July 26, 2013

Vero Modero July Hunt and Ultrashape

Today i was trying the gifts for guy of the July Hunt of Vero Modero, and i mixed with the group gift of Ultrashape, hope you like them.

Left : *Ultra Shape* Alfred Shape Group Gift (Special Gift last weekend)
Right : *Ultra Shape* Gift For Male 04 Group Gift
Swimsuit : [VM] Vero Modero Burak Mesh Swim Suit (Vero Modero July Hunt 10L$ Item)
Hair : Discord Designs Hair Fair 2013 5 Years of Braids - Roni (1L$ Item)

Outfit : [VM] Vero Modero Tolga Mesh Set Yellow Mesh (Vero Modero July Hunt 10L$ Item)
Left :  *Ultra Shape* Skin Tint01- Light Group Gift 
Right : *Ultra Shape* Skin Tint01- Dark
(Skin Tint Pack come with 3 tatoo layers on of the modify so you can edit and add the color you want to your normal skin)

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