November 15, 2012

Suicide awareness hunt ...

As of like 2011, an estimated one million people per year die by suicide. That means a death every 40 seconds or about 3000 people every day. And that it not all, out of everyone that is succesful, approximately twenty people have a failed suicide attempt. ... if you think about that you know that its alot and who never got the feeling of being unwanted, alone and in miserie.
We all know that someone out there has plans for us and yes life can be hard sometimes, really hard. Not only because of health problems but depressions and not feeling wanted is more and more commen with the social networks out there and bullying hits not only adults but also children.
If we know that our kids are on the social networks like facebook then we all know that the computer is an easy tool to use. Not only children are effected by it, but also grown ups. And yes you see it more and more happening that people kill themselfs because people can not stop bullying. In my opinion is that the first cause of suicide or suicide attempts.
Some might think what do you know about this all, who are u to write a piece of it on your blog, who do you think you are ... well im a survivior of many suicide attempts and i have a close friend that just tried to commit suicide over .... yes ... Secondlife love.
In ever corner of the world, you street, your houseblocks, appartment buildings ... is someone that has thoughts of killing themselfs and who is to judge if what they are feeling is severe enough to really do it? no one. Because what can be small for you can be huge for the other person.
I just like to say ... don't give them any advice to not do it because ... you might say it but if the person is in that deep depression they will not hear what you are saying. What can u do? Well for me it was a shoulder, someone that accepted me for who i was, what my thoughts were and was supportive in every single way, no matter how down i did feel and no matter if i landed in the hospital or not. A Friend !!!
If you have thoughts of suicide, try to talk to people, i know its not easy but please do not shut yourself out. While i type it i think, yeah right did you do this... If you are being bullied in secondlife, mute the person and talk to someone about it. If bullying is on facebook, you can stop it by blocking someone's account, fill in a complaint. Parents keep an eye on your kids because the danger is so close by.
Show your feelings we are only human you know... and yes im a survivior ... do i still think about it ... yes i do ... but with the help of friends and a shoulder to cry on it is a bit easier ...
Hang in there, you are not alone !!
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More info:
Also you can find on google suicide perventionlifeline's where u can chat online with people that can listen to you no matter what. There is so much out there that i can not put all links out here.
Never give up but talk !!

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