November 29, 2012

Cirque du MetaBody

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Being a male ballet dancer in mother Russia is highly prestigious, but I dreamed of something more. In my case, I literally did run away and join the circus, -- the Cirque du Soleil to be exact. Yes, I am still throwing people up in the air and catching them. That's what I was hired to do. But I don't have as much pointe work now (that's brutal on a foot!), and I love all the imaginative costumes and music. I hope my parents will someday forgive me and come see me perform. I think they will like what they see.

MetaBody has a collection of avant garde avatars you can download for free, modify how you like, add your own elements, and submit your creation for the next installment. This was a lot fun to do and many good pieces I can use in the future too! Your original creations must be submitted by November 30th. Head to MetaBody for more details.

On The Cigar:
Hair, Pants, Special effect, Sleeves: Meta_Body: Fog (edited)(free)
Nose, Cape: Meta_Body: Meta-Birds (edited)(free)
Hat, Glasses, Ascot, Mustache, Shoes: Meta_Body: Chart Man (edited)(free)
Clock for buttons, hat, pocket watch, and pose stand: Meta_Body: Lizard (edited)(free)
Prop: Basingstoke Horn BH Fine Cigar, Yadni's Junkyard (edited)(free)
Pose: Apple Spice Action Pose 009 (40L)

On The Firefly:
Hair: A&Y Neo-Phoenix Cyber Hair-Black (290L)
Headpiece: Meta_body: Silver7 (free)
Wings, TattooMeta_Body: Dragonfly (edited)(free)
Clothes, Claws, Tail: Meta_Body: Lizard (edited)(free)
Pose: No Strings Attached Fred Astaire w/ cane & hat (10L)


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This photo series was inspired by the new Tableau Vivant Perla Sweater for men and Low Rise Sporty Pants. They reminded me immediately of type of clothing you would see in a dance rehearsal. So enter the Russian dancer! The sweater and pants work great together, but remove the top and you have very sexy low rise pant that is barely hanging on. They are so low my modesty gene kicked in! lol I worked hard on a shape to go with the awesome new Tableau Vivant Marilyn Skin. With the pale brow on Tone 3, I could create a nice color theme. If Mr. Russian Dancer looks vaguely like someone famous, that was an accident, but since it looked good, I just went with it! lol

UPDATE: Pixel Ballet performs "The Nut" (their version of The Nutcracker) starting December 2nd. Shows are Sunday 5pm SL, and Wednesday 2pm SL. Come Early! Seats fill up fast!

On Him:
Skin: Tableau Vivant Marilyn Skin - Tone 03 (990L)
Eyes: FTL Dawn Eyes - Seiji (100L)
Hair: Dura Dura-Boy**26 Strawberry (120L)
Necklace: Rozoregalia Nornir Necklace (500L)
Ring: Kosh Adain Ring silver (Men's Dept Event)(99L)
Earring: Mandala Soul Ear Piercing Black (397L)
Pants: Tableau Vivant Lowrise sporty pants black (200L)
Shirt: Tableau Vivant Perla Sweater black (Collabor88 Event) (88L)
Shoes: DemotiK Beauty Ballet Shoe White (edited)(175L)
Prop: Magic Nook Shoulder Towel M (50L)
Pose: Apple Spice Ballet Pose 009 (40L)
Pose: Peta Grocery store {P.Ballet} Ground pas classical  ballet (25L)
Set: William Weaver build 008 (retextured)(free)
Thanks for your help Fulli!

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