July 18, 2013

Summer Double Feature: Femboy Hunt + Genre Lolita

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STORYLINE: He could hardly believe it. The prettiest girl at Anime High said yes to a date with him. Not having any better sense, he took her to his favorite place in the world. It was a rundown movie theater deep in Pack territory. All the best werewolf movies could be found there, even B-movies long forgotten. He was completely obvious when she blurted, "This place smells like wet dog," and kicked a half-chewed bone littering the floor as if it were made of toxic waste. He was in heaven. Today's showing was, "Curse of the Blood Moon," followed by "Tyrannosaurus Rex vs The Hellhound of Dracula." During the horrific climax of the movie, she screeched and clung to his arm with a iron grip surprising from someone so delicate looking. It was awesome. If he had a badass tail like Satan Sliverclaw, it would be wagging like mad. When he asked her for a second date, she said yes, but she would pick where they go next time.

I laughed so hard on this copy. ...Okay, let me tell you a little bit about this image. We are both wearing the new mesh anime head by Utilizator. It comes with a hud to change eye colors and emotes for eyebrow, tears, eyes, mouth, and blush. You can use the hud to change skin, brow, and eye textures. It's a lot of fun for girls, but tricky for a guy to pull off. I combined it with the mesh male body from U & A. It's super skinny so I used my own shape to tweak how I liked. The skin texture is full perm which it made it possible for me to create alpha textures. I know my way around UVmaps and Photoshop so this was easy for me, but it could be difficult for others. I have really warmed up now to the idea of wearing a mesh body. It's so nice to have hands and feet that look better then the default avatar.  The hair I picked up during the Magika sale. My lovely date here loves the Utilizator female mesh body but for more clothing options, she matched the mesh head to a skin by Fortunata. She loves long hair. When I saw the hair by Enigma at Hair Fair, I knew she would go crazy for it. The hair comes with all colors, and 30% of sales goes to Wigs for Kids. Her dress by Kastle Rock currently on sale for 100L at Genre's July theme Summer Lolita. I am wearing a fun Femboy Summer Hunt prize from Sugarnova. You can see prize previews of most Femboy Hunt items HERE. The Revolt popcorn really creates movie watch ambience with a loud munching sound and spray of temp rez popcorn kerns. This awesome couples chair by Row by Row is prefect for in-world movie viewing and it comes with many original animations. And yes, this really is a werewolf movie theater. It's located in the Lost Wastelands, part of the City of Lost Angles.

On Him:
Shirt, Shorts, Shades, Sandles: Sugarnova Summer Rebel (male on female shape base)[mesh](Femboy Summer Hunt #33)(2L)
Head: Utilizator M3 Mesh Anime Head [mesh] (500L)
Body: U & A Mesh Male Base (edited for alpha) [mesh] (500L)
Hair: Magika Minzy - B&W pack (199L)
Popcorn: Revolt Popcorn [mesh] (the Arcade)(free)
Chair: Row by Row Halcyon Theater Red (3500L)

On Her:
Hair: Enigma Isabella with all colors hud (Hair Fair, 30% donation) (290L)
Dress, Sleeves, Bows, Sheers: Kastle Rock Couture Lolita Dress - Blue [mesh](Genre - Lolita) (100L) 
Head: Utilizator M3 Mesh Anime Head [mesh] (500L)
Skin: Fortunata M3 Skin 0 (49L)
Socks: Dark Midday Design Chubbits Chunky Lolita Shoes +Socks White [mesh] (165L)
Shoes: G Feild Platform Shoes Rosette - black (180L)

Thanks for your help Fulli!

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