September 15, 2012

Autumnal Days

As the Autmnal Equinox approaches, things seem to be evening out.
The Autumn Effect Hunt just started and goes to the
 middle of October. Great stuff  for men and women at at every stop so far.

Shirt/sweater: [Sakide] TAE  # 4  Find the cutest Matryoshka 
Pants: 22769 TAE #48 Hint at landing
Chucks: Rotten Apple  TAE #3 watch your steps
Ear Plugs: SuPerBia TAE #24 between boxes is the game

Shirt: Sweet Intoxication TAE #26 Look high and low for something sweet and intoxicating


Shirt: Razorblade Jacket TAE #1 It’s getting too cold to wear these anymore
Pants: Santo Group Gift

Fall Horns: Brat[ink]  TAE # 10 To get what you want you will need to unlock the mystery. Can you find the key to unlock it?
Chest tattoo: Hysteria  TAE #9  That’s the best solution i found to keep the corpses parts tidy.

Shirt/Sweater: Leri Miles Designs  TAE#6 Crystals are gems too!

Sweat Suit: Sugar TAE#5  I whip my tail back and forth I whip my tail back and forth….

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