July 24, 2013

Good News for Role Players: WLRP & FATEplay

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STORYLINE: When his father, the King, was killed in battle against the Saxon raiders, the young Prince took up his father's Sundisk banner and charged into the fight. He had no weapons or armor. He was a spoiled noble, not a trained fighter. He wished to be killed quickly. Funny how things don't go according to plan.

We <3 Role Play current round ends July 31st. Many terrific new mesh items on sale.
Boys of Summer ends July 31st. Exclusive items.

On Him, Captured Prince:
Top, Pants, Boots: Kahli Designs Royal Raiment - Black/Silver [mesh] (WLRP)(249L) 50% off
Eyes: Rue Eyes/Grimalkin: Green Gold  [mesh] (WLRP)(75L) 50% off 
Hair: LALA Moon Side Winder - Black Sepia (free, Lucky board)

Throne, props: Tia Odin Throne [mesh] (WLRP)(720L adult / 420L pg) 25% off 
Lighting: Rustica Gilded/Wood Candle Chandelier set [mesh] (WLRP)(399L) Sale
Sundisk banner: GSpot Sun on a stick Bronze green [mesh] (WLRP)(350L) Sale
Ferns: Envisage:Limitless Ferns Red-Tip [mesh] (WLRP) (free)

On Him, Saxon Raider Maximilian:
Armor: The Forge Daerwen male [mesh] (WLRP) (245L) 30% off
Boots: The Forge Daerwen Boots male [mesh] (WLRP)(245L) 30% off
Face tattoo: Tricky Button Lost a Knife Fight (WLRP) (25L) 50% off
Top: A:S:S Showoff crop shirt - red [mesh] (Boys of Summer) (60L) Sale

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FATEplay is a new division of  FATEwear with male and female role play inspired clothing. Current offerings are outfits first seen in 3 colors at Fantasy Faire that include materials. Now these cool outfits are back and expanded to 8 colors. I look forward to seeing what comes next. 

On Him, Gandalf the Blue:
Outfit, cloak, hat: FATEwear Ithron (edit for tint) [mesh] (500L)
Pipe: Adjunct Churchwarden Style Pipe - Leprechaun [mesh] (100L)

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