it with narrative stories to give the hunt a more meaningful and human touch. The hunt is made up of 4 parts and at each juncture, we will collect the parts to form up this christmas themed plait suit (comes together both femme and homme versions! hair and boots not part of suit!) Last but not least, if you pan your camera down underground into the secret sewers from the middle of BareRose HQ, you will see a locket on a table of a japanese living room which contains 2 special items (the cap and and the locket!):

Location: ::: BareRose HQ ::: (Click on the board for the hunt, it will give you the start point)

I am terribly sorry, I shan't reveal all the direct locations because I think June Dion and her team has spent vast amount of time to narrate the story for the hunt, simulate the various picturesque settings for the 4 different locations in the sim and we should really try to appreciate the work gone into this and enjoy the hunt in proper. :P

Things not from hunt:

Shape: MHOH5 - #43 ~LillyeShapes~ [ANTONIO] (Hunt just ended! :P) - LILLYE SHAPES

Skin: Skin Bill Group Gift (3 Skin Tones included): Aimesi -previously blogged here by Yves

Hair: Group Gift: "FA"Normal Hair[Neo Black] - - Find Ash -

Boots: Group Gift Bad Santa Boots- MayCreations - previously blogged here by Yves

Do explore in the sewers... theres a really amazing nice location for a shot like the one above here I done up... :P

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