December 13, 2010

2 Years, 800+ posts and 600,000+ page views later ...

I'm taking a small break to do a little skating at Waco Waterfalls. Really a very beautiful sim!  

Now, who would have thought blogging would make time pass this fast. Ever since I got my first post published it's been a roller coaster ride, lots of work but also a lot of fun. I hope that you, my loyal readers, were never bored. In any case, I'm sure that your virtual wardrobes must be filled to the brim by now, lol. Take care and do stick around for your (almost) daily news on men's fashion and good quality freebies.

A big thank you also to my sponsors who keep supporting this pr effort of mine. I really appreciate it and hope the next year will be even more successful for all of us! Readers, please click the logo pictures in the side bar to teleport and check out their stores! 

( => click picture to enlarge !)

Knit scarf, mittens and men's beanie with hair: sf design - Monday Mania Sales Item (25 L$)

Tattoo: ::Wicked Tattoos:: - Wicked DJ Tattoo (MM Prize)

Tank Top: terri.tees - frosty tee & tank (not free)

Pants: :Rob: - Snow Washed Jeans (Advent Calendar Gift, only today, December 13th)

Skates: ALB  - CHRISTMAS 2010 ornament # 13 (Advent Calendar Gift, only today, December 13th)


  1. Congrats Yves thanks for flying the flag for mens fashion in sl :) ,I appreciate all your hard work , keep going! bravo

  2. Congrats for all this hard work Yves! Merry xmass, Happy Chanuka or Happy whatever you believe and a way happier new year!

    xoxo Isabelli

    PS (this skin really lloks great on you!!!

  3. Thanks, swaffette and Isabelli , for your kind words.

    /me smiles

  4. 2 years - CONGRATULATIONS! We know first hand how much work it is, and how time consuming it can be to consistently put out good posts. Kudos on doing such a great job, and best of luck with the future of the blog as well.



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