November 27, 2012

Winter in Monochrome

There are already hunts (mostly pay hunts) coming out for the winter, and it's only nearing the start of December. This post has gifts from:

Nov. 24 - Dec. 9 - Monochrome's Silver Lining Hunt (5L$ Hunt)
Nov. 19 - Dec. 19 - Santa Sack Hunt 2 (1L$ Hunt)
Nov. 24 - Dec. 24 - Home For Christmas Hunt (1L$ Hunt)
Nov. 16 - Dec. 22 - Madpea: The Enchanted Frost Hunt (10L$ for the HUD, and you have to complete entire hunt before getting the prizes)
Nov. 14 - Dec. 14 - Winter Warriors Hunt (Mostly kid avatar hunt)

Cardigan: Silver Lining Hunt A T T I C (5L$)
Pants: Silver Lining Hunt NuDoLu (5L$)
*These might have been meant for females, but fits okay on guys too. In store demo for those not sure.

Antlers: Silver Lining Hunt +Half Deer+ (5L$)
Boots: Silver Lining Hunt Intrepid Designs (5L$)
Christmas Tree Tattoo: SSH2 #74 ::Fe Style:: (1L$)
Winter Scene: HFC #47 RnB Designs (1L$)

Vest: Silver Lining Hunt .::IRON CLAW::. (5L$)
Hat: WW Hunt #23 Lil Starz
Drum: HFC #22 Soho Corner (1L$)
Skin Tattoo + Eyes: The Enchanted Frost Hunt FALLEN GODS INC. 

And lastly, a few things from two Thanksgiving hunts that are ending on Nov. 30th:

Giving Thanks Hunt 
The Jerky Turkey Hunt

Left Outfit (Top + Pants): TJTH2 #34 LOoLOo's Costumes & Quirks
Right Outfit (Vest + Top + Pants): TJTH2 #25 D&G Fashions
Table + Rug + Chairs: Giving Thanks Hunt #39 Citadel de Aria 
*One chair is a guy sit, one is a girl sit

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