December 23, 2010

Its time to go Sleighing!

Darn, I wish I could see snow from where I come from... I mean, hell, we don't even get the usual rainfall we usually get... all I could do is pretend it is really cold here now... Hahahahaha... hope all of you have a cool and wonderful Christmas!

Then I thought maybe I should blog some items from the less well-known hunt... which are really good too, just very overlooked(the underdogs!)! :P

Hair+Knit Cap: group gift ROY for men(upstairs) - -Lotus-

Skin: Past Group Gift: +Shiva+S-M-LB3skin: +Shiva+ (corrected)

Christmas Suit: Island of Misfit Toys Hunt #17 Christmas Body Warmer and Sweater and Tweed trousers: ~subVersion~

Sunglasses: Store freebie: Milano_Shades: ::Maschienenwerk::

Waistpouch: **JPK Lucky Boards: Messenger Hip Bag (Red) BOX: **JPK

Gloves: ..::CHTH::.. hunt item #7: RONSEM* Flight Gloves(V2) *RONSEM*

Boots: Store Lucky Board: Sheep Skin Boots(female version also available!) - Amaama

Christmas Sleigh: ZombiePopcorn Hunt - Baffle! #23 (sorry folks, it just ended not long ago! :P)


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