July 28, 2013


NEW RELEASE  from ..: SAAL Body Inc :.. and this is MENTOR  

Mentor is quite young, an incredible face, a great body, a small waist and an outstanding physique – all without spending a minute of cardio at the gym. 
He’s one of those guys who seem to have been blessed by the gods to look naturally good. 
Besides an aura that’s mysteriously attractive. Mentor has protuberant and warm eyes of startling bright blue. He is full of life and boisterous energy.

Skin : ..: SAAL Body Inc :.. MENTOR :: Skin Tan ~ ( 6 Skin-Tones available ) ( not free ) 
Shape : .::SAAL::. MENTOR SHAPE ( not free ) 
Shorts : Free Mens .ru Shorts ~ Mesh ( free )

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