November 16, 2012

Hammy Style 2

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The hamsters suddenly stopped playing in the snow and looked up. The Northern Lights had appeared! It was a magical moment of awe for the little creatures.

For more information go to: Hammy Time Hunt.

On Strawberry Surprise, left:
Avatar: Beetlebones ::BB:: Dwarf Hamster (Siberian Snow) Gacha [mesh] (100L)
Hat: masami niekerk strawberry hat (free)
Tutu, Ballet Slippers: Muzi Ballerina Hammy Red (free)(Hammy Time Hunt 2)

On Panda Plaid, middle:
Avatar: Beetlebones ::BB:: Dwarf Hamster (Panda) Gacha [mesh] (100L)
Tie: 1005 Ham tie-1005 with texture change [mesh] (free)
Glasses: Regicat Pince-nez for Hamster (10L)
Crown: Neko Melody +SC+ Crown for Hamster Gacha (40L)
Ballet Slippers: Muzi Ballerina Hammy Red (free)(Hammy Time Hunt 2)

On Princess Peppermint, right:
Avatar: Beetlebones ::BB:: Dwarf Hamster (Fairy Pistachio) Gacha [mesh] (100L)
Tutu, Ballet Shoes, Tiara: Muzi Ballerina Hammy White (70L)
Nommy and Special Effect: Hippo Cold Breath Kit with Candy Cane (free)

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On Winter Hammy, top left:
Outfit: Hippo Hamster Winter Set (70L)
Muffs: Hippo Hamster Ear Muffs - Waffles with cinnamon bun nommy (50L)
Mittens: *=828=* Knit Mittens tinted (Hammy Time Hunt, 5.2)(free)
Shoes: Hippo Hamster Snow Boots (50L)

On Hammy Skater, top right:
Outfit: c.A. Tulle dress for Hamster (free)
Headress: Half-Deer Unicorn Horn Hamster with texture change (free)(Hammy Time Hunt 1)
Skates: Nigel Linden Ice skates (edit to fit hammy, attach to lower leg) (free)
Hair: GUARAN-DOU *G-D* Ponytail Brown (5L)

On Baseball Hammy, bottom left:
Hat: Swine & Roses Peace & Love Helmet (free)(Hammy Time Hunt 3)
Baseball bat: Muzi Baseball Hammy - Bats & Balls (50L)

On Sick Hammy, bottom right:
Icebag, nose drip, tissue, thermometer, blanket, slippers: Muzi Purple Sicky Hammy (70L)
Furniture: KU Nest with acorns and poses (5L)


Furniture: who what GIFT-tukimi daihuku- (free)
Transportation: Pet Adoption Center Hamster Wheel (free)
Transportation: Kermit Rutkowski Hamster Ball (free)
Thanks for your help Fulli and Voodoo!

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