July 15, 2013

EVENT NEWS: Hair Fair 2013, Sim 3 Brickness

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Our kawaii corporate demon here is wearing a lot of nice items from several July events. The tricky girl got into Sim 3 Brickness at Hair Fair. Her bubblegum locks with headband come from the Mira fatpack by Ayashi. The natural colors are at the fair. Her smartly tailored suit is by Paradise Kiss. (Scroll down for more Hair Fair, the Sim 3 freebies) Her pink rose jewelry is part of the fantastic WTG 4th Anniversary set that also includes a mesh dress, earring, and a crown. It is a gift for current group members, and is also for sale for 1000L. Those mesmerizing doll-like eyes are the latest release from Poetic Colors on sale now at Men's Department. Ms Pink's horns and bindi are by AIR and also on sale at Sourire event KASASAGI. Remember Miniascape's Horror Night 2011, Horror Night 2012, and the Bloody Valentine? This event is similar and cool spooky fun, but then you will need to use a translator since it is in Japanese only. There are 3 endings to the tale and 3 prizes. But if you are not able to do the quest, definitely swing by to check out the shop section full of many of my favorite Japanese designers.

On Her:
Hair: Ayashi Mira hair (Hair Fair, Sim 3 Brickness)(250L single color)
Bindi: AIR Bindi 7 TM Gacha Black/Silver (Sourire event KASASAGI) (10L)
Horns: AIR Ifrit pair horn 77 TM Gacha Rose/Silver (Sourire event KASASAGI) (40L)
Choker, Bracelets, Rings, Nails: WTG **4th Anniversary** (group gift)(1000L to buy)
Suit: Paradise Kiss Iren Jacket an pants, black [mesh] (399L)
Undershirt: Chandelle Top lace #001
Skin: Izzie's Geanna Bubblegum Skin porcelain (250L)
Tattoo: Cupcakes/Skinosaurus Tex Haru - Two Heart Gems (the Deck)(no longer available)
Eyes: Poetic Colors PC Milky Eyes - Dove (Men's Department)(100L)

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Hair Fair 2013 - Sim 3 Brickness - freebies
1: Colors Free E, medium Grey (all colors)
2: Ayashi Akio-brown
3: Hairon Sparrow - Darkling (3 colors)
4: MiaMai Janetta Grey3 (6 colors)
5: Calico Renata (all colors hud)
6: Calico Mandy (all colors hud)
7: Calico Denise [mesh] (all colors hud)
8: Calico Desiree (all colors hud)
9: Vanity Hair Morea G6 (all colors)
10: Ayashi Liliana-Orange [mesh]
11: Damselfly Elaine Free Hair, light red [mesh] (all colors hud)
12A: Slink Wire Tiara with Gemstone [mesh] (color hud)
12B: Faenzo/Goucci Nouveau Earrings [mesh] (color hud)
13: Iconic Freedom -BombShells (all colors)
14: Lamb Right-Brained (all colors)
15: Eep hair 012 green with white bows
16: Tram black ribbon and hairpin

On Him:
Shirt: Heaven Gate Neo Male HodieVest Gray [mesh](group gift)(free)
Skin: Tableau Vivant Marilyn skin - Blonde - tone 3 (990L)
Necklace: :Sey "Star&Skull"-Necklace & Bangles (300L)
Eyes: Poetic Colors jaded - violet (100L)

On Her:
Jacket: Corvus Red Templar Jacket [mesh](Fi*Friday)(55L this week)
Skin: Glam Affair - Laurel 04 BL (The Arcade)(no longer available)
Eyes: Poetic Colors nightfall - night mood (100L)

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