September 18, 2012

Stick Up

What says autumn more than a roasted weenie on a stick?
 The crackling fire, the smell of roasting meat ok,  roasting "meat"
 and a moody landscape full of shifting gold and orange 
against a dark and threatening sky. 
Then I get a call, an IM actually. It's my friend, Sticky.

Sticky tps me to his sketchy house in his sketchy town. 
He's sad, his autumn is black and white. 
He hates his job which is marching around in stores
 saying he hates his job. Perhaps you have seen him?
"So, Sticky" I say "What else is new?" 
Sticky wants me to stop using his cousin as a weenie stick.
 "I can do that," I say. Sticky sniffles and thanks me. 
Some day I hope Sticky will make a happy face.

Mr. July Skin: CStar Skins   Gatcha
Tatoo: Fe Style TAE#29
Leather Pants: SWAK Designs TAE#33
Boots: Useful Things TAE#34

Roast your weenies at: Izzie's Otono 2012
Cheer up Sticky at: Cica Ghost     LEA 13

1 comment:

  1. "He hates his job which is marching around in stores"
    lol XD
    Poor guy, I've seen him trampled on in clubs too.



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