December 27, 2010

Fantasy World of SL

Please tell me you have been to Grendels before, because if you haven't, then you haven't experienced SL in its most entertaining sense! This Christmas goodie offer only comes once a year. Blink of an eye, missed it and you have to wait an entire year for Grendels to give you all these goodies again during Christmas(both dragon and medieval being are just some of the many many items in the hunt!)

Location: Grendel's Children (There is a mining thingy going on here, you can try it out but it yields nothing for now. Apparently, Grendel's Children will be announcing more details later, possibly for 2011 New Year celebrations!)

Location 1: HUGE Gift Sack (this is the one bag you cannot miss at the fireplace!)

Location 2: Shoulder Pets Pressie (the statue is holding the pressie)

Location 3: Bugs Cubies (on a coffee table)

Location 4: Frozen Cubie (near the giant salamander)

Location 5: Frozen Gorilla (right on top of the frozen block)

Location 6: Flying Raptor (Look up people! Its in its mouth!)

Location 7: Spider Leg (This needs you to pan up and rotate till you see a small pressie on 1 of the spider's leg)

I was there for hours and in my mingling with everyone, these are what I have concluded, and are all the items found after everything rezzed, do let me know if I missed any. Hope everyone is patient to wait for the elements to rezz, ask around if you are lost. Generally, if you can get there using the LM from here, people are quite friendly to help out. *wink* :P

You better hurry if you are keen and reading this! 0.O

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