November 28, 2012

Winter Bolt Hole

[[RH]] Design House is celebrating it's first anniversary with a fantastic in store hunt. 
A nicely built little house with all the trimmings. 
In fact  there's so much furniture you can't really fit it all in but 
for only 99L you can get a larger house with the same great look. 
Congratulations [[RH]]!

Warming up! 
Deep in thought.
Every time I make hot chocolate that snowman turns up. It's like he can smell it!
More thoughts.
Exterior with hot chocolate lurker.

The house is inside a winter dome from the Great Outdoors Hunt. 
It's 45L and comes landscaped and with skates, sled ride and
 that snowman among other things.

Vest: [[RH]] Design Group Gift
Shoes: VG Shoes Gift at the Kapalua Club
Jeans: Countdown Group Gift
White T and shirt: Cysleek Sale Pile 1L

House and Furniture: [[RH]] Designs  Anniversary Hunt  oops, ignore that previous link!
Snow Bliss Pond Sky Sphere: Luna Bliss Home and Garden Great Out Door Hunt

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